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Salty Sam
16th May 2016, 08:40 PM

Full Name
David Haxell Discharge Book Number
R912302 Department
Catering Your Rank/Rating
2nd Steward Which Ships were you on and When
British Cavalier Nov1972- March 1973
Christopher M March 1973- June 1973
Baltic Swift July 1973- Aug 1973
Baltic Valiant Aug 1973- October1973
Booker Venture October 1973- December 1973
Baltic Star Jan 1974 - Aug 1974
Harfleet Sep 1974- Jan 1975
Westmorland March 1975- Dec -1975
Otaio (Coast only) Jan 1976
Somerset (Coast only) Jan 1976
Wild Auk Feb 1976 - June 1976
Cumberland (Coast only) July 1976-Aug 1976
Tongariro Aug 1976- July 1977
Wild Flamingo Aug 1977 - Feb 1978
Piako (coast only) April 1978
Wild Curlew April 1978 -Sept 1978
Strathdirk Nov 1978- May 1978 Notes:
Left the Merch and joined the Lowestoft Fishing Fleet before joining RV Cirolana and finally coming ashore in July 1986.

Doc Vernon
16th May 2016, 09:24 PM
Hello David
Welcome the site and thank you for listing details and Ships
Always nice to have new Crew aboard!
Hope you will find lots here to take your interest!

Jimmy Scougall
9th June 2016, 07:13 PM
Hello Dave
We sailed together on the Tongariro, I contacted you before on the Ships Nostalgia website, hope you enjoy this website.
All the Best Jimmy Scougall

roger tilley
2nd February 2018, 07:13 PM
Hi Dave not sure if its the same Dave I sailed on Strathdirk around the same time , we had a mostly Somali crew I was JOS and then got rated EDH while on this trip derrick was steward Brian motor man a great welsh man from Swansea along with peter Motor man and john deck boy cant remember there last names
we had a an AB trevor which none of us got on with lol

Evan Lewis
9th February 2018, 04:43 AM
i recall working the Westmoreland, at Melbourne a number of times,during the era you mention. Dave. She as a fairly new job. with ,Swinging Derricks.

Reason for remembering,that ship in particular is .
During "the bad old days" of Smoking. ( Bought a Carton of Senior Service,every Sat. Morning! at , South Melbourne Market.)

Was up on on the platform , for the Hatch immediately Fr'd of the Bridge housing. Early evening, had lit a ciggy. Finished it and stepped on it.
Within seconds , two plain- clothed Coppers hastily appeared.One from the Port ladder,the other
the Stb'd . Closed in.shining Torches . G.knows where the Dog end disappeared? But no further action was taken.

In retrospect,they may have observed the, Lighting up ,from the Wharf,and conceived the , "Bit over the top, Plan of attack".

Des Taff Jenkins
10th February 2018, 12:35 AM
Hi Roger.
Welcome to the site; as you can see you have met up with a mate here, if you post the ships you were on along with the dates you were on them you might meet up with more shipmates.
Plenty to read to bring back old memories here.
Cheers Des