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Thread: Use of Met. Office Volunteer Observers Logs UN IPCC

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    Default Re: Use of Met. Office Volunteer Observers Logs UN IPCC

    Just read your post .

    NASA started in 1958 and UEA.CRU in 1971.

    NASA started recording Temps. via satellite from 1979, but like UEA.CRU they used historical records prior to that date.

    The first recorded claim that " change of climate " was causing Arctic sea ice to disappear dates back 200 years 6 months and 3 days ago !!!

    If you want more info on this great science scam , see the School of Copatology on Facebook.


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    Default Re: Use of Met. Office Volunteer Observers Logs UN IPCC

    Re: Metrological subject.
    Last year I was sailing from Tahiti to San Diego, and just before the equator I was sat on deck and above was a clear blue sky.
    Not a cloud anywhere,
    Then a whisp of cloud appeared, and another and then more and it spelt my surname, Capital A and then the rest in lower case, spelt perfectly. I shouted to the people around me, `That Is My Name``. One man said `You are on next , your being called up.`
    the name stayed there for over ten minutes and then slowly faded away and back to a blue sky.
    It was amazing.
    The following day I was sat in the same deck chair, under a cloudless blue sky, then a whisp of cloud appeared and slowly spelt the word, `Son`. the same people saw it again, it then slowly disappeared and then just a clear blue sky.
    Again I was amazed. but then scared. I thought .... I am a son. so are my sons, also my brothers, why was my surname in the sky.
    not long after I arrived home,, my brother died.
    So was that a "Text" from above???
    I got a piece of sky blue cloth, and with a salt cellar sprinkled sal on it to make it look like whisps of cloud and reproduced the writing in the sky, I took a photo and then sent it to the Met Office, asking if they had other reports of similar events.
    Explaining that it was not a crank report as I was a responsible man who was also a weather reporter when I was a Navigation Officer, so I knew what I was doing.
    They answered and just said . "Without a photo of it we cannot comment."

    So was it a Text from above,?? has anyone else seen anything similar??

    Below, I have reproduced it as close aspossible.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Default Re: Use of Met. Office Volunteer Observers Logs UN IPCC

    Brian if that had happened to me with 3/9 after it I would have looked around for Cappy.

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