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Captain Kong
13th December 2012, 03:45 PM
Today 13 December is the 59th anniversary of my mates death, Ken Hignett of Birkenhead was drowned on Bonza Bay, East London, S.A.
I was also near drowned but Resuscitated in hospital.
My life was saved by a local lad, David Brinton who now lives in Scotland. I phoned him today as I always do to thank him for saving my life.
Here is what happened.
A Beach Called Bonza Bay.

In 1953 on the New Zealand Star
In East London we did stay
but Ken Hignett and I
didn`t know he would die
on some beach called Bonza Bay.

The story began
when the Mission Man
said he would take us away for the day
so all of us went off on his bus
to a beach called Bonza Bay

When Ken jumped in
he just couldn`t swim
and the tide soon carried him away.
Though I struggled and tried
Ken drowned and then died
near a beach called Bonza Bay

Then I was seen on a wave
by a lad named Dave
who swam out to get me away
and through struggle and strife
that lad saved my life
on a beach called Bonza Bay

When Ken was washed ashore
his life was no more
Five days since he got swept away
and he lay all alone
on the sand and the stone
on a beach called Bonza Bay

So they buried Ken in a Sailors grave
at a place where the palm trees sway,
on a foreign strand
in a far off land
near a beach called Bonza Bay

It`s been 59 years
since the grief and the tears
and in the time that I was away
I found Ken`s Grave
and the man named Dave
near a beach called Bonza Bay

Brian. RIP. KEN.

Doc Vernon
13th December 2012, 07:25 PM
A sad Day that was Capt, and i know from past Years that you will always remember that good mate!
And rest assured Capt that somewhere sometime you and he will one day meet again!
A good Friendship never dies!
RIP Ken!
With Respect!
Doc Vernon