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8th February 2019, 12:36 AM
It wonít be long before people have to refer to google to understand the old monetary system of the UK as all those that used it will be gone.
Even today most will not have a clue that 4 farthings equaled a penny or two farthings a halfpenny. Three pennyís equaled threepence which was also a threepenny bit, and 6 pennies equaled A sixpenny piece, and 12 pennies equalled a. Shilling or a shilling coin. 24 pennies equalled 2 bob, and 30 pennies equalled half a crown. 60 pennies equalled a crown . And a 120 pennies equalled a 10 bob note. 240 pennies equalled a pound , and a pound and one shilling equalled a guinea.
I well remember returning to the UK being after the change had taken place and travelling from Kings X to Newcastle by British rail and thought I was being ripped off by the catering in the buffet car and causing a bit of a disturbance. At the time it was a rip off and a few fortunes must have been made. Thatís why I always deal with Cappy in pounds shilling and pence and in his case as low as farthings , as he will confirm. However this should have been called Nostalgia. Or back in the good old days when a dollar was a dollar, or in this case when a pound was a pound. Cheers JS

happy daze john in oz
8th February 2019, 05:36 AM
John, back in the 60's Oz went Decimal and there was a song to help the people to get used to it
Something along the lines of
'Out go the shillings out go the pence, in comes the dollar makes a lot of sense'.

But think of those in the EU, people like my mother in law, got used to decimalization in the 1970's then in came the Euro!!

At the time of decimalization in UK I was working for a company of contract caterers.
We had acquired from the local bank some of the new coinage on on that Monday morning I gave the bus conductor my fare in the new money.
Can still see the puzzled look on his face.

But that was not the only problem, customers in the works cafeteria were convinced it was a scam when we converted from imperial to decimal.
Try telling some hairy a**** plumber his ham roll that was one shilling is now 10 pence!
Not an easy task.

Keith Tindell
8th February 2019, 09:16 AM
I worked behind the bar for a short while before the change, what a pain to try and recon the price of the drinks in your head, someone asks for three pints at 1/nine pence halfpenny, then a gin at 2 and threepence halfpenny etc etc, all before the use of calculators , now in the shops or pubs they don't do any mental arithmetic at all, just go to the till and ring it in. The use of mental arithmetic is just not being used at all now, kt

8th February 2019, 09:34 AM
I realize that Keith , but when they rounded up those prices to the new currency they were to my mind all rounded upwards to increase profits. The public were taken for suckers in many cases. What you describe in adding up 3x 1/9d I did for many years as mate on a ship every week , and without a ready reckoner or hand held miniature computer or a self adding cash till. I doubt if the cash girls in supermarkets today could work out 4 x13 in their heads. And they all probably have diplomas in mathematics. Cheers JS

Harry Nicholson
8th February 2019, 10:55 AM
Two years after decimalisation I visited a friend in Great Missenden. His dad had a pub. The old fellow was resistant to the new-fangled money. He kept part of the till topped up with old money - threepenny bits and suchlike, and happily traded in it.

Red Lead Ted
8th February 2019, 02:36 PM
Pray please someone tell me why they still mint 1p 2p 5p coins there is nothing you can purchase for any one of them, And very little you can purchase for the 3 of them together. :headscratch:

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Just as a matter of interest is anyone collecting the old copper coins, And 50p with all these different celebrations of U.K. History I have a friend who has over £3.000 worth he keeps telling me to check them out on Ebay what there worth, But does anyone actually pay hundreds of pounds for coins that are still in circulation. :confused:

Keith at Tregenna
8th February 2019, 03:05 PM
Not an expert on coins, much depends on which ones.

It was reported that: Pensioner Ernest Jackson, who invested £70,000 in coins, only to find they were worth less than a third of the price.

Why you shouldn't waste your money on Royal Family commemorative coins.



Red Lead Ted
8th February 2019, 03:51 PM
This is what I am talking Keith,


Bill Morrison
8th February 2019, 10:05 PM
I know that the decimal system makes calculating much simpler and the use of calculators depends on the decimal point. Vulgar fractions makes you use your mind as you can have many different variations of money, length, weight and others. In the past to help there were ready reconkers books of tables to assist with large amounts.
I still have a booklet which gives metric and imperial tables. The money table attached.

Des Taff Jenkins
8th February 2019, 11:43 PM
Dollars and cents have been in Aus now for years but you still get the rip off $10 and 99cents especially on car sales $!0,999,as it has to round up to the nearest dollar they are still frightened of putting $11,000 which is what you will pay anyway.

happy daze john in oz
9th February 2019, 05:29 AM
Ready Reckoners were all the go years gone by.
Now I doubt if any one would know what they are.
But now there are very few in retail or anywhere outside of banks handling cash who can do any form of mental arithmetic, all done for them by machine now.
Sad as it means that they are total stuffed without that back up. Most could be ripped off and would not know it.

But Terry here in Oz we got smart, 1 and 2 cents coins went out in late 80's. Still have the 5 cent piece which cost 6 cents to make but most end up in charity pots so gov not keen on removing them. We round up or down to the nearest 5 cents, or dollars when it matters.

