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Graham Darling
7th February 2017, 07:09 PM

Full Name
Graham Darling Discharge Book Number
- Department
Catering Your Rank/Rating
Galley boy to Chief cook Which Ships were you on and When
RFA Tidereach 13th January 1962/28th September 1962
Aluco 15th November 1962/11th November 1963
Plagiola 2nd March 1964/26th March 1965
Asprella 2nd August 1965/26th July 1966
Methane Progress 23rd September 1966/24th February 1967
Hanetia 10th April 1967/8th April 1968
Hemimactra 24th June 1968/22nd March 1969
Horomaya 24th June 1969/2nd February 1970
Haminella 27th April 1970/9th June 1971
Hemisinus 21st August 1971/7th July 1972
Aulica 14th August 1972/22nd January 1973
Platidia 7th April 1973/10th August 1973 Notes:

Doc Vernon
7th February 2017, 08:04 PM
Hello Graham
Welcome to the Crew Lists
Thank you for listing your details here
always nice to have info on all Crew

Hope you will enjoy and stay for a long time!