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Brian Probetts (Site Admin)
4th April 2016, 11:55 AM

The Queen Mary 2 will be refitted at Hamburg later this spring -- added cabins, redecorated public areas and even extended kennels.
Cunard announced the ship will also be repainted in three shades of green.
It is intended to be a historic link -- to the Caronia, the legendary "Green Goddess," as well as the Mauretania, Carmania & Franconia.
The QM2 restyling will be darker green for the hull; paler green up top.

Captain Kong
4th April 2016, 01:50 PM
The QM2 is a magnificent ship, I sailed on the Maiden Voyage in January 2004 and again on her 1st round the Cape Horn trip to L.A. from Florida.in 2006.
What a great pity it could not have been built in the UK. and had its dry docks and refitting done in the UK. Cunard always use Hamburg for their refits and dry docks now.
I believe that Harland and Wolfe in Belfast won the contract to build the QM2, but Tony Bliar refused to help them with the funding of starting to build. and that he gave the contract to a bankrupt yard in St Nazier* froggy france as he was angling for the Presidency of the European union job.
That cost Belfast 4,000 jobs.
It cost 800,000,000 US$. to build.
She is the only ship with a planetarium o board. The seats in the theatre roll back so you are lying down on your back looking at the huge dome above and then your journey to the stars and planets begin. Fantastic.
She is a Liner designed and built for the North Atlantic Winter, she is not a cruise ship but is used for cruising in the off season of the New York liner trade.

I do not like the colour for the QM2 she will look more like a fun boat than an Ocean Liner. Should stay with her Black hull, a white strip over the boot topping and white superstructure.
Some Daft insensitive idiot in Carnival would have thought of that.

John Callon
4th April 2016, 09:37 PM
I read about the QM2 being painted 3 shades of green on the lst April and to be honest I thought it was an April Fools joke!!
John C

Doc Vernon
4th April 2016, 10:29 PM


happy daze john in oz
5th April 2016, 06:34 AM
No not a joke. When I first got the article on this I did think it was some kind of scam, but no. Carnival are about to paint most of the ships of the various fleets under their control in very different ways. Have seen a few proposals and they are not in my opinion very good.