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Doc Vernon
11th February 2016, 10:25 PM
Well Yesterday was again a day of great happiness and a lovely third Reunion with Capt Kong and his dear Lady Anne!

I arrived at Circular Quay to meet them at 10.30am,they were a bit early as was I,so it was 10.15 to be exact!
After our initial greetings and a big Hug from Anne,we set out to enjoy the day ,well a few Hours that we would have together!

First off to get them refreshed we popped into the Restaurant on the Quay to have a Coffee,and a chat. It was as usual always so interesting ,and as I have said I never tire of Stories from him. Anne too was full in on the conversation,what a lovely Lady!

I had planned before we met to take them on a Lunch Cruise on Sydney Harbour,so of course I had to ask if they would like that,no need as they were over the Moon so to speak and accepted gracefully.

So after Coffee I went and made the Booking for the Lunch Cruise! (Majectic Lunch Cruises)
As it was still a wee bit early (Cruise only started at 12.40pm) we ambled along the Quay going towards the Opera House,a lovely day for it and it was so packed!

A very Hot and Humid day there I must say,so again we stopped at a Bar there to have yet another bit of refreshment, nice cool drinks! Myself and Anne having a Pinapple Juic each,while the Capt an Orange laced with Rum LOL:)

Well as always the time seemed to go by so fast,and we soon had to make our way back to the Number 6 Quay to join our cruise.

We Boarded at exactly 12.42pm ,had a lovely table booked at the Window ,so that was a good start! (I will leave a small incident for Capt to relate to you on his return concerning a little pushing :mad:)
Anyway the trip was lovely,taking us to various points on the Harbour and we all three really enjoyed it,the Sea was very calm and we had a slight breeze to keep us a wee bit cool!
The Menu was also great (A Buffet help yourself) and again we all tucked in and enjoyed!

It was in all a 4 Hour Cruise,but we only did the 2hr 30min Sector,as Brian and Anne had of course to be sure to get back to their Ship on time,so it was worked out well,as getting of at the Quay again left them and me too enough time to get back to their Ship,and me to get back to these Mountains!

Not to forget the day before on the Wednesday when they Docked,our Roger (Dyer) was at the Ship to meet them and took them all the way down to Wollongong.to a suburb Warilla,so how helpful was he in doing that ,which of course saved Capt and Anne some good time,so they could have that bit od extra with his Niece ,plus that Luxury of the Car Travel.
Good on you Roger,you are a great Guy too!

Well all that said seems that Capt and Anne had a great time here once again,and we have planned that the next time they come (which is apparently every second Year) and if they again do the Sydney stopover and Fly back from here to Bolton,then we are hoping for the duration they will be staying at our Pad in the Mountains! Yipeeee!

That's all Folks!! I really enjoyed!!!
Cheers and thanks Capt and Anne for coming once again to see us !
Really love seeing you both !!






Peter F Chard
12th February 2016, 01:35 AM
Hi Doc, Did you mention my wee hiccup trying to meet the Capt. and his wife in Auckland ?? Regards Peter in NZ.

Doc Vernon
12th February 2016, 02:40 AM
Hello Peter
Sure did Peter and they were amazed that you did not find them,Capt showed my a Pic he took of the Clock Tower there at I think was about Ten to Ten am,also a Pc of Him standing in a complete empty spot with a big Sign he made on the Ship,with the word in BOLD letters saying KONG! in front of him!
He also said that one of the Security persons came up and asked if he was looking for someone,and after he told the Guy ,the Guard said "I will check any cars that arrive and ask them.
So even I am perplexed by you missing them Peter!
You can ask him in detail later when he arrives back home about the 4/5 March.

He said that were there for over an Hour and a bit!

happy daze john in oz
12th February 2016, 05:10 AM
So sorry we missed them here in Melbourne. But our gallant captian has posted and left befotre we got back from NXZ. But next time I will make sure he gives enough notice, in triplicate.

Richard Quartermaine
14th February 2016, 09:56 PM
You did them proud, Vernon. Wished I'd been there.

Doc Vernon
15th February 2016, 12:16 AM
Yes Richard
Pity that you could not have been with us!
The Ship is now nearing Cairns,Docks there Tomorrow then its off to Darwin,then along to
Hong Kong stopping at a few other places along the way!
Great trip they are having!

The Amsterdam at the Front! Bit far away though ay White Bay