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Jim Brady
7th April 2013, 05:35 PM
There are a number of City's and areas in the UK where to be English is tobe ethnic or if you like in the minority.(Ethnic,belonging or relating to such a group,especially one that is a minority group in a particular place).What I want to know is when the whole of the U.K.is overun with Foreign Nationals and the indigenous population become the Ethnics who will take the blame!!!!!Don't laugh this aint far off,50 years is nothing in history.So we kick it around and want to know who are the culprits for this degeneration.(A) is it the government for not being tough enough on how many we allow in??(B) is it the greedy employers who employ them?.So we come to the crunch, the government because of Europe cannot stop free movement of people within the EU this we have to accept.So now we come to the employer,I only thought yesterday being the day of the Grand National every bed in every hotel in Liverpool would be taken,plus all the restaurants,who serviced these???.I would bet that 80% of the workforce in the hotels were Eastern European,so I would say we cannot blame the employer if he cannot get local labour.This will creep up on us slowly and by the time we realise it will be to late.
PS. I'm sorry for the Doom And Gloom but I have ran out of sea stories and repetitive jokes.

7th April 2013, 07:19 PM
jim que serra serra wot ever will be will be in50 years we wont see que serra serra you would be better off worrying if a labour lot gets in next time best wishes from your old mate cappy lol standing by for both barrels:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

john gill
7th April 2013, 07:28 PM
Rivers Of Blood Jim? We can all recall the Hon Member for Ulster and his inflammatory speech in 1968. Perhaps the riots in 1981 may have justified his words- maybe not. A lot of the problems were the result of the Rent A Mob culture, leading to more looting than racial attacks. The city of my birth, as far as i can recall, has always enjoyed multiculuralism- I cannot remember an incident which resulted in racial riots in all my years living there. West Indian, Chinese, who were all connected to the prosperity of many a uk seaport lived side by side in harmony. Today- A completely different ball game. East European immigration along with the ever present threat of *****. I like to think that i did my bit a long time ago when my children were beginning their selection of future life partners, and perhaps our advice to them may have gone some way in maintaining a balance of keeping the bloodline more Anglo Saxon than Islamic or Eastern European. Perhaps my childrens grandchildren may have to face a different world.

7th April 2013, 10:57 PM
Immigration has run wild , but so have the illegals , I do not see that the Border agency cannot be strengthened and fill a detention center or two with illegals waiting deportation . Send out a strong message that hell awaits , and fewer will come .

Keith at Tregenna
8th April 2013, 05:42 AM
Hi shipmates, I done a small survey in my local Cons club the other week, I know most of the people who use it, so had no trouble with the committee, Asked them a question about they background , Where were you born? one malta one portugal one indian one frenchman 4 ireland one west indies; 8 england the rest wales 24 The steward is Italian slow night thursday ,all mix and get along well never any trouble all over 60 yrs old 89 oldest there No eastern europeans or ******s drinking coffee /soft drinks as yet the club committee would welcome them with open arms, This is an average club in inner city area would this be a normal customer base around the country?

Immigration has played a vital role in the development of multicultural Wales since the end of the 19th century when the economic expansion and importance of its seaports and coal mines attracted workers from around the world.

One area in particular which benefited from the cosmopolitan, multi-ethnic and multi-religious makeup immigration brought with it is the small community in the south of Cardiff, formerly known as Tiger Bay.

Butetown, as it is now named, is internationally famous for its diverse mix of ethnic groups, including Somali, Bengali, Afro-Caribbean, Jamaican and Yemeni communities, among others. At the height of the coal boom the area boasted more than 50 different languages.

As they settled in the residential area around Cardiff’s docks in the early 1900s, these groups brought with them their cultural traditions and it was these traditions which soon mixed with existing Welsh traditions which made Butetown one of the UK’s first multicultural communities.

