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John Appleton
24th March 2015, 09:09 AM

Full Name
John Appleton Discharge Book Number
R 506409 Department
Catering Your Rank/Rating
Ass/Steward Which Ships were you on and When
Runswick 5/4/49 to 2/8/49
Rattray Head 25/8/49 to18/3/50
Strathaird 14/3/50 to 9/4/51
Highland Cheiftain 3/5/51 to21/1/53
Drina 10/11/53 to 23/3/54
Deseado 6/4/54 to 21/7/54
Highland Princess 19/10/54 to 6/1/54
Hertford 11/2/55 to 12/11/56
Pipiriki 7/12/56 to 1/6/57
Rangitata 24/10/57 to 14/2/58
Hinakura 20/3/58 to 7/8/58 Notes:
we are now a dying breed, I don't expect there are many lads around of this era I am now 82, the years at sea were some of my best years.
cheers J

Richard Quartermaine
24th March 2015, 09:37 AM
G'day John, good to see you back on board. You are my era and vintage -84. Got started when I replaced a lad that jumped ship in Newcastle, NSW in January 1947, went 'full' British in 1949 and got a discharge book from 1950. Sailed on Port Line and Shaw Saville, all basically Oz and NZ turn arounds from Britain. Went ashore in 1953 to Canada. My years at sea were also some of my best years. You can see that I am back in Oz, where is home to you?

Doc Vernon
29th March 2015, 06:14 AM
Welcome to the site John A ,and thank you for listing your details and Ships !

Hope that the site will provide lots for you to keep you interested and busy!
Nice to have you aboard!
Relax and enjoy!