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Frederick Lacey
21st October 2017, 05:29 PM
Holden car factory closes after a 70 year history, no more Holden's to be built in Australia,

Holden-badged vehicles will now be imported to Australia from GM plants elsewhere.

Very sad for 953 workers as they clock off for the last time in Adelaide, End of an era.

vic mcclymont
21st October 2017, 05:58 PM
Fred, read that in todays papers, sad. They are now going to import them.

Keith at Tregenna
21st October 2017, 06:31 PM
Oz has problems also, one from down under writes the below, interested to hear all thoughts.


17 hrs ∑

Dear Australian Government,

Due to your lack of respect for your own country you have openly and blatantly disrespected every single Australian of all colors, genders and religions. We are disgraced at you selling Australia Post, Electricity, Gas and other previously government owned infrastructure. You have finally killed off car manufacture and continue to sell our farming to over seas interests along with our natural resources. You have been giving away money to other countries for things we should be doing here. Why give money to Indonesia to create holiday islands when we could be doing this here? From the Prime Minister and Governor General right down to the local MPs you have sold out Australians. You have created an environment that will only bring unemployment, crime, hate and chaos. The closing of Holden's doors, our last icon, is just the latest stab in the back for the Australians you are meant to look after. You sit back in your mansions with your massive investments and forget that your job is to care for all Australians. You have stupid votes that cost millions of dollars so that gay people can get married while there is the issues of unemployment, homelessness, growing crime among other issues that are far more important. Of course the government decided before the same sex vote that they will allow it because it makes them money! The banks charge abnormal fees for anything and everything. A $30 overdrawn fee because you don't have enough money is a crime against the less fortunate. You have taken a growing and booming country and turned it into a cesspool. You are taking "refugees" when you can't even support the people who live here. I am shocked and ashamed to see what you have done. Queen Elizabeth II is meant to be our protector and where is she while our corrupt politicians are ripping us off? Political pensions like the one given to that red headed pretender Julia Gillard are a joke! Our country needs a leader, a real leader and not a bunch of spineless jellyfish. You don't care about us. People died in terror attacks and instead of fighting terror you build fences and put bollards in streets as a shocking and shameful reminder that you, our government can't protect us. You build a fence around Parliament House to protect yourselves, what about us little fish? What about the poor kids who are getting bashed for their shoes and mobile phones by the very people you claim are "refugees"? Growing up in the 70s we had a lot of immigrants from all sorts of countries who brought their culture but assimilated. These people enriched our country but the new wave of refugees and immigrants just fight the system and are attempting to destroy our very way of life.
Please, close your eyes no more to the plea of the common man, the farmer, the builders, the very people who feed, clothe and provide you with your every day needs.

Regards from a disappointed, disillusioned Australian.



Des Taff Jenkins
22nd October 2017, 03:18 AM
Hi Keith.
In a little over ten years this country which was on the verge of being great was sunk, not by a Marxist Govt but by a series of Conservative Govt's who set out to line the pockets of themselves and their mates. There have been no significant wage increases for ten years, the only area where wages are up to the cost of living is in Politics as they have no opposition all parties agree when it comes to a rise in pay, and the building Industry; and that is because they have a strong union that all the men support, and despite what John says has not had a major strike for years, the other industries like the car industry and the service industry unions just let the Gov't run all over them. This Conservative Govt has the highest unemployment since the war, but they are going to spend around $30 Billion on submarines in France of all countries, I would have had more respect for them if hey had picked Germany. Overseas Companies who run most of the petrol companies here plus the like of Macdonald's, Pizza companies and other overseas owned companies are all underpaying and ripping off young people The amount they are spending on fighter jets from the States all of which by the time we get one they will be obsolete, will send us broke for a hundred years, but by then the Chinese will own everything anyway.
Cheers Des

22nd October 2017, 04:26 AM
4... I fail to understand the logic of building any ships abroad Des. Whatís wrong with the shipyards here. If they donít have the design brains here then get one in. However build them here. It will be the usual backhanders well above Olympic Games rip offs. Any enemy of the future will have full knowledge of what they are up against, and with todayís technology will probably be all built giving out radio or other signals giving out identification information at least. In 1980 30 plus years ago warships gave out their names by propellor noise alone, and we were employed picking up listening devices off the sea bottom off the west coast of Scotland planted there to identify the nukes going out of Holyloch and Faslane. Todayís technology will be years advance of this. Why give all such info. To foreigners building our naval vessels. The work alone should be kept in this country. The building costs are secondary. Usual political rubbish put out for the believers. JWS.