Read more: Wales Online http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2011/02/17/fifty-tongues-in-tiger-bay-91466-28184647/#ixzz2Pqb2tdU4

8th April 2013, 07:17 AM
Suppose the History Books will give a government distorted reason. I believe one of the biggest instigators was Edward Heath who had visions of a united Europe. Pity he didnt have visions of pretty girls rather than be the start of the effing up of the country. I will always believe that what the so called visionarys had was not attainable. They lowered all barriers to the country, the last thing any government should do. The following governments have consisted of limp wristed professional what they think of themselves as world leaders, what a bunch of phoneys some if them are. Everyone now is scared of The European Union of pointing the finger and calling them being politically incorrect. To me I would take the huge losses and get the hell out of it regardless. Hitler must be laughing his head off. I do not live in the UK, but still have strong ties to same, I will fight like mad to keep such worthless governments out of my country of adoption. The first is to get rid of our present one, I only hope the average Australian can see the true nature of the present people in power. Cheers John Sabourn

8th April 2013, 07:22 AM
I manged to trace some of my own ancestry back over thousand years , when you bear in mind that at 20 generations in the 1500's you actually , back then have 16,000 grandfathers and 16,000 grandmothers at 30 generations ( around 1000 AD ) you have around 16,000,000 grandfathers and 16,000,000 grandmothers ,I traced about 3 of them . The population of England , Wales and Scotland was around 1,000,000 so we are all a little inbred somewhere along the line . My ancestors back then were from Italy , Scandinavia , Germany , Spain , France . My late father would have been horrified , he was convinced that we were British from the North Midlands and had remained static for ever . After I did that research I felt humbled that we were not the true blood Anglo Saxon , but we had come here from everywhere else . Up until recent times we encouraged integration

I regard this as the fault of New Labour , Tony Blair and his Equal Rights Barrister Wife . The subject came to the fore when Andrew Neather — a former adviser to Jack Straw, Tony Blair and David Blunkett — claimed that Labour ministers had a hidden agenda in allowing mass immigration into Britain, to "change the face of Britain forever".This alleged conspiracy has become known by the sobriquet "Neathergate".

According to Neather, who was present at closed meetings in 2000, a secret Government report called for mass immigration to change Britain's cultural make-up, and that “mass immigration was the way that the government was going to make the UK truly multicultural”. Neather went on to say that “the policy was intended — even if this wasn’t its main purpose — to rub the right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date”.

This was later affirmed after a request through the freedom of information act secured access to the full version of a 2000 government report on immigration that had been heavily edited on a previous release.The Conservative party demanded an independent inquiry into the issue and alleged that the document showed that Labour had overseen a deliberate open-door *policy on immigration to boost multi-culturalism for political ends.

In February 2011 Prime Minister David Cameron stated that the "doctrine of state multiculturalism" (promoted by the previous Labour government) has failed and will be no longer be state policy.[68] He stated that the UK needed a stronger national identity and signaled a tougher stance on groups promoting Islamist extremism.

Thanks Tony , how much did Mrs Wide Mouth Blair make out of the courts defending Human Rights caused by your policies .

Captain Kong
8th April 2013, 07:57 AM
Politicians have done far more damage to our country than Hitlers Panzer divisions ever could.
We should have let him win.

8th April 2013, 08:02 AM
What was that famous Geordie saying, on the new Arab arriving " My Daddy was a Geordie and he come to South Shiely for further education". Was very little trouble in Shields, there again some of us may have a touch of the tarbrush in us. Suppose is politically incorrect to say this now, However sure Hoggie who you sailed with had a touch. Never as bad, as was it West Hartlepool where they hung the monkey. A geordie would never have done that, he would have chopped its head off. Cheers John Sabourn.

8th April 2013, 08:17 AM
funny that john isure isn't hung like no white man that's wot I tell my missus any way cappy:rolleyes::rolleyes:

8th April 2013, 08:25 AM
As was a frenchman, probably tried to pretend he was a frog, and got mixed up. John sabourn

8th April 2013, 08:30 AM
Rob sounds like something out of Hitlers hallucinations of a super race. Who do these people think they are. And we put these imbeciles in power. Cheers John Sabourn

Jim Brady
8th April 2013, 10:29 AM
Dispatches Channel 4 tonight 8thApril Immigration Undercover.Investigating the system processing Britains Immigrants.
Border staff told: Ignore 50.000 Files. Crates of untouched UK Border Agency files have been gathering dust after staff were told not to bother with 50.000 cases.A senior boss alledgedly told staff in Sheffield that 50.000 of the human rights cases "wont be dealt with anytime soon".

