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happy daze john in oz
20th February 2013, 07:41 AM
No doubt at times we have all seen or heard of some stupid actions, some even life threatening. We had two today here in Melbourne.

The first involved a truck on the freeway, there he was going about his task doing the right thing when it happened. A couple of brain dead individuals ,thought to be in their late teens decided to throw two lumps of concrete, each weighing about five kilos, from the foot bridge over the freeway. Thankfully the driver saw it coming and was able to move to the side of the road but not before his windscreen was smashed.

Then an even better one maybe, filmed by someone and maybe put on U tube. A driver with his son, less than one year old it is estimated, sitting on his lap. The young lad allowed to take the wheel and steer.
Apparently the police have his registration details and he will be charged with driving in a dangerous manner. He will also laughingly be charged with having a passenger on board with out a seat belt on!

The mind boggles at such stupidity.

Doc Vernon
20th February 2013, 08:06 AM
Hi John
Just saw that incident on the Driver and his Son on the News1
How bleedin ridiculas can one get!
Are these people sane?

That concrete/Brick throwing off Bridges is becoming more prevalent here too ib NSW!
They should lock them up fot life mate!

Calvin Kent
20th February 2013, 10:14 AM
Before they lock them up they have to catch them! Some years ago I was driving home in my van one night when there was an almighty crash. I pulled over and found a bike frame on a length of wire. As I'd come off a fairly fast roundabout and rejoined the dual carriageway I'd caught this bike which had been suspended from a footbridge with my offside mirror. It had then swung up the side of the van before crashing onto the roof and the wire snapping. I went up onto the bridge and found another bike frame all ready to go. I rang my local, Bracknell, police station to advise them of what some of the local feral animals were up to and spoke to someone miles away at another station as Bracknell, population 100,000+ and on a rat-run between two major motorways, does not have enough staff to answer their own phone. He couldn't or wouldn't understand my concern that the next victim might well be a motor-cyclist with a less happy outcome and he could do nothing unless I drove to his station and made a statement. I threw the bikes in the back of my van and went home. Sleep tight citizens of Bracknell, reported crime is down for the umpteenth consecutive year. Just ask any policeman if you can find one.

There have been several incidents of concrete being thrown from bridges in recent years, one of them the contents of a 2 gallon bucket that had set and hit a family driving along the A12. On the M3 near me there have been at least 3 from the same bridge that I know of, one leading to the death of a lorry driver who was driving a 44 tonne rig. He somehow brought the lorry to a standstill before dying in his cab. You can imagine the carnage of a lorry that size in the rush hour. Turned out to be a 20 year old had thrown the brick "to annoy drivers". He got 6 years so will be out in 3.

Autoglass survey of 1900 drivers in November 2009
22% - almost a quarter of those questioned - had suffered from a missile hitting their vehicle, with motorists in Scotland and Wales showing higher than average percentages (29% and 24% respectively)
89% of those people didn't report it to the police (94% of men compared to 85% of women)
Round that up to total drivers in the UK and it really starts to get scary.


20th February 2013, 10:32 AM
Here on the A3M there has been a few incidents on a high bridge just before you see Portsmouth appear the other side of the cutting heading South , People have thrown themselves off this bridge and caused serious injuries to the cars they have landed on . There is a "Call the Samaritans " sign there , it is an "0845" number which costs a fortune of a mobile , so credit will not last long , so I looked for the nearest public phone box , it was three miles away . So you are suicidal , walk three miles to the phone box , you have forgotten the number , so go home too tired to do it anyway

20th February 2013, 03:55 PM
Prison is not the answer the honest murderers armed robbers and such would be disgusted to be locked up in the same place as these fools

I suggest a 3 part plan to stop this happening and prevent further episodes in future

1) a lesson in measurement with high bridges aqueducts viaducts over farmland so no traffic running underneath and lengths of rope cut so they are 1 foot shorter than the drop

2) a lesson in safety procedures tie a heavy object to one end and throw off the bridge prove that it cant hit the floor so wont kill anything underneath

3)a lesson in pain tie other end to family jewels if heavy object does hit the floor the family jewels will not be far behind

The reason it will stop this in future these dumb asses will not be able to breed so it removes the dumb ass gene from the gene pool if you can talk them into testing this out on themselves then it becomes a great write up for the Darwin awards everybody wins that way :banana_dance02: just remembered not seen latest Darwins off for a good read