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9th September 2012, 04:01 AM
It used to be the following information was on a C.V. when applying for a Job. What info. is the Employer now lawfully and legally entitled to have.
Marital Status.............
Parents Nationality.......................
Name of Spouse............................
Names/Age children.......................
Where born....................................
N.H.I. No........................................
Previous work experience..................................
Please supply current recent photo head and shoulders...................... Cheers John Sabourn

happy daze john in oz
9th September 2012, 05:56 AM
Name rank and serial number is about it now.

Ivan Cloherty
9th September 2012, 07:44 AM
Chile used to have a good immigration system in the 1980's had to travel there a few times on business (it was like going home as an ex PSNC man, as hadn't changed much from the 1950's then :p). When applying for a visa everyone was told oh! from the UK or USA (plus a few others) you don't need one. Upon arrival in Chile it was always "Where's your Visa" if you were Caucasian you got one, if you were not, you didn't. Seemed to work beautifully from their point of view.

Tony Wilding
9th September 2012, 08:32 AM
About 15 Years ago my Wife applied for a position as a check out operator with ASDA, You would not believe the Personal information that they expected, *a real invasion of Privacy, *questions* with no relevance at all to the position applied for or your *your capablities to do it, was more like being Physco Analised, *there were pages and pages, should be illegal to pry like that.

Louis the Amigo
10th September 2012, 09:44 AM
Hi shipmates Why no finger prints, for photo I.D.and blood group for accidents and D.N.A. profile, very important for insurance companys , and what prisons' you been too if any? and How much money you owe to the banks or other debts ? and how much do you driink in a week? also police check for any sex crime if dealing with members of the public or certain groups, { No Check no pass no job rule} all can be asked at interview for a job today , I was asked for my views on gays, and ethnics, and disable people in one interview and questions about the news????

10th September 2012, 10:16 AM
What you mention on what you were asked is exactly the sort of C.V. every politician should have to submit to the General Public. We have a right to know this as we are going to employ them, they hope. As it stands they know more about us than we do them. Cheers John Sabourn.

happy daze john in oz
11th September 2012, 06:46 AM
For years there has been an attempt to bring in a national identity card here in Oz. On it would be all the info of the person, tax, medicare etc. But no, thre civil libetarians are against it saying it infringes on peoples privacy. With noting to hide I have no problem with it, the medical side has great beifits, taken ill a doc can at once see your history by a simple scan, might save a life! It will also root out the sick birds in society and stop some of the rorts that take place.

18th September 2012, 12:45 AM
Did we worry about B.A. passports way back when, no even though some of the info was incorrect. Here we have both HK ID & Chinese ID all photo with I suggest every bit of info on you. We have only ever had to produce it for of all things cable TV, cell ph, water-elec-gas etc a/c's & Dr-dentist when first going there. Oh in & out of HK-China is a breeze, you just swipe, put your thumb down & off you go none of that crap in Aus-US-UK when entering or leaving. Why can they not do this the Richard Craniums one muses?
CV's you should see the detail we get when seeking staff, amazing with qualifications up the Ying Yang. Oh & none with Batch-Master Arts, or other inane degrees. OK now for the diatribe but really a degree in fashion, marketing of jewellery & or same design, physical education, catering & that is just some of our friends children telling us either what they are doing at uni, or have completed. Laughably some working in bars in HK now days living with Dad & Mum, wonder why? They should be booted back to home country & get a job at whatever learn what life is all about? Did they go to uni on those course just to avoid getting into the workforce, or was it parents pretensions to see & be able to say their child got into uni...hmm?

