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Charlie Hannah
23rd December 2012, 12:00 AM

Subject: OAP not an Entitlement!!!

The only way things will change is when this kind of email translates into voting results at the polls -- as of NOW --

PENSIONERS out number ANY OTHER type of voter even by race - religion - or age --- WHEN ARE PENSIONERS
gonna wake up and understand WE have the power to shape legislation all WE need is the willpower to do so--




‘Entitlement’ my ****, I paid good money for my State Pension and other benefits!!!! Just because they borrowed that money, doesn't make my benefits some kind of charity or handout!!

Gold plated MP pensions and Civil Service Government benefits, aka free healthcare, outrageous retirement packages, 67 paid holidays, 20 weeks paid vacation, unlimited paid sick days, now that's welfare, and they have the nerve to call me a 'greedy pensioner' and my retirement, an ‘entitlement’ !!!!!!.....scroll down................

What the HELL's wrong with us???


Someone please tell me what the HELL's wrong with all the people that run this country!!!!!!

We're "broke" & can't help our own Pensioners, Veterans, Orphans, Homeless etc.,???????????
but spent 1.2 billions of £££'s for G-20 events!
In the last few months we have provided aid to India, Greece and Turkey. And now Afghanistan, Pakistan ...... home of Bin Laden. Literally, BILLIONS of POUNDS!!!

Our retirees living on a 'fixed income' receive no aid nor do they get any breaks while our Government and religious organisations pour Hundreds of Billions of ££££££'s and tons of food into foreign countries!

They call Old Age 'security' and Healthcare 'an entitlement' even though most of us have been paying for it all our working lives and now when it’s time for us to collect, the government is running out of money. Why did the government borrow it in the first place?

We have hundreds of adoptable children who are shoved aside to make room for the adoption of foreign orphans.

GREAT BRITAIN: a country where we have homeless without shelter, children going to bed hungry, hospitals being closed, average income families who can't afford dental care, elderly going without 'needed' med's and having to travel 100's of miles for medical care with no reimbursement of cost, vehicles we can't afford fuel for, lack of affordable housing, and mentally ill without treatment - etc., etc.

They have a 'benefit' for the people of foreign countries ... ships and planes lining up with food, water, tents, clothes, bedding, doctors, and medical supplies.

Imagine if the *GOVERNMENT* gave 'US' the same support they give to other countries.

Sad isn't it?

Rodney Mills
23rd December 2012, 02:21 AM
I was in the process of perusing my personal site when I saw this wonderful post that could effect my Social Security, (pension) thanks Charley. What a great idea! We, the U.S.A. should do the same, but perhaps a little bit more. The U.S. should withdraw its security umbrella world-wide and revert to the good old 1915 and 1940 years. Three cheers for the Monroe Doctoring, We retreat back to the Western Hemisphere, you can fight your own battles. Bring our military home from Australia, Christ, they were only there to let the Chinese and Japanese know that we would help defend Australia with the might of the U.S.A. (a retaliatory protective umbrella they don't want). You don't want us there? Great, if I had my way, this moment, we'd be gone...History... Out-a there! After all, we are just a bunch of simple good old boys and cowboys....they're correct, we should stay home, Wyapp Erpe (?) and Matt Dillon never traveled out of the States, and the West was won. Next step, all troops out of the U.K.. What the hell, all our boys do is learn to drink room temperature beer and have their photo taken outside of Buck House and laughed at...oops sneered at , a better word...shades of Over sexed. Over paid and over here. Lets move on to Europe, say Germany. 20,000 Germans are employed and PAID by the U.S. to support troops stationed in Germany, to stop what? an attack on South Carolina? An attack from Russia?...Pigs ****... It's none of our business and it ain't any where near South Carolina, lay the Krauts off, bring our troops home, I say, just like y'all. Aid to Egypt, screw em, let em starve, let the army revolt because their paycheck stops. Who cares? My pension and OUR national debt comes first. Pull our aircraft carriers and fleets back to U.S. shores, bunker down, were protected it's good for our sailors, they can go home of a weekend and it will put an end to extra payments for stress related injuries. Afghanistan, Iraq, air bases in Baluchistan and the rest of the --- stans out and our boys home. Aid to Africa and Asia fer-get-a-bout -it.. as they said in ancient Rome "Fago tu Jacobus ego valeo", ( give y'all a clue, the middle word is Jack) y'all can pick up the slack. Right know, the way I feel with this site's posts, we're going home. No aid for anyone, after all, the U.K. wants to stop aid, we agree with Y'ALL screw em, I'm tired of giving up my cost of living adjustment and expensive medical coverage paid by ME, just to protect your ungrateful ass, bring back the good old days of the Monroe Doctoring, our deficit will be gone in 5 years, our balance of payment will be equal, and my pension and medical will be just like y'all FREE, five years and we will be back to being the richest nation on earth. Man! Asia's got to make a heck of a lot of t-shirts to keep their head above water...Hey! They might want to look around for a nice big ole country to"expand to" with heaps of raw materials just for the asking, well too bad.. we've got the good old Monroe Doctoring back....Free at last, thank God I',m free at last,

