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alexander mcintyre
13th January 2016, 05:03 PM

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hello everyone thnk you for reading my posts im attempting to gain information on the services record of my father inlaw he served one the cityline onboard the gartwood in the 1950s his wife is looking for anyone who can help with any information of how to gain access to his records as he is now deceased he dies from asbestlosis and now his wife is suffering with this terrible condition also we any help or advice would be much appreciated thank you

13th January 2016, 05:23 PM
hello alexander .....as a matter of interest to you a good mate of mine......an engineer with port line suffers from this awful disease .....he said invery heavy weather the asbestos came fro the engine room deckhead like confetti .....particularly when she bounced hard......but cannot prove that was the cause of his now lung disease ......regards cappy

Doc Vernon
13th January 2016, 06:18 PM
Hello Alex
Welcome to the site and thanks for taking the time to post your details.
If you can give us the full name of who you are trying to obtain Records for and place and possible Year of Birth this will assist in helping you!
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Charlie Hannah
13th January 2016, 11:23 PM
All the pipes running along the deckheads in the cabins and all quarters were lagged with Asbestos,lots of old timers suffered from the dreaded disease!My old dad was down below same as our john,and Chris all suffered from it.if you were in the top bunk your head was only inched away from it through the fifties and sixties on steam ships all lagging on them Asbestos!

14th January 2016, 12:56 AM
#2.. Remember many years ago, cant remember if was out here or in UK, but NUMAST was doing a census and advising seafarers who had sailed on ships built with asbestos in various areas to contact them. As NUMAST as a union now no longer exists I doubt any ex seafarer could afford the court case of such claims to now go ahead. Most ships in our era had asbestos behind false deckheads and around funnel areas and various places in machinery spaces. My Brother in law died out here with same, however he had been employed in UK in Demolition work, and out here in the mines up North, so one could blame the other for point of contact and he or his heirs got nothing. Can be a very painful death. Cheers JS