Lou Barron
18th September 2012, 01:07 AM
When my wife died i got some papers from the Work and Income department about pensions and if i wanted to apply for home help when i read the form the information they wanted was something to behold so just did not bother to answer

Tony Wilding
18th September 2012, 02:49 AM
Very sad Lou, they let you think you can get help.then make it virtually impossible to get it, when i first was disabled and got my benefit, i was told if my condition worsens to let them know, well it did worsen dramatically, i re applied for help, was told i was too old, and refused extra help,twice i tried with same result. anyway Lou i hope things improve for you, , you should get the help you deserve, maybe someone can help you with the application form, ? dont give up Lou, You of all people with what you have experienced deserve any help available. dont be beaten. Tony W.

happy daze john in oz
18th September 2012, 06:24 AM
Here in Oz we also hear of some terrible happenings regarding help. But there are also some who you wonder why or how they got it. Mainly because they know the right person to put a good word in, local coucillor, or MP. Same with the blue disabled badges for the car. If you have a sympathetic doctor it is easy to get one. Not what you know, rather who you know.

Louis the Amigo
18th September 2012, 07:59 AM
Hi Shipmates, One of My sons job interview last year for house-hold name company Alll types of questions personal , medical, and all work history from leaveing school and university hobbies pastimes e.t.c. The Interview over 3 days all types of tests' team work e.t.c then 1 week on the job training (no pay} 30 people on interveiw all ages from 18yr to 64yrs for a job 4 people only were at the end for final interview , in front of a panel of 4 people ? my son passed and one other? result on probation for 6 months on the job working with pay , before you have The job !!!! the reason why many unemployed people dont get jobs the interview and stress? This is now the normal way to interview people for big companys. ? a form of torture ?Not like in the olden days ? Going to sea down the pool, if you did not get a telegram to ship out next day you were home. How things have changed ?

Jim Brady
18th September 2012, 08:14 AM
A place I once worked a young lady applied for a job and was given an application form.Q.Sex. 3 times.was the answer she put to that.
John Cleese made some wonderful training videos,very cleverly done.In my job I used to recruit and interview,one seminar I went on we had the J Cleese video on conducting an interview it was hilarious,the questions he was asking had absolutely nothing todo with the job.There are some clips of the traing videos on You Tube.Whilst looking for them I came across Monty Python A siily Job Interview worth a look for a laugh also many others.

John Pruden
18th September 2012, 01:46 PM
if we are so worried about cv's why are there so many from the EU here taking all the jobs our people should have?

Tony Wilding
18th September 2012, 03:50 PM
Every time there is a Depression and Mass Unemployment these Companies do this, really make you squirm , in 1991 was my first time unemployed, job center a waste of time, had jobs there but was told i had to be out of work 6 months befor i could apply for them, bloody crazy, found a job advertised for a cleaner at Manston Aerodrome, went for interview, two toffee nosed twits interviewed me, asked the most stupid questions, had seen my CV, WAS TOLD THEY WOULD CONTACT ME, WAS SHORT LISTED FOR A SECOND INTERVIEW, FOR A CLEANERS JOB ,! GOT A LETTER TO GO BACK, WHICH I DID, MORE STUPID QUESTIONS BY THE SAME TWO IDIOTS, COULD FEEL MY BLOOD START TO BOIL, FINAL QUESTION WAS ,, I PRESUME YOU KNOW HOW TO PUSH A BROOM, ! THAT DID IT, I JUST BLEW UP, TOLD THEM TO GET ME A BROOM AND I WOULD PUSH IT UP THERE BACKSIDES BROOMHEAD FIRST, AND WALKED OUT, THE NEXT WEEK I FOUND A JOB AS SECURITY IN RAMSGATE HARBOUR.:th_thth5952deef:

happy daze john in oz
19th September 2012, 06:52 AM
Of course many companies do not do their own interviewing now, they use an agency to sort them out and maybe see only the top three from which they choose.
But from experience I have found there are wasy around asking questions which are considerde to be out of bounds.
Ask a female if there are any incumberances that may preclude her from getting her to work on time and she will tell you the kids are sometimes a problem. If however you had asked her how many kids she had that would not be allowed.

Bob Hollis
25th September 2012, 08:37 AM
if we are so worried about cv's why are there so many from the EU here taking all the jobs our people should have?

