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Last time I saw BOT lime juice was in the 70's Also I never saw a salt tablet on a ship since the 90's. Isotonic drinks and rehydration sachets were the norm also fruit juices. As said salt tablets were killing us all. Another thing thankfully it was no longer a requirement for the 6 monthly Cholera injection.
Ha ha, nice one, those salt tablets, if you didnt bite them in half they came out the other end, looked as if you were passing picnic bars.
I also recall a cholera jab in Bombay (1970), I was down below and got a call to go to Ch. Stewards office for a jab, got there behind a big queue only to be taken in first as I was on watch. Went in to find the quack with a servant who was holding an old baccy tin which he opened to reveal an old glass syringe which he proceeded to assemble. He had a small burner with a naked flame (bearing in mind we were loading white oils at the time) though which he ran the needle a couple of times. Got my shot and was away in no time, I recall thinking that the guys waiting were all going to get same needle and it would soon be blunt, never crossed my mind about cross contamination.