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happy daze john in oz
28th November 2012, 11:46 AM
I have this day read with some interest the UK government proposal for minimum pricing of alcohol, proposed at 45p per unit.
I follow it with interest as a similar proposal has been suggested here in Oz.
I am fully aware that there is a section of society, for whom the consumption of alcohol beyond a certain level will cause problems. I am also aware that certain outlets will use preditory pricing in order to gain sales.
Whilst I am also aware that there is for some in the community dangers in over consumption, this is an attempt by this government to crack a Wallnut with a sledge hammer. Those who will be most effected by this are the persons who enjoy a quiet drink at home and are of no danger to the community.
Cast your minds back some fifty years and consider how much we consumed, and the type of alcohol it was in many cases. Yes there was the odd guy who went a bit mad, but generaly most of us filled up to the gills and often then fell asleep, no problem to any one.
Why then are there so many problems today with the younger generation when it comes to the consumption of alcohol?
There is one major difference, attitude and drugs.
The attitude now is to get as drunk as possible, very often leading to violent behavior. Many of the problem drinkers will fill up before going out, then when they do it is drugs mixed with alcohol that is the root cause of the problem.
The do good brigade however do not see it in this manner, rather they see a problem for all of society in the sale of alcohol and would if they could have it totaly banned.
But now the Scottish parliament, the first to consider this approach, are to challenge the EU as they consider it to be a non competitive solution to a problem that only affects a few.
Once again the minority are making the rules, rules which infer that we are all bad persons.
In my opinion the only bad persons in this are those who hide behind such actions, which are not to address a percieved social problem , but rather as a means of raising additional tax.
What do the members think of this?

Captain Kong
28th November 2012, 11:51 AM
I Fully agree John
Just another way to increase Taxes.
Why should I have to pay more for a bottle wine with my Saturday and Sunday dinner at home because some lunatic kids cant take it and cause trouble.
These bastards lie awake at night trying to find ways of hitting us with more Taxes.
They said it costs 1.2million to treat people with alcohol related injuries in hospital every year.
Make them pay not us.


Jim Brady
28th November 2012, 02:06 PM
I wonder how much per unit the MP's will pay in the Commons bars ??

Graham Payne
28th November 2012, 02:15 PM
John & Brian
I think you both hit the nail on the head, Iv'e got to agree with both of you.
Jim, good question, I bet it won't affect them, if it does they will just vote themselves a BIG payrise anyway.

Captain Kong
28th November 2012, 02:41 PM
Good one Jim,
Their Bar is subsidised by the Tax Payer.
There should be NO Bar there. On the ships the bars were taken off for Health and Safety.
These people make life and death decisions in Parliament, can they do that with a belly full of ale?
On the ESSO Tankers we had Breathelizer kits, the same should apply to these animals.
Brian,................about to burst a gut.

Peter (Pat) Baker
28th November 2012, 02:53 PM
I am a man who likes a drink, but have cut back
drastically in the past couple of years because of the expense.

I now drink only at home and always after 22.30 hrs.

At that time I have two large G&T's.

Now, as you guys have already said, my couple of scoops
will cost more.

Why should I be charged for the bloody idiots who cannot
hold their drink.

If, as often happens, they end up in A&E in a drunken and
damaged condition, make the buggers pay, and if they don't
have money with them, send them a bill which, by law, they
will be forced to pay.

Mind you, having said that, there is not a politician in this
country with the balls to pass such a law, so there we are
shafted once more.

Pat Baker.

alf corbyn
28th November 2012, 03:10 PM
i said it before. take the licence away from supermarkets and others. off licences only to sell beer, wines and spirits. cameras to record sales. its the parents who buy it for thier underage kids to get them out of thier hair. i'm sure anyone wanting a bottle of wine will not worry where they get it from, and would rather go to a reputable place. and know what they were getting. the government will tax it whatever you buy.

Captain Kong
28th November 2012, 03:44 PM
This from MSN News.................
.................................................. .........................................
The Government believes imposing a 45p minimum unit price will reduce total alcohol consumption by 3.3%, and cut the number of crimes by 5,000 per year and hospital admissions by 24,000. There will be 700 fewer alcohol-linked deaths annually, according to the predictions.

The department's impact assessment suggests moderate drinkers will spend an extra 7 per year as a result of the plans, while harmful drinkers - defined as more than 50 units per week for men and 35 for women - would need to find an extra 118.
The public purse will lose around 200 million in duty due to falling sales and there would be a 500,000 bill for enforcing the rules, plus up to 16.6 million in "transitional" costs for the industry. But it estimates the health benefits are worth more than 400 million annually and the reduction in crime nearly 13 million.

The consultation says banning "two-for-one" and other multi-buy offers "would be expected to result in an overall reduction in alcohol consumption and its related harms" - but admits there is not yet enough evidence to assess benefits properly.
.................................................. ..............................................
. So it will cost the drunken yobs another 2 a week to get drunk on. That is a deterrent????
Who does the Maths in the Government?
They should go back to school to learn how to do sums.