Louis the Amigo
8th April 2013, 12:03 PM
Hi shipmates "The border agency staff follow orders' from the top, it cost us the taxpayer £25,000 to deport one person. 50,000 illegals ???? Not the truth ,there are many more than this in the U.K. would put the dept in the red for a few years , With todays' government cuts to all our public services heads would roll, The border Agency have been found not to be fit for purpose, by Theresa May so they are beening replaced by a private company in a few months time . How many will be deported then? wait and see!!!!!

8th April 2013, 12:13 PM
The problem is the government of Oldie World Britain consisted of representatives of the gentry , then very few people had the right to vote. A survey conducted in 1780 revealed that the electorate in England and Wales consisted of just 214,000 people - less than 3% of the total population of approximately 8 million. In Scotland the electorate was even smaller: in 1831 a mere 4,500 men, out of a population of more than 2.6 million people, were entitled to vote in parliamentary elections. Large industrial cities like Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester did not have a single MP between them, whereas 'rotten boroughs' such as Dunwich in Suffolk (which had a population of 32 in 1831) were still sending two MPs to Westminster. The British electoral system was unrepresentative and outdated..

The three parliamentary reform Acts introduced in 19th-century Britain (in 1832, 1867 and 1884 respectively) satisfied moderate reformers rather than radicals. The Prime Minister, Lord Grey, supported reform to 'prevent the necessity of revolution' and was responsible for the first (or 'Great') Reform Act of 1832. However, the Act gave the vote in towns only to men who occupied property with an annual value of £10, which excluded six adult males out of seven from the voting process.

The Tory politician Lord Derby described the second Reform Act (1867) as 'a leap in the dark'. And yet only two in every five Englishmen had the vote in 1870. Even the third Reform Act (1884) - which enfranchised all male house owners in both urban and rural areas and added 6 million people to the voting registers - fell some way short of introducing universal manhood suffrage.

The changes made in the British political system between 1832 and 1884 were nevertheless important. The electorate increased substantially in size from approximately 366,000 in England and Wales in 1831 to slightly fewer than 8 million in 1885. Parliamentary seats were redistributed to give greater weight to larger towns and cities. Also, the Ballot Act of 1872, which introduced secret ballots, made it far more difficult for voters to be bribed or intimidated.

Then we started getting the men of the people into the house of Thieves in 1906 the first labour government of people like , Ramsey McDonald the Illegitimate son of a farm labourer and a housemaid , Kier Hardy son of a Ships carpenter and a domestic servant and Arthur Henderson another Illegitimate son of a servant , the populous had their own men in the biog house , but now the Labour politicians are all different Ed Balls Private School /Oxford /Harvard father an eminent Professor of Zoology , Ed Milliband son of a Marxist academic , Privately educated /Oxford /LSE another Politics + Economics graduate . Harriet Harman niece of the Countess of Longford private School York university Politics Graduate . Douglas Alexander Doctors son , graduate of Edinburgh and Pennsylvania . Chukka Umuna privately educated ..... These lot representing Labour are all Millionaires , Lawyers or Politics and economics graduates , they impose their academic ideas on the working man , and we fall for it . This lot screwed this country pretending to be labour politicians , pretending to represent the people .

These like the old story about the Emperors new Clothes have us believing what they tell us . We were screwed by teh New LAbour experiment into multi culturalism , Hey dennis Skinner , Coal Miner , bit of an Oaf , vote for him , Never , but he is one of teh few that is true to the 113 year old history of the Labour movement

8th April 2013, 05:32 PM
Sorry John Gill, the rivers of blood thing came from Enoch Powell. Hardly Anglo Saxon was he ( Welsh actually in case you dont know ) . Take away the Irish and Welsh ancestry from liverpool and you would have an allmost deserted city.

