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happy daze john in oz
14th July 2012, 06:38 AM
During many of the cruises I have taken there has always been some trivia notices in the daily log. Thought you may be interested in some.

Princess Cruises took the name from the first vessel chartered from Canada in 1965, the Princess Patricai owned by Canadian Pacific Railways.

Princess was the first cruise line where you could be legaly married by the ship's captain.

Princess second ship, Princess Italia was the first modern ship built exclusivly for cruising. The ship sailed from 1967 to 1973.

The idea for Princess Cruises came about because there was not enough hotel rooms available in Seattle during the 1962 world fair. Local businessman Stanley MacDonald solved the problem by hiring a liner to provide the additional room space. From that concept he began a cruise industry.

The company logo, first seen in 1967, was a character sombrero painted on the stack due to the Mexico focused itenaries.,

The company has been recognised exclusivly by the gastronomic society, Chaine des Rotisseurs, which included all of the companies ships. The first time a whole fleet has been recognised this way. Have you ever heard of them? Me neither!

Officers terms.


Staff Captin... 2nd in command, head of deck department

Senior first officer.... Bridge manager, ships safety officer. Often a female.

First officer...Senior officer of watch, planning officer.

Senior second officer/ Second officer...Senior officers of watch.

Hotel manager...Chief steward.

Master at arms.. Head of security

Chief engineer... never saw one.