View Full Version : Any one for manglish?

happy daze john in oz
11th August 2012, 05:59 AM
Robin Hood sat on the BOUGH of tree with his BOW in his hand and a BOW in his hair. Friar Tuck sat on the ground and had a COUGH, while a cow wandered BI.
Robin I have TWO go shopping FOUR some food as there will be FOR at dinner tonight.

One is French, do you speak any, I am BYE lingual so that will not be a problem.
Why not take the dog for a walk on the LEAD and as you go BUY the fishing tackle shop BY me some LEAD shot.
Off went Tuck and Robin got down from the tree with his BOW and as he saw the crowd gathered took a BOW.

Now do you understnd English?
I wonder how the EU will manage to find laws to change all that??