8th April 2013, 05:53 PM
apart from the ethnics who are growing at am alarming rate cappy

john gill
8th April 2013, 06:56 PM
Political history seems not to be your best subject Eifion- The member for Ulster and Enoch Powell were the same person.

8th April 2013, 07:06 PM
Post ~5 John Gill - rivers of Blood , Eifion , John s correct , Enoch Powell was Conservative - Wolverhampton south West but left the Conservatives and returned to parliament as the Ulster Unionist candidate for South Down , as well as being a professor at the University of Sydney in ancient Greek pre war , he was promoted to Brigadier ,for his war service

Ron Kendall
8th April 2013, 08:04 PM
Why on earth should it cost £25,000 to send one illegal back to wherever, Easyjet sells one way tickets to loads of places for £29!

Lou Barron
9th April 2013, 01:10 AM
Many years ago the saying was Beware of the Yellow Peril .Our present goverment is giving the Chinese a lot of favours .Thinking about buying a rickshaw

Keith at Tregenna
9th April 2013, 02:02 AM
Deadline given 10th:

WOULD NUKE THEM ON THE 9th: Oh! that is now:

Guess, that is why I am not in power:


happy daze john in oz
9th April 2013, 06:14 AM
As Rob put it post # it was a leap in the dark, now all the politicians work in the dark. They have to when you look at some of the things they come up with.

But as to the EU. It was Charles DeGaule after WW2 that first considered the concept of a common market. A market where nations in Europe would trade with each other in an effort to stimulate growth. However whilst he was in favour of a common market place he made it crytal clear he was not in favour of a common currency.

9th April 2013, 06:46 AM
I think it was old mother shipton or some other sage of old who said the greatest battle will be between the bear and the dragon could this be Russia and wales regards cappy

john gill
9th April 2013, 08:16 AM
That conflict, Cappy, between bear & dragon might also refer to certain spouses and mothers-in-law.

Neville Roberts
9th April 2013, 01:14 PM
the population of England Ireland scotland and wales and many european countries are still of 99 % celtic origins . but I think that Rome was one of the first to integrate ethnic peoples into thier soceity as citizens , until coruption and greed took over and they weakened the power base . to such a degree that they were unable too stop the outside invasions . of thier once powerfull teritories . does this sound famliliar .:mad:

9th April 2013, 06:06 PM
John please read up , Enoch became the member for Ulster when the conservatives kicked him out and he lost his midlands seat. Where he was mp for does not change the fact that he was Welsh. Unlike yourself I actually met and had tea with the bloke when I was a kid and he was preaching in Welsh at our local chapel

9th April 2013, 06:29 PM
Neville you are incorrect as recent genetic testing has shown the white popuation of England have suprisingly little dna similaritries with the celts of Scotland, Ireland and Wales. There closest genetic relatives are the German and dutch. Not surprising in that the Angles , Saxons and Jutes were Germanic tribes that had spread West from Asia. Then their genetic make up has French , Scandinavian Dna to some degree .
The English should be proud of their multicultural heritage not ashamed of it as some seem to be, after all the Romans were. What matters is that we all learn to live together, respect each other and realise there is no such thing as a master race, after all we all stem in the far distant past from Africa and were all as black as the ace of spades

John Pruden
9th April 2013, 08:39 PM
i had a email from canada telling me someone traced the family tree and invited me to the anual gathering in manatoba seems that john peter pruden founded a trading post with some tribe in the 1700s anyway the invitation was $3.00 a night on the campsite i replied if i was going to fly to manatoba from the uk i am f...d if i was going to stay in a tent so i declined?jp

Keith at Tregenna
9th April 2013, 10:47 PM
The Celts of Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Though Celtic cousins the Scot and Irish are more of the gaelic Celt and Cymru more further associated with Cornwall and Brittany. All Celtic languages extant today belong to the Insular Celtic languages, derived from the Celtic languages spoken in Iron Age Britain.They were separated into a Goidelic and a Brythonic branch from an early period. Anglo - Saxony has no real home history of its own much prior to 1066.

