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Terry Wilcox
10th April 2012, 08:42 PM
Hi All. I work in a Hotel, I was talking about the Falklands war to one of the young girls, when I asked her does she know where the Falklands Islands were, she said that she did not know, I then asked her where Argentina was, again she said she did not know. I then asked all different girls that worked at the Hotel the same question, and none did not know, so I asked an easy question which was "where is Iceland?" one said is it up or down??? Do they not teach histroy or geography these days? Take care.... Terry :th_thth5952deef:

Neil Morton
10th April 2012, 10:36 PM
G'day Terry. I am fond of watching quiz shows on TV. I note it is always the young ones who go out early on the easiest of questions; whereas the older contestants, say 45 and over hang in there to the end.
The tragedy is of course they know all about pop culture and are a whiz on a computer so if they want to know something it's up in a search engine somewhere.Why carry it around in one's brain. Duh!:Whatever:

Keith at Tregenna
10th April 2012, 10:44 PM
Folk lands: Where our rellies come from:

Iceland for frozen food:

Got a serious quest bro ?

Kiddies here know only that Maggie stole the milk and they will take something back.


happy daze john in oz
11th April 2012, 06:35 AM
Frigtening concept discussed here last year by some acedemics. In about 30 years time the younger generation will not be able to write, keyboards will be all they know, they will not store information in the brain as all the info they need is on Google or similar. Encylopedia Britanica is no longer in print for this very reason. What happens if the power goes off for a few days?????

11th April 2012, 09:24 AM
Problam with to days education is the lack of continuety. When I whent to school ( many years ago) I could if having trouble with a subject, get help from anyone in the family. but to-days kids can't, for the simple reason the formats have been changed so often that even parants can't help there offspring let alone other members of the family. I often had this argument with my childrens teachers, now reacently I hear that teachers are blaming parents for the problem. Why try and help your children if it isn't of benifit when they go to school??????. or to be told we don't teach them that way anymoore.
in Southampton

Frederick Lacey
11th April 2012, 11:34 AM
In the paper this morning.

Thousands of Twitter users yesterday revealed they did not know the

Titanic tragedy was a real event -- and had assumed it was "just a movie"

The mind boggles.


John Albert Evans
11th April 2012, 11:49 AM

I was quite suprized that the young lady didnt reply Iceland was next to Asda.

John Albert Evans:confused:

Capt Bill Davies
11th April 2012, 12:35 PM
I wouldn't worry too much about what the youth today know and don't know. Worry more about the standard of what is passing out of our Nautical colleges as I fear for the future of the industry as a whole.
The vast majority of those entering the colleges have passenger ships (bling) in mind . Iceland next door to Ada?? that's just the tip of the iceberg!!


Captain Kong
11th April 2012, 01:42 PM
I told my mate Fred, that I met my future wife in Iceland,
`What were you doing there` he says, `On Holiday or on a ship.?`
`No`, I said, `I was in there buying a bag of frozen peas,`.

Cant beat the old ones.
Seriously, the quality and standards of Teachers these days has fallen to a very low level.
I doubt that many of the younger Teachers also know where and the history of the Falklands.
I used to be married to a Teacher and even years ago the standards of her and all her staff were severely lacking in everyday general knowledge. I used to sit in the Staff Room of her school and was really appalled at their very low standards.
All they wanted was a quiet life and so the kids ruled the classroom. They all seemed to be unable to develop any kind of interest in any subject for the kids, the kids were bored and then that is why they misbehaved and lost their chance of any education.
Teachers have never left school, they leave sixth form, go to teacher training college for three years and then back into a classroom. They have no worldly wide experiences of life and so this reflects on to the children.
When I was a lad during the WW2 they closed down our school we were sent to another school three mile walk away, we were part timers, mornings only one week and afternoons the next week 60 kids to a class, the original teachers sent into the Services and old retired teachers brought back , they didnt want to know. I very rarely if ever went to school, at the age of ten couldnt read or write.
1945 I went to a secondary school, the teachers were ex Servicemen, newly returned from fighting Germans and Japanese. They were interesting and good teachers, one step out of line they would drop you with a blow of an iron fist. we paid attention. One was an ex Merchant Navy Master, he was very interesting with lots of stories of the convoys and the Battle of the Atlantic. I expressed a desire to go to sea. He explained the necessity of a good education to get on in life and he was a great help. I learned to read and write at last.

