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vic mcclymont
25th July 2012, 07:43 PM
Visited the local garden centre today, its busy getting ready for Christmas.
Christmas cards on sale and displays getting built to hold xmas stock.
unbelievable, July isn't over yet.

Captain Kong
25th July 2012, 08:30 PM
Cant wait for the Easter Eggs.

Les Woodard
25th July 2012, 11:23 PM
Victory of sorts here in Oz this year. For years they have been trying to promote Xmas in July but this year they seem to have got the message that no bugger is interested in two lots in one year. There has not been the push to spend money of advertising it anymore. So yes this year a tiny morsel of a victory for common sense. Maybe the worm has finally turned on money hungry capitalists but doubt it.

Evan Lewis
25th July 2012, 11:59 PM
The Local Woolworths , Redbank Plains. Had Pks . Mince Pies on Sale ,two weeks ago .
As George Robey might Say " Very Cheep!" . Another Woolie's sort of "Come in Spinner"Promotion .No doubt.

Doc Vernon
26th July 2012, 12:46 AM
Funny up here in the Mountains,they still Celebrate Xmas in July and some big Events are held at various places here!
We had our Xmas Dinner etc two Weeks ago,lovely Log Fire at the Hotel,and there was plenty of good Xmas Tucker too!
Streamers all over and all the trimmimgs at the Tables!
Great time,and i dont think that many here in the Mountains will soon be forgetting to celebrate it in July!
Nice cold Weather for it too,and at some places a bit futher up there was Snow to cap it all off!
Real Xmas feeling,and although i know oficially its in December here as well,the Weather is too damned Hot to sit down and enjoy a nice Roast Meal! Even a BBQ is sometimes out of the question,Fire hazards etc!
No for me,they could change it all over, here and have it officially in July!!:Whatever:
Thats just me!! haha!

happy daze john in oz
26th July 2012, 06:14 AM
Christmas in July still going well here in Victoria. But last week we bought some mince pies in Woolworths and the outer carton said, 'Christmas stock'. I assume the next one and not the last! Catholic book shop in the city has Christmas cards on sale since early June!!!!!!!!!!!

alf corbyn
26th July 2012, 09:54 AM
well vernon and john. so much for religion!!". if the pope approves, as he does if the catholic church is selling chrissy cards it must be true. good job i don't believe in all that religeous rubbish.

Richard Quartermaine
26th July 2012, 12:18 PM
I understand that the Christmas in July "Yulefest" was started in Katoomba (and nearby villages), Blue Mountains, NSW some 20 years (or so) ago and when we came to live here in 1987 there was an arch with a clock in the middle in Katoomba Street with "Yulefest" written across it. It was thought up by local traders and BM Tourism who 'religiously' applied themselves to the task to get tourists to come up to the Mountains and spend their money in the winter time. It worked! Doc Vernon and Irene would have come away from their fine "Christmas" dinner and warm log fire recently with smiles on their dials I am sure. Vernon is right. Go down to the beach at Christmas.

Of course it didn't take long for the for the greedy Coles and Woolworths mongrels and their ilk to stuff it all up. Their supermarkets advertised Christmas in July from Hobart to Darwin, Fremantle to Sydney and in tropical Queensland as well.

Anyway, it is good for the local businesses and we do get a lot of tourists at this time of the year. Tonight, as I type this into my trusty computer at 3300 ft above sea level it is zero degrees celsius outside and as we say up here, that's definitely a two dog night. Three dogs if they are short haired.

Richard Q

Tony Morcom
26th July 2012, 12:23 PM
And there's me thinking this thread was a wind up. It seems you do genuinely 'do' 2 christmases:confused:

Les Woodard
26th July 2012, 11:59 PM
Only one for this little black duck I can tell you and in fact do not even like that one either but outvoted by the family every year. I even joined a ship on Xmas eve and worked by her until we sailed on the 2nd Jan. Think that Christmass has been overdone for years with nearly everyone trying to outdo each other and going into massive debt over a fictional thing. Know I sound bitter about it but just can not stand pretence.

happy daze john in oz
27th July 2012, 05:51 AM
Well Richard #8 you m ay have been a bit late off the mark if only 20 years ago. In 1980 when working as Food Services Manager with Myer in the Southland store I suggested to the store manager that we have a 'Chritsmas in July' luncheon. He considered it a good idea and for a number of years we continued with it until Myer outsourced all its catering. Then when I started at Victorai University as food services manager I introduced it there. The general staff loved it, one of the best lunch days of the year.

Richard Quartermaine
27th July 2012, 12:32 PM
John, apologies if I got this wrong but maybe the difference is in the title. "Yulefest" is what it has been known up here before I came here 25 years ago and it was so advertised during 2000 to 2004 when I managed BIZNET, the Blue Mountains, Lithgow and Oberon Regional Chamber of Commerce.

I must see if there is any record on its beginnings. Anyway, I think that what you started with your staff in 1980 was good human relations and no doubt good fun.

Richard Q