An attempt to fit in sees the continuous attempts to involve our Arhur (The once and Future King) of the Anwyls, recorded by the Venerable Bede centuries before Anglaise.

RE: The Venerable Mr. Powell.

Powell was born in Stechford, Birmingham, now known as England, part of Little Britain. He lived there for the first six years of his life before moving to King's Norton in 1918, where he lived until 1930. He was the only child of Albert Enoch Powell (1872–1956), a primary school headmaster, and his wife, Ellen Mary (1886–1953). Ellen was the daughter of Henry Breese, a Liverpool policeman and his wife Eliza, who had given up her own teaching career after marrying. The Powells were of Welsh descent, having moved to the developing Black Country during the early 19th century. His great-grandfather was a coal miner, and his grandfather had been employed in the iron trade.

Alternative names for English;

Sassenach - used to describe the English, by their immediate Gaelic-speaking neighbours: the Scots, and the Irish. The term is derived from the original name of the Anglo-Saxon settlers in what is now Lowland Scotland - i.e. the Saxons.

The Cornish word for an Englishman is "Sows", and the Cornish word for the English language is "Sowsnek".

les goddams - During the Hundred Years' War, the French took to calling the English les goddams because of their frequent use of expletives.

Saeson (often abbreviated to 'Sais') - used by Welsh-speakers to refer to English people (and, less frequently, English-speakers). As with other Celtic tongues, this term is a reference to the Saxons and is generally regarded as offensive.

After 1707, a British national identity began to develop though initially resisted—particularly by the English—the peoples of Great Britain had by the 1750s begun to assume a "layered identity", to think of themselves as simultaneously British and also Scottish, English, or Welsh.


happy daze john in oz
10th April 2013, 06:22 AM
I was in discussions with my financial advisor today and we got onto the subject of Europe, the EU and the Euro. The only way it will work is if all countries become states of the one nation and work for a common goal. But such a move will never occur as patriotic nations will never agree. But if it did happen then the blood mix would compound the situation even further. All know geneology would merge into one big blob.

John Pruden
10th April 2013, 06:38 AM
john i was the same as you but my financial adviser told me i can pi.. off i have spent enough money this week now do those dishes?:pjp

Louis the Amigo
10th April 2013, 07:20 AM
Hi shipmates. Hi happy john in oz, My Wife is a financial adviser,lifestyle guru/and historian {she make sure my pockets are empty}{ That I dont drink too much } and{ she never forgets anything I do wrong}

Keith at Tregenna
10th April 2013, 07:30 AM
My Wife is a financial adviser, lifestyle guru/and historian

Maybe she may know or can find more of Darkie Hacket, he was a popular AB out of Cardiff. He was son of a apparently well known, Cardiff Character." Darkie the Drover" ?


10th April 2013, 07:53 AM
John, it is amusing from afar to see everyone is against the labour government in Aus, yet as I understand they were voted in with a massive landslide throwing Howard out even of his own seat? Whether the Liberals with their present leader will get in I do not know, but if they do where do you see the situation being altered for the benefit of the Aus population be it immigration, tax, economy, or whatever? Remember that most parties in most countries vote without any real thought to their vote & in this instance the Aus election being called almost a year in advance will have an impact too, it is called boredom. In US many just do not bother to vote, in Aus it is compulsory, whether that is right or wrong is for another debate. However because of that a fair percentage just put anything in or vote for the party with the most financial inducements, nothing to do with good governance as they would not in the main understand that, they just wish to live their day by day lives with the least amount of tax-hassle-government interference.

As to UK with its serious problems with ethnic immigrants who fail to meld in etc. Well this seems to be a problem all over & yes political correctness seems to rule the roost, EU parliament et al. I do not know why they come to UK, I do in regards Aus & wherever they go they bring (not all) serious division along with problems due to their way of life religion dress code (Yet you could not do that in their homelands under fear of serious ramifications nor live there either.) I have just been in Ethiopia & Yemen on biz believe me be low key or suffer the consequences.

