I have served on many ships and some were launched a He,
But every one of these was rightly known as She,
A curse on all the vandals that claim them gender-nuetral,
Asserting such a case is ignorant - untruthful.

Every ancient mariner was married to the sea,
Starting out in long gone times, five hundred years B.C.
They named their sailing vessels after girls they left at home,
To remind them in their time away, when riding o'er the foam.

Vessels were their livelihood, they steered them “as She goes”,
Whaling ships knew beauty calling “thar She blows”,
Graceful were the figure heads, shaped with golden curls,
As a complement to women and tribute to the girls.

True seamen always will uphold that a ship's a She.
The vandals and the critics have never been to sea,
So never mind that P.C. lot who started off this row,
-They would have a Lady Boy pointing o'er the bow.


There is a special bond `tween seamen and the sea,
And the ship that carries them is always known as She,
So to hear the poppycock spouting from the knaves,
Would make the likes of Nelson swivel in their graves.

Capt. Joe Earl M.N.M.
May 2019