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Jim Brady
28th February 2013, 01:59 PM
Have any of you been watching the show on TV, Pickpockets.Pickpocketing in London is rife so a special squad has been set up to ride the tubes and other places where people assemble to keep an eye out for these pickpocketing gangs that normally operate in two's and three's.They are all foreign dips and most probably 99% of them are Romanian,the best dips apparently are Chilean,the police are delighted when they catch these.The Romanians were also involved in putting these false covers on ATM's and the Lebanon Loop which read your card details.Anyway in todays paper they run this story.Migrants in crime spree.ROMANIANS have been arrested 27,725 times in one city in the past 5 years for offences including murder and yet just 68,00 live here.Met police said 15 people were held each day in London. Tory MP Pritti Patel said more needs to be done to control immigration.Migration restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians must be eased next January. God help us.!!!! What amused me was maybe they got 40 weeks gaol they are out in 20 and back riding the tube upto their old tricks WHY ARE THEY NOT DEPORTED but then again that would be against the human rights,nothing about the poor person who has lost their passport and holiday money.

28th February 2013, 05:34 PM
Another piece on the same subject a nightclub had a number of reports of missing phones they called the police to search everyone leaving one guy was caught with 40 stolen phones shoved down his pants and arrested he pleaded guilty to all charges and was taken off in court he was charged with 25 offences so what happened to the other 15 have they dropped the maths requirement from college and university recently or have the legal system taken on the builders it was only an estimate way of doing business

Tested out the maths part on a friends 5 year old son he got the right answer why cant the professionals

Captain Kong
28th February 2013, 05:59 PM
They should do what the Islamics do, Chop their hands off, it is coming anyway, we will have Shariah Law here soon.

Doc Vernon
28th February 2013, 06:20 PM
Hi Jim
Yes as you know last Sept. when i went on Holidays ,before i left was told to watch out in Paris and London for those Pickpockets!

Apparently they are very good at this game ,and i believe that Paris is one of the hot spots especially in the Northern ends Gare de Noord is famous for it in the Metro,and they are so sly,one wouldnt know a thing!

However i had bought a Pacsafe shoulder Mans Bag to carry,and that was the best thing i ever invested in!
It also has the RFID built in,so no one can read your Credit Card details with those clever scanners!
It had locks on all parts of it,and was also slash proof!
I highly recommend to anyone going on Holidays no matter where to get one of these,no one can get it ogg you either,unless of couse the knock you down! Grrrrr!!!:mad:

I actually saw a gang in progress on the Metro station but i was amazed at the prompness of the Gendarmes,as all stations are rigged with so many security cameras,and they are really on the ball,so to speak!
These Guys that were trying it on when people were coming to the top of the Escalators were soon roped in and taken away! I was to say the least an eye opener for me!

Captain Kong
28th February 2013, 06:28 PM
I was only ever robbed once,
That was in Valparaiso in 2006,
Anne and I went ashore, I wanted to go and see the Skandi Bar one more time. The Taxis wouldnt take us as it was `too dangerous`. I had to pay double to get one to take us.
I had my photo taken on the steps with one of the girls, it may have been Peg Leg Maria`s daughter. Then the Taxi man said I take you to Safe part of town, He dropped us off by the Presidents Palace, . Two minutes later my shirt was torn off and $200 in my top pocket disapeared down the road.
So much for a `Safe` area.

Lou Barron
1st March 2013, 12:10 AM
One place that i visisted in my seafaring days was Naples in 1946 it was very bad we had a couple of guys rolled coming back to the ship in their underpants on of the safest places was Greece to me anyhow will not tell you how i found out????

happy daze john in oz
1st March 2013, 05:07 AM
They should do what the Islamics do, Chop their hands off, it is coming anyway, we will have Shariah Law here soon.

May I suggest you take the honing stone away from ****.

happy daze john in oz
1st March 2013, 05:12 AM
Romanians are rife across most of the EU. In Ireland they make up the biggest number of thives, crooks etc. We had some over here last year doing the ATM scam but by luck some where caught and as a result a whole gang of them either jailed or deported.

John Pruden
1st March 2013, 08:17 AM
what beggars belief is the fact that foreign thieves rapists murderers pickpockets scam artists are still living here that is the question that should be asked????? are we that scared of human rights and civil liberties that we the law abiding citizens of this country are the down trodden, if we stand up for the united kingdom then we are classed as racist what ever happened to a good old fashioned kicking before the judges got involved.jp

Tony Wilding
1st March 2013, 09:34 AM
a friend of mine had her bag snatched in ramsgate, by a romanian woman, she gave chase and hit the woman , got her bag back, the public held her untill police arrived, her boyfriend was nearby carrying a knife, both were arrested and charged, some time later the romanian woman charged the girl who she robbed with assault, it went to the local court and she got a criminal record for assaulting her robber by the stupid local magistrate, eventually the girl appealed in the crown court and that judge overturned the verdict, just shows the lengths you have to go to.

Captain Kong
1st March 2013, 12:09 PM
Isnt time the people of Britain rose up against all Politicians,
How can a handful of bent Politicians change our country and our way of life without our permission,
we did not vote for "human rights laws", we did not vote for PCs. we did not vote for mass migration, we did not vote for our country to be turned into a nation we do not recognise.
The Politicians here have done more damage to our once great nation than Hitlers Luftwaffe could ever do.

