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Tony Morcom
15th December 2012, 01:23 AM
Did any one else see the Heroes Awards recognising the heroes of the Armed Services between Sept 2011 & Sept 2012? I don't normally like these things but three points stuck in my mind this time. 1st was the award that went to the T.A. soldier for his actions in Afghanistan, where he acted more like a seasoned veteran rather than a part time soldier. The 2nd was the award to the Complex Trauma Team at Headley Court which is the rehab centre where the seriously disabled service men and women go, such as amputees. The 3rd was Prince Charles' speech during which he deliberately stated that we need each and every one of our brave servicemen and women. Perhaps a deliberate poke at David Cameron who was in the audience and stopped smiling at that point!. He also gave a well received dig at the press by saying that if he wants to know what his sons, William and Harry are up to all he needs to do is look on the front page of the Sun newspaper. It shows he's on the ball with public opinion especially after the press were so vocal when Harry first went to Afghanistan on his current deployment.

15th December 2012, 02:25 AM
Ref. last post re above. He is to my mind a much badly publicized figure by our not too accurate press. I worked with his vessel the HMS Bonnington (if remember correctly) a minehunter, this was after he left, he was much well thought of by the crew who were with him at the time. Unfortuanetly the press can black people by innuendos, and make saints out of others without real justification. To me he has had a bad deal by some crummy reporters and has no real means of protecting himself from such innuendos that they like to put out. Its a pity he couldnt come out and really tell the press what he thought of them as we so often do on here. Cheers John Sabourn

happy daze john in oz
15th December 2012, 04:29 AM
For years he has been the butt of media humour, though som eof it not so funny. Yet I see him as a guy born into something and doing the best he can with it. He is human just like the rest of us with likes and dislikes. Sadly because of his position he is limited in what he can respond to, but on the whole I think he is an OK guy.

15th December 2012, 04:51 AM
John, have had the above to meet him and his first wife, Contrary to press coverage , I know who made the best impression with me. Cheers John Sabourn.