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Stan Hackett
22nd August 2012, 09:54 AM
does anyone remember a mr aitcheson who was shipping super at KGV dock london

Roger Dyer
23rd August 2012, 12:45 PM
Hi Stan,

Yes, mate, I remember Mr.Aitchison. On my very first day in the MN, Dock Street Pool sent me (a deck-boy) to Port Line's Office in KG5. with instructions to report to Mr.Aitchison (still not sure if that is the correct spelling of his name, but we are definitely referring to the same person). Mr.A. then told me to get myself and my gear and report to the Bosun on the 'Port Launceston' which was lying in a berth a short distance away, which I duly did. When I saw her I thought I'd won the jackpot. She was almost brand new and was soon to leave for N.Z. or Oz (I forget which now). As I unpacked my gear I felt sublimely happy and shortly thereafter 'turned to' on deck polishing bits of brass as requested, something I knew a lot about in those days :D. About three hours later, I was jerked out of my dream like state during the afternoon when told by the Bosun to pack my gear and report to Mr.A. immediately. So I lugged my gear back over to the office where Mr.A. informed me of a change of plan. Issuing me with a travel docket he told me to get up to Liverpool as fast as possible, where I was to join the 'Port Hobart'. She was leaving the following day for Hamburg and other ports on the continent (H.T. articles).
Whilst disappointed at the time, the trip on the 'Hobart was great (especially Hamburg) and I left it totally hooked on the idea of having a long career in the MN (what followed is another story).

During 2-3 years with Port Line I heard mixed comments about Mr.A. but confess that he never really did me any harm. What were your feelings about him, Stan ?


Glenn Baker
24th August 2012, 02:32 AM
Yes I remember (Mr A ) He gave me the Port Pirie job, he seemed a reserved sort of a chap you wouldnt know anything about him, never the less i was happy with Port line, I did the Port Jackson, The Port Pirie and the Port Wellington. Port Line had some very nice ships so Im pretty sure (Mr A) tried to make sure he has good crews for their ships.
Glenn Baker Australia

Stan Hackett
25th August 2012, 06:54 AM
mr A did ok by me I found him aprochable,I rocked up in london with suit case,hoping to get a ship to aAussie,my Dad had just been diagnosed with lung cancer.This was Feb 1965,went to the pool,was told Ihad no chance of getting a ship anywhere.I had checked my bag into a seamans mission,so Iwent to KG5 dOCK and went to the port line office.I walked into the office and before I opened my mouth Mr A said,got just the job for you,and its going to Adelaide.I had not been with port line for a year or more,but he knew me.The job was the Port Vindex,I actually just went and got my bag,and went straight to her,and then told him .However I failed to tell him I would be wanting to get paid off in Aussie.I thought that might scotch the job,so I kept my own council.stan

22nd September 2012, 03:26 AM
Stan did you get paid off in Adelaide or did you jump?

Stan Hackett
1st July 2018, 08:37 AM
Sorry for the delay in answering your post,I rocked up at kg5 dock and went to the port line office,as I walked in Mr Aitcheson,looked at me and said got just the job for you,the vindex is down the dock and isgoing to Adelaide first port of call,she,s yours if you want,but she,s the oldest ship in the fleet.needless to say I took it as my Dad was ill zand i needed to get home.he was ok by me and had a fanytastic memory for names and faces.

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The skipper didn,t want to pay me off,and got quite nasty,but the shipping master over ruled him and made him discharge me,but his last words were throw this man off my ship.