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Doc Vernon
6th May 2016, 05:35 AM

Many happy returns: It really was a very, very special birthday, here on the beautiful Queen Elizabeth! Amanda Reid, our cruise director, had announced it on her morning TV show. Afterward, there were greetings & well wishes throughout the day & all around the ship. At breakfast in the Lido, five very cheerful Australian ladies serenaded me with a rendition of Happy Birthday. They were bubbling! Then there were cards delivered from the captain and cruise staff. Just before lunch, two smiling waiters knocked on my door – one delivered a platter from the Hotel Director of stylistically-arranged dark & white chocolates; the other presented from the Chief Engineer a platter of a half-dozen chocolate-covered strawberries. Then the phone rang: It was the Captain – would I like to come to the bridge and ring the eight bells at exactly 12 Noon. (Charming and hugely friendly, he also invited to lunch tomorrow.) And evidently word had spread: While on the bridge, birthday wishes were flashed from Captain Chris Wells on the Queen Mary 2, which was five miles away on the starboard side and itself headed for Naples. Afterward, the manager of the bookshop took me to lunch. In late afternoon, a steward knocked & carrying another tray – to my great surprise, it was a collection of more cards & wrapped presents (including two more boxes of chocolate). Then, by night, the Hotel Director & several younger officers hosted a nice dinner party at a large table in the center of the Britannia Restaurant – special care & greetings from the restaurant managers, a lovely meal, interesting fellow guests, a toast with Champagne & a huge cake. Well, quite a day – I went to bed feeling a little older, but also very, very grateful!

(The photo is of the las ​er & light show staged from the Queen Mary 2 last July in New York's Upper Bay. It was the conclusion to Cunard's exceptional & extravagant, two-month-long 175th anniversary.)

Doc Vernon
6th May 2016, 07:18 AM
I think that this is one of the best Pics I have seen in many a Year of a great Ship!
Well done whoever took this one!
And again thanks to the Strange one for all these interesting Articles, i just post them for you mate!