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27th December 2017, 04:20 AM
As no doubt it is only a matter of time before we get around to discussing the controversy already being lodged by our so called media giants re Harry’s forthcoming wedding to an American citizen, let me speak the way I see it before it gets into realms of Cinderella.
1. The person, politician, Secretary or hanger on who released confidential information to what Trump and myself as well would call the phoney press, should be immediately be sacked for probably breaking the official secrets act. The press themselves making this matter a top story and putting all their own animositys to the fore should also be censored. They are a disgrace to normal people wishing to lead their own private life’s. To conjecture upon Trump being asked to the wedding is very unlikely he would accept, but he would send someone to represent the United States , which no doubt would not be Obama. It is just pure vandalism being conducted by the media, they just don’t like the title of the false press which they deserve in most such stories they are trying to promote at present. The present sitting government should look first at its own security regarding confidential information, and then treat the press with the contempt it deserves on attempting to make matters worse. My views only . What Trump does is up to him, but if I was getting insulted by certain people they wouldn’t be on my party list. Hopefully will have nothing further to say on this subject as have already pushed it down the toilet where it belongs. Cheers JWS.