So boring Teachers develop boring kids

12th April 2012, 01:08 AM
من الجيد براين اليوم

Written in the local Bolton dialect

Captain Kong
12th April 2012, 08:23 AM
Thankls for that Rob, Now I understand it.
Brian in Boltonistan.

John Arton
12th April 2012, 09:03 AM
The decline in teachers ability I believe started in the 60's and 70's when the standards were dropped for entrants into the teacher training colleges.
After the war many of the teachers we had were ex. servicemen and women who knew how to control a classroom. Then the P.C. brigade started creeping in banning caning and parents been able to smack their children. This coupled with the growth of single parent families and the growth of the benefit culture led to children having little discipline at home and teachers who could not instil that in class, mostly because they had no knowledge of how to or because they were unable to because of the P.C. brigade.
With the lowering of entry standards came people entering the profession whose own lifestyle were chaotic.
Before I met my wife I was going out with a teacher who taught in a local scondary school. She used to try her best but could not control most of her class at all. There was on girl in her class whose proud boast was that she had sha**ed every workman on the site (the school was being refurbished and extended at the time) except one, who used to hide in a cupboard whenever the bell for end of class rang.
Nearly all the teachers at that school were having affairs with each other despite being married. I used to play badminton with my girlfriend at the school after hours with the other teachers and what went on in the changing rooms and swimming pool of that school at night would make thee Playboy Mansion seem like a vicars tea party.
I took my girlfriend down to see her friends who had gone to teachers training college with her. This was in a town situated 50 miles north of London ( I will not name it for fear of upsetting people). We stayed with one of her friends who was "married" to a head teacher and who herself was a teacher having gone through training as a mature student. They lived in a permament state of strife where as one of them lived in one half of the house whilst the other lived in the other half. As their religion did not allow divorce they and there children lived in this permament state of strife. Their personal habits were also pretty rough, so how could you expect them to be able to teach and give a good example to their pupils when it was common knowledge of their domestic state.
One day we went to meet another of her college friends and imagine my suprise that when knocking on her door it was opened by a Hells Angel. This girl lived with a group of Hells Angels and openly admitted to being their "plaything". So given that background, how the heck could she be expected to set a good example and be a leader for he pupils, let alone teach them.
Call me an old fart but I do think that the lack of education in our kids today is not solely due to the Goverment and \\p.c. brigade fiddling with the education system but also there was a generation of teachers (and may still be), who were ill equipted to teach as they themselves had poor morals etc. as well as being inadequetley trained. The teachers of today do work extremley hard and I hope that their standard of training has improved but I fear that they are hidebound by stupid regulations and by goverment meddling in the education system in their misguided attempts to improve standards.
My opinion anyway.
Captain John Arton (ret'd)

Jim Brady
12th April 2012, 09:32 AM
The School Inspector went into a school in Liverpool,he asked this kid "Who knocked down the walls of Jericho". Were'nt me was the answer.the inspector turned to the teacher and said.did you hear that I asked that boy who knocked down the walls of Jericho and he replied it was'nt him,the teacher said,well if he said it was'nt him I believe him because he is a good boy.The inspector went to the head master,I asked a boy, who knocked down the walls of Jericho,he said it was'nt him,when I put this to the teacher the teacher said he believed him.The headmaster said,well I know both the teacher and the boy and they are both very honest ,if the boy said he did'nt do it and the teacher does'nt think he did it then I'm afraid I must agree with them both.
Is this why kids are thick!!!!

alf corbyn
12th April 2012, 10:54 AM
and i was told that it was done with a trumpet. alf

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one of my teachers had lived in india when she was young and the stories she tolsd got me interested in other countries and places. thats probably why i joined the MN. alf