Retired capitalist since 1985. An American ( I wasn't born here but I got here as fast as I could) home in South Carolina. Rodney D.R. Mills

P.s. Our stupid FAT tourists should stay home too, why the hell do that want to put a shrimp on a barbie anyway, or watch inbreds limply wave a hand to the hoi polloi? Niagra falls, the Grand canyon, and... all the States would love the extra revenue...Yeah!...Be American buy American...U,S. National debt erased in FOUR years....now let me think...ummmm!

23rd December 2012, 07:33 AM
I applaud your patriotism re your adopted country. Re US troops in Australia as against any threat from China or others. I have no fear of China apart from what our pollies tell us. They are selling it to them in any case no need for them to take. Others in the region most of it boils down to religion, which if we took the same action as Japan re. immigration, problems would cease to exist. China has become the whipping boy since Russia ceased as face value to become a communist state. I have travelled like most on this site and most know where the trouble lies, so do our pollies but are afraid to admit for fear of being called anti social for a better word. Will these problems ever be solved, certainly not in our generation. As I said in a previous post I am also a great supporter of my adopted country as did more for me than the one I was born into. I just find it hard to understand the political stupidity practised at various times. If Brussels becomes the ruling power in the UK, and takes away the Monarchy as such, I see no point in staying in the Commonwealth. In the last vote for same I went for keeping the staus quo as already said, if european and British politics go the way they are, I will vote for a Republic. This is going to happen in any case. It just boils down to what sort of republic, certainly not one where the pollies elect the president, this is a no no as far as I am concerned. Think Charlie was just stating the obvious as most pensioners think as regards the wastage of money as practised by various departments of government. Regards John Sabourn

happy daze john in oz
24th December 2012, 05:48 AM
Politics, all is politics. we as the populous are told stories by the politicians and after some time we begin ti think thta matbe they tell the truth. The fcat is they are only doing this for their own good, not ours. Power is all powerful and the more you hvae the more you will need. I for one cannot see a country such as Iran letting loose with an atomic missile, they would be wiped out in one fell swoop. But it may be enough to trigger another global conflict, one that no one could win. So countries parade their arms in full view much like the Peacock who struts around saying look at me.
But as to pensions, I read an article last year which claimed that the national pension fund had well over two billion pounds in it but it can only b eused for pensions! Is this true, I have no idea.

John Pruden
24th December 2012, 08:34 AM
i have had talks with the powers that be over the phone over pension credits what a nightmare in the end of a somewhat heated discussion with what i would call one of the most uninterested party on the other end of the line i asked them just imagine i had just sneaked into the country never paid a penny in national insurance income tax council tax road tax vat and all the other taxes we are hit with her answer it will be sorted out within three to four hour and paid into your post office account????jp