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Doc Vernon
20th May 2017, 07:20 AM


Updated 4/27/17
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Another grand trip on exquisite Crystal -- and on this Theatre & Film cruise -- lots of interesting

speakers & entertainers including my dear friend Jim Brochu, Broadway's Character Man, and Miss Lainie Kazan.
One of today's floating palaces! The staff, the food, the shows, the fellow guests -- but the ship itself is the absolute highlight. It is the
grand hotel gone to sea. (And, yes, they catch that restaurant napkin before it hits the floor.)

Myself, I'll give 5 talks & joining a fine round of fellow daytime speakers on diverse topics from world
affairs to the lives of Broadway composers. Happily, it must be my 80th cruise on Crystal or thereabouts

--- and Michael joins mid-voyage in Panama & together we then sail home to New York City.

Then, a long, quiet, but quite wonderful summer at home...

(19 days) (9 sea days)
Fri Apr 28-Thu May 18
Los Angeles-Panama Canal-Caribbean-New York
Fri Apr 28 Lv Newark on United #1960 at 11:25am; arrive Los Angeles 2:26pm
Fri Apr 28-Sat Apr 29 Overnight at Sunrise Hotel, 525 S Harbor Blvd, San Pedro (310-548-1080 (tel:%28310%29%20548-1080))
Sun Apr 30 lv Los Angeles/San Pedro 5:00pm
Mon May 1 at sea
Tue May 2 at sea
Wed May 3 Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) 9:00am-6:00pm
Thu May 4 at sea
Fri May 5 Huatulco (Mexico) 9:00am-5:00pm
Sat May 6 at sea
Sun May 7 San Juan del Sur (Nicaragua) 8:00am-6:00pm
Mon May 8 at sea
Tue May 9 Panama City (Panama) arrive 8:00am; overnight stay
Wed May 10 Panama City (Panama) depart 5:00am; transit Panama Canal
Thu May 11 Cartagena (Colombia) arrive 10:00am; overnight stay
Fri May 12 Cartagena (Colombia) depart 4:00pm
Sat May 13 at sea
Sun May 14 at sea
Mon May 15 at sea
Tue May 16 Charleston (South Carolina) 8:00am-5:00pm
Wed May 17 at sea
Thu May 18 arrive New York 8:00am; overnight onboard
Fri May 19 disembark New York 8:00am

(then 4 months at home)

Captain Kong
20th May 2017, 09:29 AM
I know Bill Miller, [William H Miller,] quite well and Michael, [ Mickey] been to several parties with him. we have sailed together many times when I was cruising with Cunard.
I would tell him many yarns about seafaring and some times he put these into his "Talks " on stage in the theatre.
Haven't seen him for a while since I stopped Cruising with Cunard.. Last time I spoke to him was in Liverpool at a Service in the Anglican Cathedral.
Got a few photos of him.