9th February 2019, 08:29 AM
The minuscule 5 pence piece that we have here is subject along the south coast to a wonderful idea the RNLI have issued empty jam jars which they encourage you to put your 5 pence pieces in and return them to the RNLI when full I believe they hold quite a good amount of money and I thought what a good way of putting a different aspect on collecting

I am not convinced though that the idea of bringing up decimalisation John is to convince Cathy that you don't have him 3 and 9 that you actually owe him 25 Australian cents

Tony Taylor
9th February 2019, 05:45 PM
The minuscule 5 pence piece that we have here is subject along the south coast to a wonderful idea the RNLI have issued empty jam jars which they encourage you to put your 5 pence pieces in and return them to the RNLI when full I believe they hold quite a good amount of money and I thought what a good way of putting a different aspect on collecting

I am not convinced though that the idea of bringing up decimalisation John is to convince Cathy that you don't have him 3 and 9 that you actually owe him 25 Australian cents

We have tose up here also. You can also donate used postage stamps, they are still accepted.

9th February 2019, 09:39 PM
Maybe someone can remember the actual day of decimalization, I canít because was out of the country. Whenever it was my wages stayed the same all the way through this period.
So I assume for example if you were on 10 pounds a week before, you were on 10 pounds a week after.
Take one penny oxo cube for example which had remained at. That price for decades.
Before decimalisation you could get 240 for a pound.
After decimalisation you could get 100 for a pound.
This is only one example. How much an oxo cube costs today I donít know off hand.
Cheers. JS

vic mcclymont
9th February 2019, 09:47 PM
Decimilasation released inflation on the country in my opinion.
In answer to your question a box of six Oxo cubes is about £1.00

10th February 2019, 02:15 AM
Thanks Vic , have been informed by a reliable source that decimal currency started on the 15 feb. 1971. This also lines up with my ideas of the country’s start. Of going down the gurgler. We had already had in the Wilson government previous to this a limit of a personal allowance of 50 pounds leaving the country. At that time I was working in Canada and during the time of their Expo in Montreal wondered at how many British people still visited , even then 50 quid would last about a Day in an hotel.. so in 1970 an oxo cube was 1 penny old. In 1971 given the benefit of the doubt was 2.5 old pence . And today 12 oxo cubes is 1 pound or 240 pence old money , which makes them 20 pence each . Which is about 200 % inflation . Or maybe my arithmetic is wrong. Maybe someone with more skills can work it out. That coincides with about the time that everything fell apart. Cheers JS

Red Lead Ted
10th February 2019, 01:03 PM
What about our allotments we sent back home. Up until 1971 I was sending my old Mam a weekly amount to help her out after decimalization I did give it some thought I can remember paying 8p for a pint of bitter in 71 a lot of people never realized it was a real hike in prices which wages weren't matched I remember discussing this with my old man at the time I had just been away for 12 months and as he said your Mam wont understand that if you drop her money and believe me lad she uses it wisely. So continued sending her the same not that it mattered them days young free and single. I was only ever a one week millionaire who spent his time waiting to go back to sea. Terry.

happy daze john in oz
11th February 2019, 05:17 AM
I well remember the 50 quid ban on money leaving the country.
This was after Wilson devalued the pound but said, 'the pound in your pocket is still worth a pound'.

Very true but it bought about 10% less of any goods.

Went to Catolica in Italy that year for holiday. 50 quid we were told, but apparently travel cheques did not count so managed to take about 100 pounds.

11th February 2019, 10:35 AM
##with ref to the 50 quid limit i was on holiday in malta ....but i had a barclaycard ......and just got what money i needed off the card in the hotel dragonara......no problems ......cappy

Des Taff Jenkins
12th February 2019, 12:24 AM
Our head of the reserve bank out here said he would like to see inflation rise to 3%, it's now supposed to be 2half%, in real time it's a lot
higher,are these people for real, with wages and pensions stagnant for the last five years. I would like to go back to the time where my mum said go down the grocers for a bottle of tomato sauce and she would give me the same money I paid for the last one three months previous, now you have to carry a card to make sure you have enough, then the bank asks you if you want to increase your borrowing.
Cheers Des

12th February 2019, 12:54 AM
As said before Des we came out here in 1991. I could not borrow beg or steal money as had no credit rating. In. Fact got a credit rating when buying our first new car. Had by that time a regular good salary going into bank every month and they were falling over backwards to loan you money. It took me 11 years to get out of debt , now refuse to go back into it. Once people start borrowing huge amounts which they cannot in all faith pay back, thatís when the trouble starts. 1991 to today is only 28 years but in that time the face of Australia has changed much.yourself and. Others out here longer will see much larger changes. I prefer 1991 to 2019 much better, Itís like going backwards the way things are changing today. Inflation to me is caused by bad management or misuse of the tax system. The labour government which was in power in 1991 seemed to have the right ideas , which since that time have slowly deterioted . The best law going was Australian jobs for Australians , which has been mangled beyond all recognition by others. Cheers JS.

happy daze john in oz
12th February 2019, 05:06 AM
The today on the radio some guy who said 'baby boomers' have too much money and are too well cared for.
As seniors we get a $63,000 allowance before any tax is due, he said that should be abolished.
Told than may rely on part pension, part super and for some part overseas pension.
He said it should all be taxed.

What he forgets is that the pension has been paid for by taxes we paid, super was an after tax deduction as was most overseas pension.
But of course he mentioned NZ where a double taxation policy exists.

I just hope he did not read the article on the nest yesterday.
In the good old US of A a group of socialists want billionaires banned!!!!!!!!

Any one with more than $10 million should either be made to give the extra up or be taxed at 70% so the lower paid can have a pay rise.

Can you imagine Jobs, Gates, Buffet or any other person who has worked hard for their money, provided jobs for thousands, giving it up?

Problem with these sort of people, they breed.