Tony Wilding
12th April 2012, 03:10 PM
I dont know how teachers cope, so many restrictions now. teaching methods changed, not for the better, it went downhill when calculators were allowed in school. when u see some younger generation on tv quiz shows who cant answer simple general knowledge questions, dont think they teach the same things any more, i asked a 12 year old for the capitol city of India, he did not know , said he had not been taught that. was because of my love of geography i went to sea.:th_thth5952deef:

Keith at Tregenna
12th April 2012, 04:47 PM
A chap that I research was born in 1896, he attended a local school (Barry Dock). It is said that he apparently jumped out of a school window when he was 12 and ran away to sea, it is further noted that he reappeared 2 years later and his mum was contacted as he needed a pair of shoes. Facts show he was more likely to have been 14.

He is then noted as served in the Royal Naval Reserve throughout WWI on the Dover Patrol.

Not enough for young Jim as he also signed up with the CANADIAN OVER-SEAS
EXPEDITIONARY FORCE. This proved in a recently found ATTESTATION PAPER.

Between wars evidently spent some time as a sheep farmer in Australia.

"Jim did, apparantly, work as a sheep farmer for a while but suspect he may have worked for someone. I know in one of his stories he said he had tried to be a landlubber but the sea kept calling to him and he had to go back to it. Seems a bit sketchy but wonder if he had perhaps worked for his father"?

June 1926 Jim married at St. James’s Church, Croydon, Sydney, Australia.

Records show that the bridegroom emigrated to Australia some years ago and is now a prominent shipping merchant at Sydney.

Records show: His bride told her family that she was going out to Australia to marry Jim. Think she hadn't even seen him for a couple of years and sailed out with her cousin, Kitty, who was also her bridesmaid. She went out on the Largo. That's the romantic bit:

1937-1938 A keen artist, the captain held during an exhibition of his work in the county hall, London. He was also the author of several books.

He also apparantly wrote a book called "The Facility of a Ship".

He also wrote to the schools that adopted ships and made photo albums and drew maps etc, he also took back samples. British Adopt a Ship.

He was sadly lost 25th November 1939.

Barry and District News report:
Friday 1st December 1939
Tragedy on the high Seas
Barry Victim

News has reached Barry of the death on Saturday of Captain James Edward Luen, who was washed overboard from his ship off the coast of Nova Scotia. Captain “Jim” Luen as he was known to his large circle of friends in Barry, was the fourth son of Mrs. R. Luen of the cold Knap hotel, Barry and was a native of the town. Attended high street school before going to sea at an early age. During the last war he served for the duration with the Dover Patrol.

A keen artist, captain Leun held during 1937-1938 an exhibition of his work in the county hall, London. He was also the author of several books.

During the last voyage he saved the lives of two people, by performing an operation of the wireless instructions of a doctor in another ship.

He married in Sydney, Australia. Miss Violet Makepeace, fourth daughter of Mr. C. A. Makepeace, J P of Harbour Road, Barry and is survived by his widow and two daughters. The little missus Mary and June Leun, his mother Mrs. R. Leun and brothers. Merss Clive, Dudley, Brindley and Sidney Leun and Mrs. W. Herbert, Mrs. Davey and Mrs. N. Owen (sisters).

Apparently a young Jim Luen, walked out of school one day and was not heard of for two years until he came of a ship in Cardiff. Like so many had made what was known as a pier head jump.

Apart from noting the achievements of this relatively young man, under the title re: education, this chap bunked out of school and his every success must have come from the University of Life and the education that he did receive in his virtual childhood.

Kids to day should not all be tarred with the same brush, but how many with a relatively modern education, will go on to achieve so much.

LINK: ss-tregenna.co.uk (http://www.ss-tregenna.co.uk/Pdf/BDH%20JIM.pdf)


happy daze john in oz
13th April 2012, 06:22 AM
Working in the uni system here I have seen the students who apply for teacher traing courses. It is little wonder things are so bad, most are far left leaning with the attitude that they will change the world. They are generaly the scruffiest looking students and the most extreme.Many are of the opinion that the 'children must be allowed to express their feelings'. Yes, sure but waht do they learn under such a system?