22nd October 2017, 08:07 AM
Des I can remember think about 1968 loading 600 motor cars in I think Adelalaide for the USA. They were American cars and I think either built in Adelaide or put together there. I left the ship in Durban after13 months so don’t remember their port of discharge. Does that sound about right as memory does make mistakes at times. From Adelaide we went to Esperance to load two more holds with Zinc concentrates. This was the trip I have posted before where the ship if had bad weather I reckon would have been another mystery of the sea.so the car business has been going for some time in Oz as far as I am aware. Think if memory correct they were Fords. Cheers JWS

22nd October 2017, 08:44 AM
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22nd October 2017, 09:19 AM
You were wearing the wrong perfume Cappy. JS

22nd October 2017, 09:25 AM
You were wearing the wrong perfume Cappy. JS###yes john i got it of george robey in the canal wonderful name .....AROMA OF THE WADI .....gave it two the girlfriend she came out in a rash

Louis the fly
22nd October 2017, 09:54 AM
Strange how small the world has become. It seems governments are using the same patterns and policies even when they see the patterns and policies have failed in other countries.
The post from Des Taff Jenkins from Cooma NSW could have been written by a member from London , Liverpool , Leeds or any other city or town of the UK.

22nd October 2017, 10:42 AM
we have a thriving car industry Louis , Nissan , Jaguar - Rover , Toyota , Honda , MINI , Rolls - Royce , Bentley , Aston Martin . we had a crap one , difference was nationalised industry , Red Robbo Robinson , and communist led unions , we produced crap , it did not sell , no one under nationalisation managed it properly , especially Michael Edwards another escapee from a QUANGO .

and before anyone tells me I am picking on Derek Robinson he stood for four elections in Birmingham as the Communist candidate lost his deposit every time

Cappy if your girlfriend had a rash it could have needd penicillin to cure it , that or cuprinol

22nd October 2017, 11:08 AM
#10 Louis from the world as we know it, has gone though different eras and is all at different time levels. The way I see history of mankind it. Started as it will probably finish with different levels of society. The world as such will always have to have workers. Through the centuries from biblical times started with slaves. Then cheap labour. The large manufacturing countries work on the premise of a cheap labour source. Most have now been used up by now as these countries reach better comfort levels. The next source of cheap labour will be the old Burma. There is no real answer to the question unless go back to the start do away with money and go back to the old bartering system. JS.
Well before JC the Jews were slaves in Egypt. Then the nation were in bondage in Babylon ( Iran), so if anyone thinks it was only black people who were slaves they are wrong. Slavery still goes on today in certain parts of the world. JS

Louis the fly
22nd October 2017, 11:48 AM
Agree with your comments on slavery John , it has never gone away.

22nd October 2017, 11:56 AM
that is one thing that bothers me about illegal immegrants they are so vunerable

23rd October 2017, 05:37 AM
Maybe some of them are. Bringing in their own slaves Rob. JS

happy daze john in oz
23rd October 2017, 05:40 AM
Some facts, we are importing Subs from France because we will not allow any Nuclear vessels to be built or operated here. We sell the bloody uranium but will not use it so the bloody Frogs are going to convert there subs to run on Diesel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG

There are now only 16 nations that manufacture motor vehicles.

With a population of only 24 million there was not enough sales to justify the number of manufactures here. Not enough of the vehicles sold overseas as many were built for Oz conditions which often involves very long distances.

But a number of the last employees at Holden put out a statement regarding the union activity at that and other plants.
They say that union activity such as working at a slower pace to keep the jobs going and other activities were partly to blame.

But GM in USA the parent company said they could no longer justify the subsidization that it was providing, and Federal gov said any more subsidies from them and the workers would be producing cars in a manner of work for the dole.

Add to this the realization by many of the people that for a similar price, and some times less they could by an overseas car of better value.
Hyundai ahs replaced Toyota as the number on car manufacturer here in Oz and in some other countries.