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26th June 2012, 12:11 AM
To all those who think our esteemed P.M. of Australia, all those Greenies whose voice I can promise them is in the minority and all those unaware of the present situation which has been allowed to get to the position where it is. The present Labour government dismantled the apparatus which appeared to work when they came to power. Have refused categoraly to return to (Loss of Face) which has and was proven to work the best and tried playing I suppose what they thought was a trump card re-Malaysian solution. To anyone with half a brain this would not work. For those not aware of the plan to the best of my knowledge this is it. For every 800 illegal boat people arriving at these shores they would be sent to Malaysia, Australia in return would accept 2000 legal displaced persons. Fair exchange ??? Even if this foolhardy scheme or half baked plan had been passed, this is what I am sure what would happen. The boat smugglers are a very high and sophisticated number of gangs. All these gangs had to do using if necessary the same 800 persons, would be to repatriate them back to Indonesia and stick them back on a boat, by repeating the process over and over they would soon clear the Malaysian illegal immigrants which I am sure Malaya would be thankful for. This is only one very rough example of why it wouldnt work, there are others. Returning once again to our much watched Protection of our Borders by TV producers, people who are being turned away for minor illegal infringements as having a prison record etc etc. To me these illegal immigrants immediately are criminals by flouting the immigration laws. To all those screaming do gooders and half baked greenies out there, all I can say they must have been to the same places of learning that our leaders were at but studied a different subject. Going back to the Malaysian answer, we the Australian Taxpayer would be paying the Malaysian Government billions for the privilege of taking their unwanted guests off their hands. No wonder the sane politicians in Parliament didnt agree with it. Cheers John Sabourn