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Malcolm Eckert
10th August 2018, 10:19 AM

Full Name
Malcolm Eckert Discharge Book Number
UK 006657 Department
Engine Room Your Rank/Rating
Junior Eng, 3.O.E, 2.O.E, First Engineer Which Ships were you on and When
M.V. Cornish City 20/11/73 - 10/12/73
M.V. Chiyoda 13/3/74 -25/7/74
Nightshift at Brigham & Cowan Ship repair River Tyne
S.S. Flinders Bay 13/10/76 - 4/1/77
S.S. Jervis Bay 9/3/77 - 21/5/77
S.S. Encounter Bay 6/7/77 -22/9/77
M.V. Resolution Bay 11/4/78 -22/7/78
M.V. Resolution Bay 9/11/78 - 7/3/79
M.V. Mairangi Bay 4/9/79 -23/11/79
M.V. Aotea 31/3/80 - 24/7/80
M.V. Falmouth Bay 2/1/81 - 20/4/81
M.V. Falmouth Bay 21/9/81 - 27/10/81
M.V. Falmouth Bay 27/10/81 - 3/1/82 (Change of Flag)
M.V. Table Bay 16/3/82 - 6/7/82
M.V. Aotea 31/8/82 - 21/12/82
S.S. Encounter Bay 17/7/83 - 12/9/83
S.S. Flinders Bay 13/10/83 - 12/2/84
M.V. Liverpool Bay 22/6/84 - 30/6/84
M.V. Liverpool Bay 30/6/84 -31/8/84
M.V. Liverpool Bay 25/10/84 - 29/12/84
M.V. Liverpool Bay 17/2/85 - 24/4/85
M.V. Liverpool Bay 2/7/85 - 2/9/85
M.V. Liverpool Bay 30/10/85 - 2/1/86
M.V. Liverpool Bay 4/3/86 - 1/5/86
M.V. Liverpool Bay 4/7/86 - 1/9/86
M.V. Cardigan Bay 19/10/86 - 18/12/86
M.V. Kowloon Bay 31/1/87 -1/4/87
M.V. Osaka Bay 16/6/87 - 11/8/87
M.V. Liverpool Bay 21/9/87 - 30/11/87 Notes:

10th August 2018, 10:28 AM
Welcome Malcolm, the second one to call you a makem and takem will be a sandancer. We”re all harmless toothless and some are legless on here so don’t despair. Looking at joining date of 2012 won’t ask where you been leave that up to some other nosey Parker. Welcome back in any case. Cheers JS

Jim Brady
10th August 2018, 11:03 AM
hi Malcolm welcome aboard as a matter of interest I was in the mission here on Sunday the chap who works there and drives the mini bus is ex Blue Flu he was saying he was in the Crown on Lime Street on Saturday night and there were lots of BAY Boat men there having a re-union upstairs,did you make it ??

Malcolm Eckert
10th August 2018, 12:44 PM
Thanks Jim
No I wasn't there, but I am in the "Bay Boats" Facebook group.
I have just been getting around to scanning my old seagoing photos to post online for the amusement/enjoyment of other old sea dogs! As I recently turned 65 I am becoming more nostalgic as my memory fails!
Best wishes

Malcolm Eckert
10th August 2018, 12:58 PM
Thanks JS
Yes I'm definitely a "Sand dancer" and not a "Mackem". I live in Cleadon, which is in South Tyneside but for some unknown decision by the Post Office has a Sunderland post code?
Born and brought up in South Shields, served my time as a Fitter at 'Readheads', did 2 years on nightshift at 'Brighams' (when we had shipyards on the Tyne!)
Managed to get my Combined Chief's by studying at the "Marine & Tec" before that had its name changed
Best wishes

10th August 2018, 02:00 PM
Went to the old cleadon pre sea school a bit before your time though. Before the fancy college was built there. Had a cousin who lectured in engineering though in the 60s at the new school. He got his chiefs tickets with RFA. Bill Sabourn.. taught out here in Tasmania for the best part of 20 years cheers JWS.

