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Doc Vernon
14th August 2017, 10:05 PM

The United States 19th July 1953 Arriving Southampton
Anyone recall this
Sorry I cannot get the Print Larger Lads!

Captain Kong
15th August 2017, 10:44 AM
When I was on Cunard`s `FRANCONIA` in 1956, I spoke to some of our passengers who had sailed on the UNITED STATES,
They said she was not as comfortable as the Queens due to her construction, she Rattled all the time with all removable fireproof panels throughout the accommodation so she could be converted to a Troop Ship in time of war. and all her Furnishings and furniture were all fire proof with a lack of wood fittings.
We used to see her quite regularly in those days on the New York Run.
Some said after the Blue Riband voyage the engines were not so good. as they had been strained to get the maximum speed to gain the Blue Riband..
good memories tho`.