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Jimmy Hillman
16th January 2019, 09:46 PM
Years ago when I first got a PC I replied to something about being in Vietnam on the SS Horomya due to someone asking about Brits in Vietnam during the war. With this I got a guy also called Jim contact me, turns out we both did our first trips on this ship and had the same cabin. He came up on deck just as they were passing under Sydney bridge same as I did, a day later I told him I'd had a dream about him, strange thing for one bloke to tell another bloke but I did cos I had. I explained he was showing me a painting of the ship going under the bridge but for some reason we were in a fairground with everything freshly painted in bright vivid colours. He wrote back saying he had done a painting but when he went the opera house wasn't there and in its place was a fairground he'd visited which he'd included in the painting.

Doc Vernon
16th January 2019, 11:33 PM
Strange things happen in life that's for sure,i too have had some weird experiences in life .
Good post I like it. Must be something in the Ghostly World out there LOL

Des Taff Jenkins
17th January 2019, 12:11 AM
Hi Jimmy.
He wasn't wrong, what he painted was the fairground Luna Park which is on the north side of the bridge, It has a huge face with the mouth wide open painted in very bright colours facing the Harbour. It's still operating there despite many attempts to have it closed so someone can build multi storied apartments there.
Cheers Des

Keith at Tregenna
17th January 2019, 12:36 AM
From the Tregenna Archive:

My father, rarely spoke of that day as it obviously pained him to do so. He once took me up to see the Merchant Navy Memorial at Tower Hill, London and talked about some of the names listed under SS Tregenna and the tears flowed as he talked about the 15 year old cabin boy and others who were even younger than himself.

He told me that he had once received a letter from the mother of one of those missing begging him for news and asking whether there was the remotest of possibilities that her son could have survived.

Many years later he was having a drink in the Buck Inn, Pontlliw, near Swansea (As he used to say "he was never one to pass the Buck"!), he met a man wearing a Merchant Navy tie and they started talking. The other man said in the conversation "I knew a Will Thomas from New Quay, I helped pull him out of the water onto the SS Filleigh during the War after his ship, the SS Tregenna was sunk.

I lent him some of my clothes and he never gave them back to me!" My father brought that man (a guy from the Llandeilo area) back home to meet my mother, went up the attic and gave him a parcel containing the clothes that had been lent him those many years ago. Now I wasn't a witness to this but my mother swears it's a true story and not a seaman's yarn!

Now I'm writing this from Berlin, Germany where I now live (another of life's ironies) and where that U-Boot Kapitšn was killed in 1943!



happy daze john in oz
17th January 2019, 05:19 AM
We have one of them Luna Parks here in Melbourne, big mouth on it but not much inside.
Like some I know.

But yes Vernon we have all had some weird things occur in our life time.
There I was outside the 'Navigators' in Cape Town well and truly over refreshed. I believe the technical term is pissed as a hand cart.
A couple of mates picked me up and took me back to the ship, undressed me and put me to bed.
An hour later when the got back there I was sitting inside speaking, no doubt in telephone numbers, to one of the local ladies.

How I did that I never did find out.

Keith at Tregenna
17th January 2019, 06:22 AM
Ghost U-Boat (U-2666):