View Full Version : Postcard from Spain

Doc Vernon
13th June 2016, 10:37 PM

Being in Spain this week reminded me of a visit to Cadiz in August 1984. I'd gone completely around the world: San Francisco, a cruise in the South Pacific on the Oriana, then a Southeast Asian-Indonesian cruise aboard the Princess Mahsuri and then a Mediterranean cruise (from Southampton) on P&O's Sea Princess. On that last cruise, we arrived in the port of Cadiz to find the Columbus "C" half-sunk. She had collided with the outer breakwater, holed herself but made to the pier, but then only to flood and rest on the harbor muds.

It was a rather ironic meeting: both the Columbus "C" and the Sea Princess had been the former Kungsholm. The first ship of 1953, the second from 1966.

Des Taff Jenkins
14th June 2016, 12:11 AM
HI Vernon.
Looks like nice weather, better than the minus 9 we have here. I see if that's you in the photo the trip has made you younger and given you some nice hair.
Cheers des