Don't know about the UK John but in Ireland the reason was because the "EU" persons did actually work for the wages they got. Outrageous behaviour.;);):rolleyes:

Louis the Amigo
25th September 2012, 05:07 PM
Hi shipmates ,today in the U.K.jobs market the boot, is on the other foot { The Buddy can you spare a dime days} are here again for many young workers???? unless you are very skilled in some jobs, but now very few and far between? if you are "Big Joy" no interview? needed { The Headhunters will find you} Many E.U workers take low -end unskilled jobs dont spend a penny, or pay any rent, or pay tax if possible? and go back to eastern europe with the cash worth more there, Happens every day. I am very lucky all my children have good jobs pay full U.K. tax ,not low -end unskilled.

John Pruden
25th September 2012, 06:47 PM
British worker. mortgage to pay income tax to pay council tax to pay pension to pay!!!! EU worker{most anyway} no council tax mortgage income tax national insurance {stamp} most live in bedsit land by a gang master with food thrown in for about 150.00 per week so the difference between the workers are about 300.00 per week cheaper to hire EU labour? but the British worker is kept on the dole poss ably for years before a job comes along were he can actually live? i do know what i am talking about because i worked for enough landlords converting houses into accommodation for them plus the fact two of my sons are proper time served tradesmen in the building trade and are picking up the scraps finishing of some of the shoddy workmanship? all my sons are not frightened to get their hands dirty to feed their families.jp

Des Taff Jenkins
26th September 2012, 04:46 AM
Hi Lous the Amigo.
I think that should be the Golden Days not the olden days.
Cheers Des :rolleyes:

happy daze john in oz
26th September 2012, 06:17 AM
Bit in the news here today about the making of footballs. The company who makes them outsourced it to India. We now know the young kids of 10 or 11 years of age were being paid about 12cents per ball to stitch them up, methinks the kids have also been stitched up. Anyway there was such an outcry by the public here that the company has had to go to another company to get them made, with the proiviso that no kids be employed for the task.

John Pruden
26th September 2012, 06:30 AM
MR CAMERON the quote of the week {we have a moral obligation} to give aid to foreign countries????? what dos he know about morals and has he not got obligations to this bloody land and the people that give him his job?:confused:jp

28th September 2012, 06:26 AM
At one time if you used teh Government Jobcentre for recruitment , they would never vet potential applicants , so you got really unsuitable people that you would have screened out , and you got people who were told if they did not go to three interviews they would be off the dole . I had a job going as boiler attendant and had two graduates , bith long term unemployed apply , a couple of ex Royal Navy CPOs who used their dole to eak out their pension , and one guy who was spaced out totally . I used to ask , "why do you want this job " , and one stock answer was , well , er , I have to get so many interviews , or well er , I dunno ! , i ued to spend no more than 5 minutes deciding they were unsuitable and signing their jobcentre form and sending them on their way , I got a huge bollocking from the HR manager for not giving each candidate at least 20 minutes , the potential ones used to get that and more , but in the politically correct world we were not allowed to tell a waste of time that they were a waste of time

happy daze john in oz
29th September 2012, 06:55 AM
There is a florist in the town where I live which I use every week, the female owner is a bit of a whacko but nice with it if you treat her nice. Has a notice on the door,
No I do not have any jobs, No I will not sign your work search form, go and find a real job.
So far no one has complained she tells me.

Louis the Amigo
29th September 2012, 07:44 AM
Hi shipmates Mr Cameron is like tesco and the other supermarkets he gives out free vouches {our tax money? to the so called poor countries who need goods many types, but wont pay for them {All money in swiss bank accounts} the retirement fund for they familys Africa ,Asian , Middle east, this has been happening for years, But the money must be spent in the U.K.? The probelm is not the giving its never get spent in the U.K.

Captain Kong
29th September 2012, 08:17 AM
A few years ago we gave India 5 Billion, they then spent it buying Russian Submarines.
Russia Five Bil. UK Nil.
Pollies Never learn.