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Keith at Tregenna
21st June 2014, 09:29 PM
The Royal Navy and the Western Front in the Great War:

The Royal Navy active on land on the Western Front? Surely a contradiction in terms?

So, how did the Royal Navy participate on the Western Front?

It is hardly conceivable that there was ever any serious possibility that the Royal Navy would undertake the highly risky stratagem of anchoring Dreadnoughts off the coast of France and Belgium to give direct support with their colossal firepower to the Allied armies? In fact, we know that such an idea was formally proposed by the British War Committee in November 1916 - i.e. the destruction of the German submarine bases at Zeebrugge and Ostend on the Belgian coast by naval gunfire. The immediate response of Admiral Sir John Jellicoe, Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Fleet, was to describe it as '…an operation which I am sure that no responsible naval officer would recommend, and it is, indeed, hardly practicable'.

More at: http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-at-sea-in-air/nava-actions/360-royal-navy.html