12th August 2018, 09:52 AM
###malcolm was your granda les eckert who sadly died in a crane accident in shields.....also his son les eckert ....they lived in a prefab in belford avenue opposite us in the late 40s in shields ....we had been bombed out ....if so i remember your granda ...ex.RN.....a decent bloke and your gran a kind hearted woman.....regards cappy

Malcolm Eckert
15th August 2018, 09:46 AM
Hi Cappy
Les Eckert was my Dad! Unfortunately he was killed in Immingham on 29 November 1973, while I was on my first trip to sea in M.V Cornish City, hence the short trip. I was only 20 and had only been away 9 days. Reardon Smith let me return home 2 weeks later - after the companies insurers agreed to pay for my flight as my Mam had obviously not taken it well. The Doctor signed a certificate to say that my return would help her recovery.
Yes Dad was in the Royal Navy from 1937-1946 which included Arctic Convoys PQ15, QP12, PQ18 and QP15. I have written a 80000 words in a research document tracing Dad's Naval service. Unfortunately the Navy records only show his ships up to 1944 (HMS Peterhead) lead 'Dan Layer' in the Normandy landings. I know he received a Burma Star, so he was out in the 'East' after Normandy and Mam remembered he returned home from Columbo - but I could find the ship he served on. Please tell me you remember a ships name he may have mentioned and I would be eternally grateful!!!!
My brother Les is now 76 and I see him a few times a week.
If you live locally I would love to meet up for a chat.
Best wishes

15th August 2018, 02:53 PM
####hello malcolm ......nice to get a reply ......sad circumstances regarding your dad ....i only knew him as living across the road in belford ave in the bad winter in a prefab ..... in 46 or 47 he was a decent guy ....but remember the shock of his accident after seeing it in the shields gazette.......so sadly my memory is not much more than that ......there must surely be a way of finding more of his war service .....we did have on the site an ex RN gentleman name ofr hugh who was an expert on RN subjects but we do do have others on site who im sure would be happy to assist ....i hope they see this post and offer there services freely .......regards cappy

Malcolm Eckert
16th August 2018, 11:10 AM
Hi Cappy,
I started my research into Dad’s Naval service in 1999. Enquires with the Ministry of Defence revealed his service record from the Royal Navy and listed his Ship/Shore establishments from joining (aged 17) on 13th October 1937 until discharge on 6th February 1946.
Unfortunately, the records only show his ships up until he joined HMS Peterhead on 24th July 1943. Then being confirmed from Acting Petty Office to Petty Officer (Gunnery) on 30th August 1943 while on Peterhead. No date of leaving or any other postings were recorded from that date.
As his medal entitlement shows he was awarded the ‘Burma Star’. My research shows that to be eligible, he had to serve afloat for 6 months in the Bay of Bengal area (to the southernmost point of Sumatra and the western side of the Sunda Strait, including the Strait of Malacca). I therefore again contacted the Naval records department to request information on his service which made him eligible for the ‘Burma Star’. Unfortunately, they stated that they did not keep such information! - hence my many years of frustration at not being to solve the puzzle.
Last November I paid for another search of Naval records, the results of which arrived recently. This search found Dad in ‘Payment & Victual’ ledgers and confirmed that he was in HMS Peterhead until 12th February 1945. After that, the ledgers show that he was allocated to “HMS Mayina” between 1st July & 26th September 1945. Unfortunately, I found that this was a shore transit camp in Ceylon. So, I still have no idea how he got to or from Ceylon. He obviously did not become eligible for the Burma Star by being in a transit camp. I am sure you can understand my intense frustration.
Other interesting information on Dad’s service I found were: -
While Dad was serving on HMS Norfolk, the ships log show that at 1340hrs on 28th November 1939 “Torpedo exploded Port Beam, hands to action stations. Ship at 1st degree readiness and closed up”. German records show this torpedo was fired by “K/Lt Gunther Prien” from U47. This was after Prien had sunk HMS Royal Oak in Scapa Flow while on his previous patrol.
Dad is recorded as being discharged to hospital from HMS Norfolk in Rosyth at 2300hrs on 12th January 1940. This is interesting because I have a cutting from the ‘Daily Express’ which reports on a concert given by ‘Gracie Fields’ to the troops in Scotland. It states that six sailors had been brought to the concert by private car from Naval hospital and seated at the front, including Leslie Eckert who had been in hospital for four and a half weeks. Gracie joined them from the stage and “Leslie Eckert from Manchester gave her his cap, which she put on and continued the show while wearing it”. After the concert they were taken back to hospital – the article did not say if he got his cap back!

16th August 2018, 01:05 PM
####malcolm some record there to be more than proud of both for yourself and your father and family records ...dont suppose your dad could have been a P O W of the japs at any stage ...i have family who have the burma star and in fact it is in my possesion......but to have served in those waters during the war as you know would have been a burma star award ......your story is so interesting .....and i cannot .see how the RN have no record ...or will not release one unless it was something ...hush hush ......he may have been hospitalised....i recall columbo in 59 although the navy base was not a base as such anymore....there was a couple of navy ships in ...i was on the BTC tanker british defender it was a good run ashore....your father was a very likeable big man with a good presence.....and of course joined before the war .....i can only reiterate it was a pleasure to remember him .....best wishes to you and yours with respect cappy