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happy daze john in oz
2nd March 2018, 05:25 AM
Two stories from Melbourne that you may find of interest.

Tuesday afternoon, a British back packer, on a tourist visa, complete with back pack enters the Southbank Casino.
This is a very large complex consisting of the casino, restaurants, food hall, cinema, retail outlets and pubs, as well as a top class hotel.

He walks around the gaming floor telling patrons he is going to 'blow them up'.

After a while someone informs management of this and the police are called in.

All hell breaks loose, there are thousands in there and police set up a total evacuation process.
On the street the people milling around not sure why they are there.

Police cars all over the place, even the police helicopter is brought in.

Eventually the guy is cornered and secured, his back pack placed in a bomb disposal bin while he is escorted away to the local police station.

Bomb disposal experts arrive and the back pack is opened, all they find inside is not a bomb, just a bicycle pump!

he has been charged with a number of offences and will be deported after his trial.

Story Two.
Thursday in the Melbourne magistrates court a man of middle eastern origin is on trial.

He is continually gesticulating and interrupting the prosecution lawyer.
In the end the magistrate, exasperated by his manner calls out.

'Mr. Ali, stop carrying on like a pork chop'

Both stories so whacky but all so very true.