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Keith Tindell
7th March 2013, 11:08 AM
Report on the bbc this morning BBC News - Proportion of one-parent families triple in 40 years - ONS figures (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21697044), so who is supporting all these children ( i know the answer to that), it seems most of the fathers are off scott free these days, either unemployed themselves, or no payments made. I know when i was a youngster i had a few sweaty moments, knowing that i would end up having to pay. Its no wonder these guys can afford to leave the throttle wide open these days, with very little comeback. KT

Captain Kong
7th March 2013, 12:09 PM
jUST WATCH THE jeremy Kyle show at 9.30 on ITV every morning.
Mine and your taxes are paying for these animals.

7th March 2013, 01:33 PM
Interesting this is a old chestnut. When we had several hundred employees in Aus the relevant dept would get us, yes us to deduct the money due from their wages & remit to the dept. They had us working for them with virtually an employee just for that. Some of these fathers may from what we know not in fact been the fathers, too. There is much now known that as far back as our parents time & of course beyond that certain women would select a man who they had had a dalliance or have a one nighter with & say he was the father. Often the schmuck would marry them or support the child until X age. This is now being proven as a large percentage in divorce & child support cases to be the facts around the world via DNA.

There was a case last year in US making the news internationally, where the father sued the mother in court for all the funds he had paid out over some 18 years for a child which was proven not to be his & won. Did he get the money back I don't know. Its like women, younger say 30-45 who are divorced & get the house 1/2 the husbands super + monthly support-maintenance & hold down jobs too. In US & Aus usually when they, if they remarry those on going payments cease. Guess what, few ever do remarry, why the f... would they? We know of several friends whose ex's live with men even in the old matrimonial home, get the monthly stipend & laugh at the previous partner. See that a lot in Hong Kong. One we know even pays his ex car rego + insurance, tolls & mob ph, what a schmuck as he never stops complaining about it!

As long as there is such a reasonable series of benefits available for people to draw on be they governmental or other in such situations they by ***** know how to work the system then sadly they will play the system. We had I recall one employee who said even though he was being paid some AU$750 pw some eight + years ago that it was better for him to stay home as his various benefits were almost as much & he did not have to come to work paying for transport etc, etc. Hard one to argue with must say.

Louis the Amigo
7th March 2013, 06:37 PM
Hi shipmates, Any single parent bringing up children is no easy matter, My friend john brought up 3 children from age 7 yrs {his wife passed due to cancer} he is still working today age 70 because of all the debts# he had made . he was clueless on all home matters no help in them days? he was alone his parents. were gone {His job was a molder in a engineering plant he made chains for ships, so was put in the deep end in all things domestic, singlehanded he done the job. Single mothers with children dont have it easy. The ones on the T.V. show are low lives {payed} who say and do anything to be on T.V show single mothers real ones do a good job, with what they have it is not a easy life with loads of money !!! The men who dump/ use /abuse them should pay for the children, The government C.S.A. treats them like criminals for life. I know a few men who because of big mistake with a woman have paid and paid for it for years.

Jacyn Wade
8th March 2013, 12:01 AM
As a third generation single mother, I agree it is not easy. My grandmother's father died when she was less than 2 years old and my mother's father also died when she was less than 2 years old. My parents divorced, however, my mother never went after my father for support payments. Unfortunate that, really, because as a result, I've never met him... which is why I'm here now. I also divorced my husband when my daughter was a baby but did not pursue child support (another story). I do feel a lot of divorced fathers really get shafted by their ex-wives and I feel very sorry for them and completely disgusted with these women who do nothing but take, take, take. And as far as the ones who take total advantage of their ex-husbands and the system, shame on them. They make the rest of us look bad!

There, my two cents worth...


Keith Tindell
8th March 2013, 09:34 AM
I agree that there are very deserving cases of single men and women bringing up kids, and they should get support from the state. My own grandmother was widowed in 1910, and brought up 3 kids single handed, never remarried. The ones mainly in the BBC report i think are young girls just producing kids one after the other, i know of one, who in care for the first child was in care with my daughter in law, at 16 yrs, went on to produce 2 more, then housed by the state in a house, now another boyfriend moved in. We pay for all of this, also i see no reason why a father should not support his own children, i dont see they are pursued or shafted, just expected to contribute. The last people who should be expected to pay all costs is us the taxpayer. just my view KT

Louis the Amigo
8th March 2013, 12:06 PM
Hi shipmates, Single parents are not all the same, but they are a few bad ones who give everyone a bad name.

9th March 2013, 10:06 AM
I am sure in agreement as to the cases mentioned above, however the cases being discussed were those where it is a dodge. Though how anyone on benefits can see it as being a reasonable life is beyond me but then each to their own. My wife recalls a lady who had five kids from five different men. Lived in a nice cottage with water views, went to the club several times a week & each of the children became welfare recipients. She has a friend who is very high in Social Security in Aus who has told her they have ladies like this who are from families that are 2nd & 3rd generation on benefits? I do not decry the genuine parties as mentioned above, rather admire them for their grit.