View Full Version : Whats on Your IPOD!

John Arton
14th August 2012, 10:52 AM
Watching the WHO at the closing ceremony of the Olympics brought back many memories of my younger days that when I was on leave I used to frequent the Open Air Festivals. I.O.W. when Hendrix played their, Hyde Park and the Rolling Stones etc.
Don't get to any of them these days but dragged the IPOD out of the drawer and went through my playlist and noted this.
My music tastes were formulated in the late 60's early 70's so my playlist has all the Led Zepplin albums on it, Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon (possibly the best album ever), Atomic Rooster, Supertramp, etc, followed by The Jam and a few others of that ilk. Then Nothing until Coldplay and the Kaiser Chiefs.
That leaves a large gap in music years when nothing must have stuck in my mind enough to have it on my IPOD (even the odd single) and even now there has not been anything released beyond said ColdPlay and Kaisers that I would want on my IPOD. I must admit that some of Fat Boy Slim, Tiny Tempa (spelling?) do get my feet tapping and my shoulders popping but put them on my IPOD. No.
So am I stuck in the 60's and 70's not just with nostalgia for the sea but also musically, or am I just a boring old fart.
JA (don't phone me, Ive got the IPOD on blasting out Supertramp..Breakfast in America)
first record ever brought. Dave Clark 5..Sad All Over.....now really am sad.