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Keith at Tregenna
17th May 2012, 09:39 PM
Absent Friends:

Remember those not here today,
And those unwell or far away,
And those who never lived to see,
the end of war and Victory,
And every friend who've lost our way,
Remembered of as of yesterday,
It's absent friends we miss the most,
To ALL, let's drink a loving toast

Author unkown.

John Pruden
17th May 2012, 09:41 PM
a toast to all the young that will never grow old.JP

Keith at Tregenna
17th May 2012, 11:07 PM
The latest by Captain Joe Earl:

It was fine to sail away again when the war was ended,
Free to show the steaming lights as the law intended,
No more expecting tin- fish to explode at any time,
Or convoy station keeping, maintaining of the line.

Deadlights could be opened so air could circulate,
A smoke on deck permissible if sanctioned by the Mate,
Lifeboats in their davits, now snugly stowed inboard,
And using chipping hammers on the way abroad.

No more fear of U-boats and their wicked games,
But plenty floating mines about broken free of chains.
Flashing via an Aldis lamp with his finger tips,
The Mate could chat in Morse code openly to ships.

Wartime grey was changed to colours with some cheer,
(They took the puny guns off but left degaussing gear,)
So all was back to normal just fighting lousy weather,
And engines up to full speed going hell for leather.

It`s fine to strike the bells again marking off the time,
Not forgetting shipmates that left us in their prime,
Most are under deep sea in a sunken tomb,
As we sail into sunshine - after years of gloom.

Joe Earl 2012