Neville Roberts
1st March 2013, 04:21 PM
You still have the vote thats the only way you are going to change anything ,short of a revolution . mmmmm maybe thats the answer :cool:

Captain Kong
1st March 2013, 04:29 PM
Hi Neville,
A vote is a complete waste of time. we do not have Democracy in Britain anymore.
I have a Pakistani MP, No matter how many votes I have I cannot out vote Thousands and thousands of immigrants who vote through their Mosque in a block vote. I am a Minority, and Minorities have No Chance.
I am waiting for the USA to bomb Britain, Invade us and then install Democracy,
some hope.

Neville Roberts
1st March 2013, 04:58 PM
Brian you dont want the US system its crooked through and through , openly buying of polititians is legal as in lobbying from the big corps .the only thing thats maybe diferent is that the US has always been a mixed society . if its that bad there come on over and we can bitch together about the state of the world ,maybe its just us getting old and cranky for our youth .oh to be 17 again and do it all over .I dont think I would change anything .say hello too **** he must be happy to see you back home .:cool:

Captain Kong
1st March 2013, 05:44 PM
**** has just got delivery of a brand new car today,
he already has a Mercedes and now a new Toyota, Two cars, Arrived in England seven years ago, never worked, never paid a penny in taxes, he has a bad back, aged around 40 ish. has two kids and a wife who has the full burkha, Niquab and jib jab.
Where have I gone wrong? my car is Eight years old, and I still pay Taxes on my miserable MN Pension.
I despair.

Ron Kendall
1st March 2013, 10:49 PM
I still remember getting robbed in Fuengirola, Spain some years back. 2 Eastern European flower sellers (Female), got between me and my Wife, and the next thing I knew, she had her hand in my trouser pocket, at the same time as me!, she got 2 notes out of my wallet, and dropped one which I got back, but she got away with 20 Euros. they usually have a Male accomplice, who may have a knife, to keep an eye out for their activities.apparently, they only want money now, as if they are caught with credit cards, jail awaits.Here they would probably get a warning, and be back on the street an hour or so later, instead of on the next plane out!

happy daze john in oz
2nd March 2013, 05:27 AM
Isnt time the people of Britain rose up against all Politicians,

Brian, the squeaky wheel gets the oil, the minorities make such a fuss they are listened to. Minorities often determin the outcome of an electionso they are listened to

2nd March 2013, 10:51 AM
I think we have the wrong approach really , we should make these guys feel at home , let ius bring in some familiar things to them

Saudi Arabia bans all religious books that are not their national religion , so let us, as a Christian country , confiscate the Koran from everyone and make it an offence to possess it .
When we send them to jail let it be fifty to a cell with no toilet facilities and regular torture , then we can be like several of the XXXstan countries
Let us hold the trial in our national languages with no interpreter , all court officials to speak with a Geordie accent .
They only allow consumption of Halal Meat , it offends animal rights here , so let us ban it and replace it with European Factor Farmed Pork
If a Western Woman goes to the middle East she has to wear a headscarf , here on a hen night , all middle eastern women should be made top wear 5" heels and a mini skirt
I am sure you can all think of a lot more ...

My point is when the Huguenots , the Russian Jews , the Polish pre World War II came here they integrated , they followed our ways , they kept their tradition whilst joining in with ours , We have created these Racial Ghettos and encouraged seperate identities , we made ONE huge mistake , live here become British , not Black-British of people like Dianne Abbot or Anglo Indian , like thousands of shopkeepers , doctors and lawyers , let us see British , we have spent too long fighting ourselves , and when I saw an Anglo-Indian SNP spokesman talking about an Independent Scotland , I just wanted to bang my head against a concrete wall , Time to roll up St Andrew's , St Piran's ST Patrick's & St Georges crosses as well as Y Ddraig Goch , the time has come for us to be one nation and get that message to immigrants , they are never going to go home willingly , so let us do what we have done for half a millennium , and persuade then that they too are British , and they should adopt our ways , if they want the ways of their homelend well let them stay there

Captain Kong
2nd March 2013, 11:28 AM
Excellent Rob.

Keith Tindell
2nd March 2013, 11:39 AM
I think there are a few politicians shocked after the Eastleigh UKIP result, protest vote my a***, this is the beginning of the ground swell, and whats more they know it. You watch all the talk, and only talk, start by them all on immigration. What you say is the feeling by a large amount of the people Rob. But i fear its going to be long long job, KT

Jim Brady
2nd March 2013, 12:06 PM
The government claim that the immigration figures are well down and more people left these shores last year than came here.The truth of the matter is that thousands less students came here last year hence the reason why Cameron was embracing the Indian people and telling them to come to this country to our uni's as we need them.
I seen a documentary about the asylum seekers in Greece,the Greek government make it as hard as possible for these people,maybe so they will warn their friends off from going there.The A.S. were all living in this disused warehouse the police cleared them out of there onto the streets and hassle them on a daily basis.There are queues waiting at the government office tobe processed for asylum,the Greek government are in no hurry to grant it to them I'm not sure if its 20 a day or 20 per week that they process.Thats the way to do it.

alf corbyn
2nd March 2013, 12:18 PM
UKIP has certainly got the lib/tories worried. if we all vote UKIP maybe we will get rid of all this P C and other stupid european rules and regs.

2nd March 2013, 01:28 PM
Go for it Brian , Invite **** around for a Pork Chop and a tot , so he can start integrating

Captain Kong
2nd March 2013, 02:24 PM
Hi Rob.
The only Chop he will get from me is a Karate Chop.