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Lewis McColl
14th November 2014, 06:50 PM

Full Name
Lewis McColl Discharge Book Number
R877577/MAN 0278 Department
Engine/Deck Your Rank/Rating
Cargo Engineer Which Ships were you on and When
M/V Owerri Oct/Nov 1969,
Dumurra Nov/May 1970,
Ebani July/Feb 1971,
Perang March/Oct 1971,
Bhamo Dec/Jan 1972,
Autolycus Jan/May 1972,
Demodocus Sept/March 1973 ashore for 3 years,
M/V Ibn Alatheer 1977,
Ibn Hyann 1977/78,
Ibn Rushd 78,
Al Rumathiah 79,
Al Jabariah 1980,
PetroShip A 1980/81,
PetroShip B 1981/82,
Union Jupiter1982/84,
FP Clipper 1985/86,
PetroShip A 1987,
Petroship B 1988,
Stena Seatrader 1988,
Stena Mariner 1989,
Stena Progress 1989,
Stena Trader 1989,
British Skill 1990/91,
Trinidad&Tabago 1991/92,
Harold la Borde 1992,
Staffordshire 1993,
Lincolnshire 1993/94,
Staffordshire 1994,
Lincolnshire 1994/95,
Mt Columba Star 1995,
Seaspring 1996,
Aquila Trader 1996,
TT Volans 1996/97,
Alcoa Chemist 1997,
Oahu 1998,
Oxfordshire 1998,
Cheshire 1998/99,
Stolt Kent 1999,
Lincolnshire 1999/2001,
British Adventure 2001,
British Skill 2002,
British Endurance 2002,
SS Al Khaznah 2002,
SS Shahamah 2003,
British Trader 2003,
British Merchant 2003/07,
British Innovator 2007/08,
Dapang Moon 2008,
Min Rong 2009,
Min Lu 2009/10,
Northwest Shearwater 2010,
ss Ghasha 2010/2013 Notes:
I joined Ocean Fleets 23rd September 1969 and went ashore 6th March 1973.Worked in Bowaters Mill as maintence fitter until 1977, hated being ashore so back to sea in 1977 until I retired on 20th January 2013. Had a good mix of vessels over the years, general cargo,box boats,RoRo's,Bulkers,Chemical tankers,Product Carriers,Crude oil carriers VLCC & ULCC's,LPG's,LNG's. I stood by new buildings and took a few away from the builders yards. My favourite ship was the FP Clipper, joined her in the Mitsui yard Tamano Japan in March 85 and stayed on her until May 1986, Life was good great run and my wife was with me for the most of it, West coast USA/Canada/Liverpool&Europe. Used to get a few days at home when we got to Liverpool great times. My years with Bibby Line also good, hard working ships but good people and great company to work for. I really did not enjoy my years with BP shipping just to much office work and HSSE was a real pain. Spent a few months in Shanghai watching the Chinese botch together LNG gas tankers a joint venture CLSCO/BP took 3 off them into service, very poor build quality. Moved to NGSCO on their LNG carriers well built ships. Idea was to train UAE nationals. Less said about training those guys the better.

Doc Vernon
14th November 2014, 09:21 PM
Hello Lewis
Welcome to the site and thanks for listing your details and Ships!
Hope you have a long and enjoyable stay here with us!

Great line up of Ships and Service there!

Ivan Cloherty
14th November 2014, 10:38 PM
SHIPS NAME AND SERVICE RECORD. Idea was to train UAE nationals. Less said about training those guys the better. [/I][/INDENT]

Lewis I lived in UAE for 4 years in the 70's, manager and Marine Supt, I certainly know where you are coming from with that statement.

Robert rogers
16th November 2014, 01:26 PM
Hello Lewis
See you worked in Bowater's paper mill which one was that I sailed on the Sarha Bowarter out of Norfleet to Corner Brook in New Founderland in the 60s

Lewis McColl
7th December 2014, 01:03 PM
Hi Robert , Ellesmere Port, I was in the Pulp mill section.If i think long enough I can still smell the stink of sour pulp.