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Doc Vernon
1st July 2015, 11:03 AM
I have noticed that there are not many who are taking part in the new Forum "Memorable Movies" now I am just wondering if perhaps this is due to the fact that some that may want to are not too sure how to use my Help Post I put on in that Forum?
I know that we are not all Computer Savvy .and some may be having difficulty with uploading the Movie Trailers!

If you cannot follow or are having some difficulty ,then just add the Link,and I will then do the Embedding for you!

Its easy enough I think to add a Link,just Point your Mouse at the end of the Address Bar (This is of course the Bar which has the http://www etc) http://www.merchant-navy.net/forum/attachments/help-with-using-this-site/18343-any-problems-capture-address-bar-jpgthen left Click!
This will highlight that Bar,now again just Right Click and on the dropdown list Select Copy,this will be what you Copy into your Post!

Hope that this helps once again.
I hope to see more taking part please!
Thank You