John Pruden
28th November 2012, 06:32 PM
the only comment i can make is i packed alcohol in 17 years ago now but i still have a bottle of 50 year old single malt as a reminder but may be it is a good thing that the price from super markets go up its a pity many pubs are closing down there are a lot of young kids drunk every weekend in the parks to cheep to get drunk thees days.

Louis the Amigo
28th November 2012, 09:04 PM
Hi shipmates, I sometimes have an odd half of beer with my rum, I am not worried about this latest scam to make us small time drinkers pay more tax, as The lords and masters of The E.U. will not allow this to happen it breaks' so many trade rules ? wine, port, brandy, and many more drinks are from the E.U as soon as the supermarkets pubs, clubs, and the brewers lobby get they act together this will go out the back door double quick The supermarkets make big profits out of takeway booze and many brewers will closed down without this trade The U.K. government will have to pay a massive fine again to the E.U.for trying to stop free trade between member countries, and it will cost them much more in legal cost if they dare to bring this unfair scam. { if they jump into this with out permission from the E,U} By the way in the short term this will make booze shopping trips to france worth-while again, and the eastern europeans gangs can supply a very cheap vodka made on back of a lorry { Dont drink it shipmates it taste like nail vanish remover}but very good to start a cold engine{ Marine or van} in the winter. Cheers

Lou Barron
29th November 2012, 12:29 AM
Like most of you guys i like my liquor but i dont drink to get drunk i like to enjoy a few ales or a G&T or a wine .Inthe old days i use to drink to enjoy myself and have a good time and i just love partys .To some of the younger generation they get drunk and start to fight or cause trouble .We were no angels but i think that we could handle our drink a lot better than they do these days .That is one of the biggest problems inNZ these day drugs and booze the cause of family violence

29th November 2012, 01:10 AM
Every year they add tax to beer and people just cant afford to go out anymore what they can afford is to buy cheap imported boooooze from that guy down the road with a tranny van you know the one every council estate in the country has one never worked 15 screaming kids out till all hours the brokendown cortina MK1 that he claims is being restored

This guy wont pay taxes on what he earns from selling his cheap imports and supply will be enough for the whole estate causing more pubs to close bar-staff out of a job so they end up buying off him as well its been happening for years and getting worse every year the price increases will not cut the drinking they will drive the drinkers to buying imports

The next thing they do is spend more money on advertising campaigns telling us that the "criminal gangs " are making a fortune off of everyone that they supply

Clear up the problem cut the taxes on booze and baccy the importers wont be able to make a profit after paying diesel and ferry fares more people will buy from regular stores and pubs creating more bar-staff jobs and pubs opening up again and everyone happy again only one thing left to sort out who wants the job of shooting the drug dealers stuff the human rights brigade

failing all that i suppose with 45p per unit i can start drinking carling what will that be about 10p per pint :cool:

Tony Wilding
29th November 2012, 04:43 AM
Whenever the Powers in charge make a decision, its allways the innocent who suffer most. we are on very limited incomes in most cases, there is talk now of VAT rising to 25% every week we have to stretch our budget, its totally unfair that an MP can buy cheap subsidized drinks, they earn a fortune compared to us, plus there endless expenses, plus i believe they have a smoking room there, all the time they get preferential treatment they will never treat us fairly. am afraid we will never win. and they know it.

happy daze john in oz
29th November 2012, 09:09 AM
Couple of years ago the Uk gov added an increase in tax to the 'Alcopop' drinks. Ready made such as Bacardi Breezers etc. This will stop the kids getting drunk they said, here in Oz we folowed suit. So the kids went out and got bottles of Vodka and downed that before going out. Now two years later sales are at the level they were before the extra tax was added. Why am I not surprized?
But we have a new drinking fasion here in Oz with the younger ones, 'Gooney' drinking.
A cask of wine is suspended from a rotary clothes line. The drinkers stnd underneath and the thing spins. When it stops the person nearest the cask has to drink from it until the others say stop, then spin again.

Ivan Cloherty
29th November 2012, 09:49 AM
John reminds me of 'African Roulette' when the candidate stands naked inside a circle of native women and they spin you around, whichever one you stop spinning in front of gives you a blowjob, down side is one of them is a cannibal.

Keith Tindell
29th November 2012, 02:35 PM
The quickest way to cure the problem, is to pay plod overtime to come into the town centres in force, or wherever the problem drinkers are, arrest all those being a nuisance, set up next day courts (like they do for football hooligans), and fine them ,say 200. If they ask for time to pay, grant it at 50 week. Do that every weekend, and in no time they wont have any money to go out at weekends on the p***. We have to stop being so bloody soft. KT

Lou Barron
30th November 2012, 12:43 AM
Here in Dunedin we have a university and in recent years the students (not all of them )have been the worst offenders of drunk problems setting fire to start fires in the sreets burning sofas and causing a lot of damage even peltig empty beer bottles at the firemen and police .They have tightened up a lot now but it still goes on .It is noying to see them loading up a trolley in the super market with booze .I have told my sons if you drink behave yourself have a good time and enjoy it