How does one say niet to anyone particular ethnic lots? Aus used to & was hammered for it, they tried again in regards the 'boat people' again hammered around the world. Look at Scandinavia they have the same difficulties, why why would an Arab wish to live there in that cold, only the benefits they can garner.

I reckon the Japanese have the right idea, it is just plain NO, even in some instances to their national detriment such as nursing.

My feelings are in the UK there will be serious backlash but when (Is it too late & what could the do anyway now?) how no idea it can not be only the older-mature generation who are upset about this, surely the younger ones are too? Aus has serious problems with the ethnic parties of one particular area, yet nothing is done to try to put the brakes on, nor filter the 'family reunion' influx. What a joke, let alone the low life's that somehow get in. Irony is when we were last in Aus we reckoned it was now a mixed race country as so many couples were of mixed race therefore the off spring too just like HK. Is that bad I do not know, it is a difficult subject for anyone to be rational & not called a racist, which I was as recently by an Indian in PNG. It did upset me but hey that was his opinion as to something I said he was kinda 'the Indian in the glass house hurling stones' I just chuckled.

Thought you were possibly a tad unfair to EH though possibly you have a point which I do not pick up?

Louis the Amigo
10th April 2013, 07:59 AM
Hi shipmates, Hi Keith my barry buddy, "that name rings a bell? I will ask My Mate Laurie he may know something? Was he a boxer ? was he from the docks? Eric {Army}and sammy {royal Navy} both allmost 90yrs lived there as boys "Sammy knew everyone " and still can remember loads. will try to find out!!!!

Keith at Tregenna
10th April 2013, 08:06 AM
MORE AT: http://www.merchant-navy.net/forum/poetry-ballads/17526-ode-ab-hacket.html


(Ode to Darkie Hacket.)

Going South, N. E. or West,
was always one we liked the best.
For the Geordie, could be Flamborough Head,
the Londoner looked for Beachy Head.

Bristol Channeler's - Lundy, Mumbles, Nash Point,
Scarweather (Barry) not long now to Tarry!
When Sighted, knew we’re close to Home,
the Scousers looked for Lightship (Bar)
The Scots further North, not far.
The individual flashing, indicating,
soon the Tugs awaiting.

Jolly Jack's back from the Sea!
pay-off time, we've waited for.
Soon be time to "Go ashore”,
our pockets full of Tin.
We're home for week,
least that's our aim.

"Avoid the Dockside Bars, Tarts, on the Game,
though Nature being what it is.
One could be tempted
" Brahms & List”!

An A.B. Once I knew. Generous to a Fault.
gave a Pound out here and there,
at Cardiffs Penniless Point,
Mount Stuart Sq.

Next day:
"Why are you re-signing so soon Darkie”?
was the ? asked. Well you know", said he.
“Old shipmates you meet, Pint here pint there,
broke by the time I reached the top of Bute Street”.


10th April 2013, 08:36 AM
keith went to sea at 10 year old with my granda on a collier lovedto steer and would have steered from the tyne to London but seem to remember a poem first the dudgeon then the dowsing then the spurn is next in turn Whitby light is shining bright all being well the tyne tonight ps ithink that is correct but its many years ago now regards cappy

john gill
10th April 2013, 10:37 AM
Interesting Information Keith regarding the link between the former member for South Down and his infamous allegedly racist comments on immigration. Your Celtic countryman commented on the fact that without the presence of an ethnic mix of Welsh and Irish, my home City would in effect become a ghost town. In your research i noticed that Enoch's mother was the daughter of a Liverpool policeman. While not banging on (again) about Scouseland,it should be pointed out that when we dig a little deeper into our ancestry, as some posts have illustrated, ( even a suggestion that we all came from Africa), we should not be too surprised at what might surface.

John Pruden
10th April 2013, 10:41 AM
my missess treats me like a king {kings don't carry any money either}:pjp

10th April 2013, 10:42 AM
If you take the population at AD 1000 to be 1,000,000 , John , and that was 30 generations ago , the facts become quite amazing , we all have some Royal bloo, as you say everyone's past would turn up some surprises and a good mix

John Pruden
10th April 2013, 03:20 PM
brian don't go poking in the past you and hayou might be family??????:p:p

John Cassels
10th April 2013, 06:01 PM
I always used to think it was something special to visit the UK after being an expat for so long.