13th April 2012, 07:36 AM
The School Inspector went into a school in Liverpool,he asked this kid "Who knocked down the walls of Jericho"...................

I was thinking about this one Jim , and came to the conclusion that

the Sun headline would be , " Anti local goverment protest by the musicians union kills 10,000 "
The Guardian " Jewish Fanatics destroy a town in religious frenzy "
The telegraph " Local disturbances in the middle east by Jewish outsiders cause disruption in Jericho "
The Daily Mail " Left Wing protesters in Jericho exposed by Jewish leaders in a open city policy "

And the late lamented News of the World would aave been " Gottcha Jerico Rebels "

Capt Bill Davies
4th July 2012, 10:09 AM
I see the question of standards of examination in our schools has raised its head again with schools shopping around for the easiest exam boards available. Almost like shipowners shopping for 'jurisdiction'.

We all know much of what our youngsters are taxed with when up for their studies and much is 'course assessment'/ 'modules' and all that jazz. This is a good one and no doubt much abused.
Children/students can now type in to 'Google' etc what they want to know do a 'cut and paste' and produce work that would really impress you. The down side is of course they have no 'in depth' knowledge in what they are talking about. I recall some years ago after retiring I was asked to sit on a panel to assess students who were looking for funding to progress their studies. One produced a PP slide with was 'awash' with Integral Calculus (area under the curve etc) and without going to deep into it went on to show himself as having no knowledge of the 'Limits' illustrated on the power Point slide. Other panellists advised that the PP presentation had the fingerprints of a certain Uni Reader all over it.



4th July 2012, 11:36 AM
Bill, I really do not know about schooling methods nowadays, only that some of the youngsters I see hanging around the streets need a good kick up the backside. Everyone nowadays seems to want to make excuses for some of them. I left school at 15 and there was never any of the softly softly approach that some of the western worlds trick cyclists come out with. On the other hand there are plenty of kids otherwise inclined. I sometimes volunteer to go as a timekeeper or judge for a G.L. Speak Up programme where 13 and 14 year olds have to speak for 3 minutes on a subject of their choice, and some of them are excellent, I couldnt do it, maybe the computer has assisted them in this case. I can remember when they allowed slide rules into examinations which was a big thing, as I never had one I wouldnt know how to use, and had to go to I suppose now considered old fashioned log tables. However my education which really started after leaving school was mostly self taught and asking questions. My daughter and Daughter in law are both teachers so hear some stories I would never repeat. I think they have a hard time, and the law being as it is have little control over. I believe the old examination rules were the best, of course people fail, thats the idea to see if they are suited for whatever they are trying to do. I dont know what the answer is, but certainly prefer the old methods. Cheers John Sabourn

Capt Bill Davies
4th July 2012, 11:45 AM
Thank for the response John.
Schooling has changed a lot from our day. Like you, I left at 15 after 12 years of RC indoctrination. Nuns until 8 and the the Christian Brothers until 15. They did however instil certain basics in you that gave you a good grounding which precluded the use on calculators for simple multiplication. The 'times table' was like a mantra and we were drilled every morning with the same thoroughness as reciting the 'Our Father' and 'Hail Mary'.


Dennis McGuckin
4th July 2012, 03:46 PM
Hi Bill,Sounds like my education.Those nuns sure were tyrants.
Big emphases on religion and discipline.
To this day I could say the mass in Latin.
Never really helped me in getting a job though.

John Cassels
4th July 2012, 05:24 PM
Cedem cum, cedem go,
fortebuses inaro
demno buses, demartrux.
watis inem ?,cows andux.

Capt Bill Davies
4th July 2012, 05:30 PM
Hi Bill,Sounds like my education.

They certainly were tough Dennis. The Christian Brothers over in Redcourt (prep school for St.Anselm's) were no better. They used a strap with ruthless efficiency.
We all became proficient in Latin.



Capt Bill Davies
4th July 2012, 05:38 PM
Cedem cum, cedem go,


The reply in the Spanish would be.

Yisder asmany orsis asses asder is orsis. Becos deris one ass peroz.


