View Full Version : day the orchrastra walked out... very disturbing if authentic

Stan Carter
5th February 2015, 04:20 PM
this clip was sent to me recently. if this is authentic, it is indeed very disturbing. I hav'nt seen anything in the English papers, or heard of any reference to it. maybe it would start a monkey see monkey do trend if it was published. please enter the following the following below.

SafeShare.TV - Video Not Found (http://www.safeshare.tv/w/.cgjiYltiXs)

sorry about that,, will try and get right as soon as poss.

try this one,
SafeShare.TV - Video Not Found (http://www.safeshare.tv/w/cgjiyhtixs)
if the page opens, the first entry on the page is in Arabic, click on it. or it mayopen completely.

what can I say, only sorry once again,i punched it in on google and it opened ok. can just say go to google and try it.
maybe have to wait until the long haired one gets home and maybe she can transfer it from email to the site