Now I'm not so sure .................

happy daze john in oz
11th April 2013, 06:33 AM
In reply to Leratty#40. Yes Labor came in with a good majority in 2007 under Rudd the dud as he turned out to be. The problem was his style of management, no consultation, his handling of the GFC, bad choice of ways to deal with it resulting in a massive debt after inheriting a very good surplus. Bad policy such as mining tax brought about without consultation. Then as you know Lady MacBeth got into him and she has made a bad situation worse. Yes if they get the Tiuana it will be their own fault, as for calling an election almost 9 months out is pure lunacy. The PM has the right to call the election at a time of their liking, lost the plot on that one.

As to compulsory voting, not true. What is compulsory is turning up at a polling booth toe have your name crossed of. Many leave it at that and do not vote. The we have the crazy' how to vote cards', all part of the preferential voting system.

We have over the years taken in persons from almost 100 nations, most get on well but of late there are begining to emerge, ghetto style areas, and th umemployment rate amongst many of the 'boat arrivals' is well above the nationall average even 5 years after their arrival. The question is of course are they genuine refugees or just economic ones looking for what they can get not what they have to offer.

Red Lead Ted
13th April 2013, 01:11 AM
I don't have a problem with, But we are going into overload unless this government closes our boarders to more E.U. Migrants by whatever means its our children's children that will be the sufferers. Back in the early 80s this country had nearly 4 million people unemployed and no prospect of getting work in industrial areas mainly in the north. So a lot of us took Norman Tebbit's advice and got on our bikes and found work i spent the hungry years of the 80s in Liverpool working in London i had 4 hungry mouths to feed. And this is were it differs from the 80s to today's unemployed. A lot of work was cash in hand or the black economy which 1,000s undertook the money they earned they spent in this country creating growth and keeping a lot of companies going. Today's black economy is mostly undertook by Asian or Eastern Europeans who as J Pruden rightly points out undercut our youth who want a little more than living 10 to a house. Asians and Eastern Europeans working in this country will tell you themselves they send there earnings back home which as a result can only drag our economy down and create what we are experiencing know no growth. Things have to change and immigration has to be up with the most wanted in Britain today. Regards all Terry.:confused:

happy daze john in oz
13th April 2013, 05:13 AM
Terry has a valid point there. The UK, like here in OZ, now has a minmium wage rate. Many of those from Eastern EU countries would see that wage as something very special and would be willing to work for it. When you live five or more families to a house such wages are more than enough to live on. However for the average family it is not. Then there wil always be the employer who will offer less than the minimum and there will be workers willing to work for it. Until something is done about the number of illegal persons in the nation it will be hard to resolve this issue. A good reason to have some form of national identity card for all legal persons instituted.

Louis the Amigo
13th April 2013, 08:29 AM
Hi shipmates , The new U.K. is multi national and will become more so in the future , with eastern europe/ Turkish people filling up all the citys over the next few years My biggest fear is we will become like France massive estates, full of unemployed young people who are looked on as cheap workers, or low lifes trouble -makers, this will cause big social probelms in the U.K.. The con/lib government will make a start on rounding up the many thousands of illegals /asylum seekers {failed} in the next few months a private company, has the contract so it wont cost us the taxpayer £25,000 for one{ its a no deport no pay time} The system {passport} very hard to get one today offices across the country have been closed due to government cuts I.D. cards was too expensive to run and very easy to cheat.bogus I.D. is big business in the U.K. one illegal crook got caught a few months ago with a few bank accounts worth millions and property' after 3 years trading .

Jim Brady
13th April 2013, 03:53 PM
Dispatches Channel 4 tonight 8thApril Immigration Undercover.Investigating the system processing Britains Immigrants.......

This show is now on next Monday 15th April 8pm Channel 4.

