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    Default memories..............

    this has been on before , but what the heck...............memories

    The Lap of Honour.

    I went to the `Vindi*`when I was a lad,
    where conditions were hard
    and the food was bad,
    but I walked through those gates
    as tall as a man
    off to my first ship bound for Japan

    And now I`ve retired and saved up my cash
    once more round the world I am going to dash
    to Mombasa and Java and out to Cathay
    to see all my old girl friends
    once more on the way

    Mimi`s still waiting for me I`ve been told
    I`d like to see her before she gets old
    then on to see Dedeh in Tanjong Patak
    then fly off on a Jumbo to Hong Kong`s Kai Tak

    I`ll go back to Tahiti down in the South Seas
    to see my Wahine in the warm sunny breeze
    Then across to see Maggie in New Zealand`s Hawkes Bay
    and have a beer in Ma Gleesons* back on the way

    I`ll do the Lap of Honour round the Australian coast
    to see all the girls who loved me the most,
    from Thursday Island round to Sydney and Perth
    they were the loveliest girls on earth

    I`ll go to see Sheila and then Marylou
    and call upon Mary in Woolloomooloo
    then go up to Townsville to see Mary O`Keefe
    where we walked hand in hand by the Great Barrier Reef

    When I think of those nights by a blue lagoon
    loving my girl under a tropical moon
    and those happy times that we both shared..........
    my Mary`s still waiting for me, so I've heard.

    On then to Honolulu and then Frisco Bay
    and up to Vancouver and down to L.A.
    I`ll jump on a Greyhound across to Hoboken
    to see my Jenny whose heart I had broken

    In Manhattan`s Times Square and 42nd Street
    there must be some girls that I used to meet
    it would be sad if I looked around
    and none of my girls were there to be found.

    So off I would go to old Mexico
    to see my Juanita down in Tampico.
    then across to see Molly in Montego Bay
    and go up the Blue Mountains where we used to play

    On then to Rio, Montevideo and B.A.
    To May Sullivan`s Bar, where I used to stay.
    There was Rosita, Paquita and also Maria,
    On then to Santos and round to Bahia
    Then when I return home again
    to England's cold and dismal rain
    all my memories will always stay
    they are something that no one can take away

    I`ll be thinking now that I`ll get a shock
    on my memory trip to turn back the clock.
    things won`t be the same time has moved on
    the young girls I once loved have grown old and are gone.

    and now that I am coming to the end of my time
    I must put my memories down into rhyme.
    `cos when you are young life is all magic
    but as you get older life becomes tragic.

    but there is still some life in the old dog yet
    and there`s more adventures for me to get
    so I`ll be heading off into the sun
    to have more excitement and plenty of fun.

    I`ts not for me to tend the garden and flowers
    polishing the brasses , walking the dog for hours.
    but to go back round the world in a blaze of glory
    then I`ll come back home to write my story.

    And then one day when I am old and grey
    and my life`s been used up and it`s come time to pay
    as I lie on my bed on my face will be a smile
    I`ll just be a thinking ` it`s all been worth while.

    Captain Kong
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