View Full Version : Canberra star (can of beer star)

Mike Sheppard
1st February 2016, 04:16 AM
I joined the Canberra star in Capetown and did nine months on the Compass run, Australia to South Africa, it was one of the best ships I was on, brilliant crew, good run, it was an old ship but a good one, had some great parties in Oz and some good times in Monties in Sydney.

The captain was called McDonald ,very nice bloke and he ran a good ship.

We changed our funnel back to Blue Star and loaded for them meddy and then paid off.

Mike Sheppard

Roger Hughes
13th March 2016, 05:40 PM
I joined the Canberra star in Capetown .

Mike Sheppard

Hi Mike , I was first trip 2nd Lecky on the same trip as you . The Chief Lecky was Geoff Williams . In the Meddy we went to Barcelona , Malta , Pireaus , and Alexandria . Then on to Newcastle where the ship went into drydock . I went back on when it was renamed "Buenos Aires Star" on the South America run. Were you Deck , Engine Room or Catering ? Remember Ginge and Alan Kell as stewards , Sam Uk as greaser , Jim Cunningham as chippy , the Bosun Donald Mckinnon . Nice bloke. Also the infamous Steve Pelecanos as a Deck Apprentice . Good run . I think I was only one of very few "Officers" who was allowed to go into Monties!! I remember Shirley the Shore Bosun . I was very naive !! 44years has flown by .