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Doc Vernon
18th June 2016, 03:18 AM

Visiting Cannes this week reminded me of our call there, back in August 1973. We were crossing from Naples to New York on the Raffaello and I snapped this view of the liner from the seaside promenade.

18th June 2016, 06:02 AM
Great picture Vernon.
It is part of our Caption series isn't it?
Here's mine then.

" Porca Madonna! Panic-stricken Primo Ufficiale Luigi Zeffirelli hopes that Capitano Lasagne doesn't look aft and notice the shore painting gang forgot to remove the funnel staging before her hurried departure to Napoli"...

The 1965-built Raffaello was sold to Iran after 12 years in 1977,as a floating barracks at Bushire ,with further plans to eventually refurbish her as a luxury cruise liner. War intervened and she was struck by an aircraft-launched guided missile and scuttled ashore. Still there a few years ago but it is hoped to recover her for scrap value.