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Keith at Tregenna
26th May 2012, 05:07 PM
This may only be of interest if you are still at work:

My company conducts an annual "Performance Appraisal".

My forms to be completed and returned arrived this morning:

Some fool also sent copy of the main man's own notes.

Performance Appraisal Terms and Their Real Meanings:

Careful Thinker: Won’t make a decision.

Plans for advancement: Buys drinks for all the boys /girls.

Uses Logic on Difficult jobs: Gets someone else to do it.

Expresses Themselves Well: Speaks English

Meticulous Attention to Detail: A nit picker

Has Leadership Qualities: Has a loud voice

Exceptionally Good Judgment: Lucky

Keen Sense of Humour: Knows a lot of dirty jokes

Career Minded: Back Stabber

Of Great Value to the Organisation: Gets to work on time

Relaxed Attitude: Sleeps at desk

Independent Worker: Nobody knows what he / she does

Loyal: Can’t get a job anywhere else