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Brian Probetts (Site Admin)
28th April 2015, 01:29 PM
News has just come to hand that Gerry Silver died on the 28th December 2014.
Our files show that he sailed on Rakaia, Surrey, Hurunui and Haparangi finally as 2nd Mate.
He was 80 and had been in a retirement home.

A number of memories about Gerry have resulted as the result of my notice advising of his death..
Barry Parsons tells me that Gerry was also our President briefly. He succeeded Jack Vowles but Rae Sadler took over when Gerry shifted, for business reasons, to Hawke's Bay.
Jim Bayliss writes that the email has solved a long standing mystery. In 1952 Gerry and I were ‘first trippers’ on Rakaia together with Taps Fawcett, Fergus Michael,? Yeatman, John Prynne, John Withington and Geoff Morris. In those days I was known as ‘Wack’ due to my accent which, though deepest Cheshire, was considered Liverpudlian.
Apologies if my memory is faulty on spelling and first names.
Gerry and I were good friends and spent much of our time ashore from Rakaia together.
We remained in contact after Gerry left NZSC to drive the Gosport ferry and later when he married Diana and they moved to NZ.
The two pictures attached were taken on a trip to Hanmer in 1960. Taps and I happened to be in port together (on different ships) and we met with Gerry and Diana for a sightseeing day to the mountains.
Gerry and I kept in touch by letter after that even after I left the sea in 1964 but eventually my letters were returned ‘not known at this address’ and although I tried different ways to get in touch Gerry dropped off my radar until I received the sad news in your email.

Eric Blackler writes I remember Gerry when he was 4th mate on the Hurunui in the late 50”s. He was a member of our very successful football team on the NZ coast.
Mike Davis

Mike Davis
The New Zealand Shipping Company Association.

Captain Kong
28th April 2015, 02:58 PM
My condolences to his family and friends, Another old Sailor taking his last voyage.
I am 80 in a few weeks so it gets a little scary. I have been to six funerals so far this year.


Doc Vernon
28th April 2015, 10:18 PM
As above My condolences to his family and friends as well/
Yes Capt it is getting to the time that we all must face,but hopefully it will be in peace!
Hope that Gerry Silver is now at peace and that his sails will take him to the places he well knew!