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happy daze john in oz
8th June 2009, 06:47 AM
A very good mate of mine goes ocean sailing with a great bunch of guys. Recently one of those guys crossed the bar. At his funeral the following poem was read. It had been written about him by the owner and skipper of the yacht. He has given permission for me to put it on the site.


I am alone with my thoughts. There is only me.
No sounds from below save the wake of the sea.
The wind is warm, soft and free.
At the change of the watch I go below.
To my bunk in the darkness and even though
The glass is falling, it is time to go.

In oblivion I lie with the soundest sleep,
The sounds from my throat are even and deep.
And I feel no motion when the sea makes me sleep,
No alarm bells sound yet the dawn I feel
As I take my station and handle the wheel
The vessel is lively for the wind is real.

The sun tries to rise in a sky overcast,
Some rays meet the sea as the clouds hurry past.
Bringing a gust and a lean to the mast.
Just for a minute my spirit is free
For though I am in contest in a turbulent sea
I am alone with my thoughts. There is only me.

Robin Hewitt. Owner and skipper of the ocean yacht YOKO

Doc Vernon
8th June 2009, 06:57 AM
Hi John
Well that Skipper Robin Hewitt,sure made a really good job of this Poem mate,and i am sure the person in question (God Blees his Soul) would have been really taken by this POEM!
Amazing what one can think of in times of need!
Thank you for that yet another!
And thanks to Skipper Robin Hewitt!!