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6th March 2017, 01:28 AM
An exert from a small report in the middle pages of todays paper........Tony Bliars spokesman has refused to be drawn on claims that the former P.M. is seeking to become Pres. Trumps Middle east envoy.
After leaving Downing street, Mr. Bliar took the role of Middle East envoy for the quartet Group comprising The European Union.US, Russia and the UN.
Never out of a job it seems, though cant say much for the value of the goods. If he gets it as most probably already has, for those thinking peace in our time in the Middle east should start and have second thoughts on it. JWS

6th March 2017, 02:53 AM
On a recent report on the ABC. Malcolm Turnbull explained how an increase to 1 dollar for a letter was necessary .... He never mentioned any thing about this eye opener....

Australia Post is a totally government owned entity and has been for 200 years.
recently they announced the loss of 900 jobs.
this is due to the decline in letters due to email
The CEO of Australia Post is Ahmed Fahour who was born in Lebanon and came here in 1970'
In 2009 he was made CEO of Australia Post
His salary package was last year 4.8 million dollars a year.
The PM of Australia earns a modest 507,000 dollars, Top public servants in Canberra between 665,000 and 844,000 dollars. The highest paid mayor in Australia brings in 225,000 dollars.
How on earth can the Post office justify the massive pay to their CEO ?
The head of the US postal service with 19 times more staff and 11 times more revenue receives 550,000 dollars.
No employee is worth 4.8 million dollars.
But the salary rort is only half the story.
Of the 4.8 million, 2 million is donated to the ####### museum of Australia
This is a tax deductable donation , so we Taxpayers are supporting the payment.
The founder and director of the museum is you guessed it the receiver of the 4.8 million and his wife is chairwoman and director.
In 2017 he was given a gong.
There is a sinister and unbalanced agenda in Australia.
We are no longer the lucky country and we are no longer wealthy and this particular rort reveals fractures in our society.
Who is running the country, who is pulling the levers, and who is going to win.
We the mugs certainly wont be the winners.
This is the reason why tomorrow I will be voting One Nation against all the pundits and professional politicians claims that they are no good, anything is better than the two major parties. This post is only part of their abysmal past in running the country, they would have trouble running the local corner shop some of them. Cheers JS

happy daze john in oz
6th March 2017, 05:32 AM
John, I see as a result of that the board will no longer set the pay for CEO Oz. It will be done by an independent body.

Problem with politics here and globaly is the likes of Blair. No poli now is really concerned about the nation they represent, only ways of making sure they can stay in power even if it is in opposition.

6th March 2017, 05:48 AM
Definetley not good patriotic material as one Whitehall twit called me in the early sixties when I told him to stick his camera, catch a flight and do his own patriotic arts and crafts, even came back a second time to try and change my mind. Don't know what all the fuss about is today with wire tapping and planting bugs has been going on by every nation in our lifetimes. The Mad Magazine had it down to an art with their White spy versus Black spy in their cartoon section, there again the whole magazine was cartoons. Must have been where most pollies got their inspirations from. How anyone can consider Bliar for such a job beats me, no one trusts him, no one believes what he says and to the normal person he has no credibility. Must be the old boys club. Cheers JS