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Doc Vernon
5th October 2016, 02:42 AM


​I had a letter recently inquiring about three ships that existed in New York harbor at the same time (1958-61): ​

Three ships with the same name!

In June 1958, the new Grace Line Santa Rosa was coming into service, replacing the older 1932-built Santa Paula, which was retired & laid-up in Hoboken. So, her sister, the old Santa Rosa had to become the Santa Paula -- for three months -- to run alongside the new Santa Rosa.

When the new Santa Paula arrived in September, the Santa Paula (ex-Santa Rosa) was retired & tied-up in Hoboken.

So, we had three ships named Santa Paula for a time: the brand new one, and across the Hudson at Hoboken for about three years: the original Santa Paula & the retired Santa Paula (ex-Santa Rosa).