Bob Dunkley
4th July 2012, 06:25 PM
a load of old Bullocks

4th July 2012, 11:56 PM
All of us received the strap or cane for various infringements. It made you think twice before committing any crime of whatever magnitude. I personally have nothing against it, if it would cut down the violence and sheer outright law breaking of some in our community. I support the likes of Singapore in their justice system, and would advice the do gooders to mind their own business of trying to enforcie their failed policies on others. As regards juvenile criminality I would also support the old Borstal system if necessary, and not the holiday camps that now pose as a deterrent. During my time at school there were 2 of my classmates sent to Borstal, the last time I saw were good law abiding citizens. There were a further 2 went to jail in further years, so maybe they had an undetected earlier life of crime. There will always be criminals, but their numbers seemed to have increased over the years. The excuse of unemployment by our youngsters in some cases maybe relevant, if they had any sort of gumption they would save up their dole money and buy an air ticket and go and see the rest of the world instead of hanging around street corners for the rest of their probable short lives, as most seem to think these recreational drugs are the way to go, how they ever afford must vary according to their backgrounds. I still say during the recent mobs in the cities in uk, was very nearly anarchy, maybe the next one will be, after martial law is declared the uk will be no better than some of these middle eastern countries going through similar experiences. These are my views only, everyone thinks they have the answer but for heavens sake keep these wasted spaces of do-gooders and trick cyclists away with their so called humane answers. Cheers John Sabourn

Les Woodard
5th July 2012, 07:08 AM
I often think when I see them what a wasted life they live by using drugs to such an extent that they are like zombies. I know we used to use alcohol and such but we also where pretty fit because we worked the stuff out of our systems where these ones just laze around using up oxygen. Frighting part is these are the ones that will be looking after us when we get older. Mind you they can not possibly do worse than the current users in Whitehall can they.

Capt Bill Davies
5th July 2012, 07:24 AM
There was a recent article in the 'Times' penned by the headmistress of a school in inner London where she states that the vast majority (wisely, no percentages) of pupils want nothing more than celebrity. Their fixation on what they see in the magazines is within there grasp and they can acquire all of it without schooling. I would say that the article was fairly representative of what we have in 'some' of our schools.


John Pruden
5th July 2012, 07:59 AM
All of us received the strap or cane for various infringements.................
JOHN i must agree with most of this post i went to a secondary school were some of the teachers were just sadistic bastards that would just love to inflict pain on anyone they did not like and if i thought the same was happening to one of my children i would inflict the same pain on them? they were pure and simple thugs that were teaching? in today's times children that go to private then university and lets say more intelligent than the average its them that do the more sophisticated crime look at the bankers mps and computer fraud gone are the days of the striped shirt and the mask so is good schooling just makes better criminal activity. the teachers of today have no control over kids they are a total different breed now?jp

Captain Kong
5th July 2012, 08:11 AM
A taste of the Lash never hurt anyone,
. Bligh.

Capt Bill Davies
5th July 2012, 08:35 AM
JOHN the teachers of today have no control over kids they are a total different breed now?jp


Would you not agree that they, the teachers, are somewhat restricted in what they can do. Some parents have subrogated all responsibility to teachers and do precious little themselves.
They need someone like OB (O'Brian) John. That will sort them out.



John Pruden
5th July 2012, 10:39 AM
BILL a tail about OB passing the swimming test in Ginny gap baths as a good swimmer i and half the class had finished standing at the side of the pool in those surge pants and uncomfortable jerseys the instructors were talking at the side and one of the lads was in trouble in the water they were trying with the big hook thing to no avail so soft lad {me} went in after him as i was dragging him to the side the instructor was shouting look the first method all i could say was f..k the first method get him out ?? sitting in the classroom soaking wet a pool around my feet writing at the desk OB patted me on the back and said john take your arms of the desk you are getting your papers wet!!!! he was the type of mentor you needed firm but fair and all in all a good fella but not one to be messed with:pjp

Les Woodard
5th July 2012, 11:00 PM
Those where the days when teachers taught not like today where they only allocate homework and then sit back contenplating their next pay rise. There are still a few dedicated ones about but afraid that they are a dying breed. Go to school, move on to Uni then back to school to prepare kids for the workforce even though they have never experienced doing it. Am I the only one that can see a flaw in that system.

