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Frank Thorp
21st April 2015, 09:20 AM

Full Name
Frank Thorp Discharge Book Number
R 811688 Department
Engine Room Your Rank/Rating
Fireman / Greaser Which Ships were you on and When
Ships I sailed on Dec 1964 to Sept 1968.
Hello all.

My name is Frank Thorp. After trying for some time to get to sea as a deck hand, I was finally given the option of working in the engine room.

I was sent to the Fireman's Training School at Newcastle on the 9 October 1964 where we had three weeks training.

My first ship was the "Gothic" sailing from Victoria Dock London, to New Zealand. I signed on 21 December 1964 and Paid off 7 April 1965.

My other ships were Rhodesia Castle 13 /5/65 - 23/7/65.

Ruahine 27/9/65 - 15/1/66

Royston Grange 8/3/66 - 11/7/66 Two trips. This was the best ship I sailed on. Sadly, later lost with all hands.

Parthia 17/8/66 - 12/9/66

Port Aukland 28/9/66 - 14/2/67

Uruguay Star 16/3/67 - 7/5/67

Cienfuegos 30/10/67 - 21/11/67 (Home Trade)

Hurunui 7/12/67 - 22/12/67 (Home Trade)

Aragon 4/1/68 - 15/2/68

Aragon 14/3/68 - 4/5/68

Megantic 16/5/68 - 18/5/68 (Home Trade).

Crystal Crown 5/7/68 - 7/7/68 (H.T. Run).

Port Napier 10/7/68 - 12/7/68 (H.T. Run).

Suevic 22/7/68 - 23/7/68 (H.T. Run)

Oronsay 7/8/68 - 2/9/68.

These were very happy times and I have always had very fond memories. A great era to be young in.

Frank. Notes:

Ivan Cloherty
21st April 2015, 11:20 AM
Welcome aboard Frank, there are a few men on here who sailed on the Gothic (before your time) and also many who sailed in Port Line

Red Lead Ted
21st April 2015, 12:24 PM
Frank, I have the maiden voyage of the Gothic on video tape { Some where } I will dig it out mate I have had quite a bit of building work done on the house over the last couple of months everything every where, I can easily transfer it onto DVD an hour long, bare with me if you want a copy no problem, I have sent stuff all over the world as Vernon will confirm, I can send it to whatever address you like even your local boozer a few quid wont break the bank mate, No charge, Just drop a pound in the next blind box sorted, My mam was blind when she passed away they where fantastic with her. I will email you when I find it which I will Terry. :thumbsup:

Captain Kong
21st April 2015, 03:42 PM
Hi Frank, I was on the Parthia in 1961 and the Suevic 1955.on Deck.

Doc Vernon
21st April 2015, 07:36 PM
Welcome to the site Frank ,and thank you for listing your details and Ships !

Hope that the site will provide lots for you to keep you interested and busy!
Nice to have you aboard!
Relax and enjoy!

Frank Thorp
21st April 2015, 08:24 PM
Hello Terry.

Thank you for the offer, I am sure I would find it very interesting. I am going to be away from home quite a bit in the next month
so please do not put yourself out too much find it.



Red Lead Ted
21st April 2015, 09:52 PM
Hello Terry.


Frank, I will pull out all the stops mate I promise obviously :thumbsup:it will be a nice walk down memory lane, Watch this space mate Regards Terry.

Charlie Hannah
22nd April 2015, 12:48 AM
I did a couple of trips on the Parthia in 58