John Pruden
13th April 2013, 05:29 PM
this could be sorted easy give the contract to ATOS nobody gets past them they would start emptying the country.jp

John Pruden
13th April 2013, 08:15 PM
is there a law for us and one for those who drop thier hook here?jp

Red Lead Ted
14th April 2013, 06:20 PM
Tell me one country in the E.U Or for that matter anywhere in the world that has British citizens fighting against deportation other than the few crooks. This is the reason the Grocer/ the Baker/ and the Candle Stick Maker/ Are shutting up shop in the U.K. No one spends money or will invest in small businesses. As a result Cameron has chosen to cut every benefit under the sun in this country, Not to mention funding of hospitals/ Education / Local Council Services / And just about everything else ordinary people depend on. Everything is going up in price in this country of ours. Osbourn keeps telling us that he has took anyone earning less than £9.000 a year out of the income tax bracket.The only people earning that or less are the bloody immigrants sending there money out of the country. Not one of them have mentioned the hill farmers in England, Scotland,Wales, or Ireland that are going under because of the severe winter we have endured loosing there ewe,s and spring lambs etc.... I think around £10.000.000 would go a long way in keeping them afloat I am bloody bewildered. Regards lads Terry.

John Pruden
14th April 2013, 08:12 PM
i ask again who is picking up the tab!!! add london closing for the day all the hangers on flying people from all over the world the security men police etc i would bet my shirt that £10.000.000 will not come anywere near the final tally? who has the power to spend this kind of money don't forget we are all in this together people my a.se?jp

happy daze john in oz
15th April 2013, 06:24 AM
Terry has a valid point there about monies going out of the country. We havea similar problem here in Oz, billions going overseas to keep families going, does nothing for the local economy. But the fact remains, every country has the right to say who comes in, how, when and under what conditions. In my opinion the UK has lost thta as a result of EU laws. Under international laws most countries will accept a number of LEGAL refugees, but so many of the ones thta arive in UK and here in Oz are not doing it for what they have to offer, rather what the country has to offer them.

Keith at Tregenna
15th April 2013, 09:45 PM
Who Will Be To Blame ???

The way her indoors goes on, it will be me ?


happy daze john in oz
16th April 2013, 06:41 AM
The problem is two fold for UK. You are signaturies to the UN agreement regarding assistance to other nations. Secondly the EU also has a say in who gets paid and tells all the member states they have to shell out. Getting out of such agreements is not easy.

16th April 2013, 03:55 PM
John, good majority it was a landslide & possibly this one will be too but how long before the masses get the tom bobbies with the new government as they expect instant fix. When we were there what seems so long ago, it was compulsory though you are spot on of course once you had your name crossed of the Er then you could bugger off I guess.

I see a well known ethnic polly (along with some members of family also?) in NSW is up for some form of bribe charge & not just a teeny one but apparently AU$30m one for JC's sake! Bet if found guilty he either gets off with a short sentence on a nice farm, or heads of back to that country adjacent to Israel with his plump pension following each month. Am told majority of funds spirited out of country by a/c who was a vlage mate of his back in the old country, had to laugh at that.

Of late emerge ghetto style areas, JC John out west in Sydney where our factories were just that ghettos & they were before we had them there our factories & just changed the residents ethnic origins as time rolled on. If you look at places like Fairfield, Villawood etc just before we left almost every day there was some form of shooting there, drive by as well as others. Most of it dare I say Arab related.
Great country but now we are told so expensive people are finding it hard to live, well in Sydney, so many doing it tough which is sad? Bet it is still hard to get good staff too, never could. Bugger all response to adds & those who came from the Social Security office did so just to meet their basic requirements had no that is no intention of working. It is they say the same the world around except Asia.

happy daze john in oz
17th April 2013, 06:50 AM
Interesting comment there about the poli who had his hand in the pickle jar and got caught. He will walk away with his pension and much of what he did will be swept under the carpet while he sits back and enjoys the fruits of his misdeeds.
How ever the tea lady who steals the money from the tea trolley goes to court, get a sentence and is stuffed for life.
So much for justice for all, justice dependent on who you are, rather thna what you did.