6th July 2012, 05:54 PM
In the UK Les I would generally agree that teaching standards seem to have dropped to a serious low level since the darrk faar off post war days when I slid through the system , I know of hopless teachers and they were there fifty years ago . I think the 11+ exam sorting the kids out at eleven and again at thirteen gave some of us a chance to get a better education , at grammer schools where better teachers taught , gve us that ability to pass exams and basically do what we wanted , my year group , mostly from mining stock of north Derbyshire , consists of teachers , a Doctor , several self made businessmen and women , a very senior police officer , a physicist , a few engineers , some accountants and several nurses . WE took teh exm at eleven knowing that success was a key to a door , no private schools ,no academies just the bog standard system , before the comprehensive fair to all system evolved . The standards were watered then , and have been watered down every year since .

secondly the Health and safety , human rights , and politically correct brigades have taken the control off of the teachers and put it in the hands of the mob , I have heard from several sources he smart alec kid who says , so what , if you complain "sir " I'll tell my mum that you tried to touch my bum , and mum will go to the police and you will get the sack . Well Sir has a long suspension and the doom hanging over him , we have crippled teh authority that teachers had , and the good ones know how to get respect , but the mediocre have no hope .

I thought it sad that the Australian Girl Guides no longer pledge their allegiance to God and Queen , we disolve the traditions we undermine society .

Jim Brady
6th July 2012, 07:28 PM
All of us received the strap or cane for various infringements....................
John, the near anarchy that you mention was farcical if you dont mind me saying.The punishment doled out to these kids was absolutely ridiculous.A couple of kids going on twitter or whatever saying lets all meet up and kick off in some town centre.Nobody turned up and the kids were given four years for inciting a riot!!!!Many kids caught on CCTV rounded up and locked up for just being there also kids locked up for 18 months for taking a bottle of water from a shop with a broken window.Whilst I will agree that the main perpertrators should've been locked up there was a lot of "Silly Kids" that lost their freedom and also recieved a criminal record that will affect them for the rest of their lives.Why was this? because it was a crime against the state.the government know that there will be more of this and they made an example of these kids to make sure that any future rioters will recieve the same punishment.You may think that I am standing up for criminalty,far from it.What annoys me reading the paper people are involved in all sorts of crime that should've been given 10 years and they walk away with a slap on the hand.Take the case of an Asylum Seeker he drives a car no licence,tax or insurance kills a kid does a runner and walks from court free.Can't deport him because of his Civil Liberties.This is why the law is mad.Many drug dealers etc get less time than these kids who did it "For A Laugh"

Les Woodard
7th July 2012, 12:46 AM
Rob I agree that the system we where brought up in was not always the best but still think that we had it over todays lot in a big way. Maybe the school I went to was lax but do not think so. As I recall as a kid the only thing I took to school was myself and after school is when additional learning began by adventures and working out what to do with the time before having to go home to put the feed bag on. We learnt self reliance and confidence to do what ever we wished to do. Today you see them going to school with back packs that would put a soldier to shame and after school have to do all the work that should have been done while at school so hence no free time. No wonder they go beserk when they do finally have time to themselves. Sure we might have ended up with sore backsides or hands from punishments but the teachers did keep control of us all. Now the teachers have nearly 13 weeks paid leave then they get pupil free days (thats a rort if anything) coupled with free periods during the day so that the teachers have free time. To top this all we have school zone speed restrictions here in Oz which is a joke at the local high school because most of the kids are home before they are enforced so what with student free days, free periods and sending the kids home about one in the afternoon just when do our kids get the education that they deserve. Remember that with our free time most of us had a mum that was home all the time to help us. Got to take your hat of to todays kids that do get educated because they more or less educate themselves at home with the aid of the computer. But miss out on what we had which was freedom.

Think the PC mob have turned it all upside down now. Schools look after the kids welfare and the parents educate the kids of today but no one has told the parents this yet.