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4th April 2019, 02:23 AM
Ref. #19 post pre- school....
Shaun that wasnít Vector Offshore you were in - was it ? One of the. Better companyís after July 6 th. 1988.
One of the American skippers there lived in Honolulu and used to do 2 swings in one go , and have one off . The same as a Scottish engineer who lived in the Philippines who did the same. JS

Shaun Gander
4th April 2019, 04:04 AM
No, it was MARICO Marine and then one of the partners brought the other out to be sole owner as Morven Ltd.

I didn't say anything at the time but I think their last contract was the search and finding of the footballer's airplane.

I think he maybe on the sight as a lurcker so don't want to make him too big headed but as I said he and his family were/are friends and he taught me so much. The boat has just been sold and I should imagine it left a big hole in his life.

His son was one of my regular Mates and his friend from school my engineer. I couldn't have asked for a better crew day to day or in extreme or emergency scenarios.


5th April 2019, 08:19 AM
John in Oz ... ref. Post MV Luna #8 and to prevent coming off topic of post. Your query came here in late October 91. Was working late November back at sea. All employment offshore was done through the maritime unions if not a member was a closed shop. They literally took the place of the BSF and to my thinking made a better job of it.The conditions were more to what they should be and I had no qualms about it having been downtrodden for many years. Without bringing politics into it, all businesses are there to make a profit for their owners ,shipowners never were well known for their benefit schemes formerly for their employees . My thinking regardless of the punitive arguments against it which are purely mercenary , are that shipping as well as all power sources such as gas and electric should never be privately owned , but owned by the people that is the taxpayers of the country. This brings in that much maligned word nationalisation which is always pointed out how it doesn’t make a profit, so what at least it brings in work, think of today’s present situation if the uk still had a merchant fleet how a lot of the problems that are going to arise, would not exist. The same applies to Australia . Russia, China and others run large fleets , they will never be short of shipping. I may not agree with their politics which is another subject, but I admire their foresight and carry the loss of profit by a few entrenpaurs, the West seems to have a love affair with such people as people who make money for themselves and. Even give them honours for dodging the tax man and giving to charity. The UK within the next few years can see them cursing the fact they have no shipping as such. If the wrong party or in some people’s minds the right party is in power at the time a. Referendum for a Republic is the least of their problems it will happen overnight if necessary. There are many just waiting for the opportunity. Remember we are a multi cultured. Society. JS

6th April 2019, 12:40 AM
As regards the Pulses statement re certification after Brexit, there’s seems little feedback from this statement from serving members particularly in the offshore industry how this will affect them if at all? They still require home trade or middle trade certification to be employable in a market of multi national flag ships. If their qualifications are not to be recognised for example , would it not be practicle to only have British flag vesselsi in the British sector and insist on British certification as it used to be. ? Or is Rule Britannia no chance in hell of ever coming back from the depths. JS

PS has anyone heard from Keith from the I.O.W. Seems a long time since he last posted ? JS

happy daze john in oz
6th April 2019, 05:57 AM
Somehow I doubt if UK, BREXIT or not, or Oz for that matter will ever have again a credible MN.
The cost of building ships and cost of UK or Oz crew would make it far too expensive to do.
So many shipping companies now with 'cheap' crew will always win as that way there will still be a profit in it for the chipping companies.

As to nationalization, the problem there is the gov make the rules under which business must operate.
Owing or managing utilities etc can become a conflict if interest.

The user pay system is by far the fairest so no use no pay.

But from what I see the govs of many western nations are so into renewable energy they cannot see a clear future so we will all continue to pay top dollar for all our power and gas.

6th April 2019, 07:31 AM
The armed forces are. Not a make for profit organization nor are the emergency services. There are others. Not there for pure profit, anything today in the area of industry if not there for huge profits are considered communist. I would prefer to call it government subsidised. Lackof this in times of the past has been part of the bigger picture of the straits today of a non existent MN. As said will soon be self evident when the chains of Europe are thrown off. The recent post is the tip of the iceberg beginning to show. Penny wise pound foolish a good old. English saying will prove correct once again. All the magicians and pollies spout full employment is the key to the economy of a country. Pity they didnít follow their own advice when they gave tens of thousands of jobs away. Neither of the regular parties will begetting my vote in a few weeks time , they have all Proved incompetent. Cheers JS